PRODUCT GUIDE: Dixcel has an enormous catalog of brake parts for vintage Japanese cars

Parts for older Japanese cars are pretty hard to come by, but there’s at least one brake company that has made a point to produce as many parts for vintage cars as they can. At the recent 17th International Auto Aftermarket Expo, the company showcased a fairly comprehensive catalog of parts, for everything from kei cars to Land Cruisers.

According to Dixcel’s public relations department, the company makes brakes for over 1,300 different models, both domestic and foreign. Dixcel says they are seeing a growing demand for 90s cars, like the ST205 Toyota Celica GT-Four. As a result, they have responded to customer inquiries and offered rotors and pads for both street and circuit.

The company seems to favor Toyotas, as is shown by their Celica Liftback show car, and even goes as far as to produce rotors for the 2000GT. Among the oddball models supported are the Subaru Alcyone XT, Mazda AZ-1, and Mitsubishi Debonair. The list isn’t comprehensive, of course — we would love to see some support for 1970s Mazda,  Honda, and Subaru cars — but for now the catalog is a pretty good place to look if your local auto parts store doesn’t have what you’re looking for. If not, contact them. At the show, they actively encouraged customers to make suggestions. There are very few companies who do that, so we should take advantage of that when we can.

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5 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Dixcel has an enormous catalog of brake parts for vintage Japanese cars

  1. Roy Dela Cruz says:

    Wow this is great! Finally a page I can look for Japanese vintage car parts

  2. Jayrdee says:

    This is so cool. Lets hope more companies like this start popping up.

    How cool would it be if you could order 4age crate motors?!

  3. Crank_Case says:

    They have Cappuccino brakes! Thanks so much for posting this!

  4. Yella81celica says:

    I do not see anything for the 2nd gen celica.

  5. Mark says:

    Trying to find a replacement part for a 2000 Toyota prado 3.4l BRAKE MASTER CYCLINDER WITH THE ACCUMULATOR ANYONE know where to buy one

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