PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad 22RE Toyota Trucks radiator

1985 Toyota 4Runner

Koyorad has been a great support of both JNC the website and JNCs the cars, as they are one of the few aftermarket companies consistently releasing products for J-tin vehicles. The latest addition to their Japanese Classic radiator line is actually for trucks, first-generation Toyota Trucks and 4Runners, to be exact. 

The technical name for them is the HH Series, which is just Koyorad’s way of saying they have a 48mm core. They’re a direct bolt-in swap for early Toyota off-roaders (1984-88 4Runners and 1984-95 pickups) equipped with a 22R or 22RE engine and manual transmission. Unfortunately, the turbocharged versions are different and these will not fit. However, both 2WD and 4WD models are compatible and the factory fan shroud can be easily attached to it as well without any modification. An integrated 1/8-inch threaded PT fitting allows the use of most aftermarket temp gauges.

1989 Toyota 4Runner

22R engines are already pretty indestructible, but as radiators age they get clogged and corrode. Getting stranded while wheelin’ in a remote area with no cell service is not that fun. They retail for $366 and are available now. Just ask for model number HH012827.

It’s great to see companies like Koyorad embracing the nostalgic market and providing yet another part to keep these cars on the road. Also available in the Japanese Classics line are aluminum radiators for the Toyota CelicaE20 Corolla, AE86, Datsun S30 Z and 510.

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4 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Koyorad 22RE Toyota Trucks radiator

  1. Willie - 81 Corolla Hardtop says:

    I’ve gone through their website and can’t seem to find a radiator for the TE72 (3TC engine). I am surprised, as the article states they do build radiators for several other J-tin vehicles. If I am wrong, please by all means set me straight…I most certainly would like to upgrade my radiator. Thanks.

  2. Steve says:

    Just to nitpick: that second photo of the Four Runner “climbing” the hill looks strange: the two right hand side wheels look like they are spinning/turning but there is no dust being kicked up. The left rear tire looks stationary because I can see the tire tread pattern. And then there is that kid’s head by the driver’s door; he looks like he is standing right next to the truck.

  3. sbo says:

    I agree about it and very interested.

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