Plymouth Arrow promotional video from 1976 shows its many quirks

The Plymouth Arrow is nearly forgotten today, but the badge engineered Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste had a lot to offer. Its handling was rated quite positively in magazine tests of the era, and Mitsubishi’s signature “silent shaft” technology used a counterbalanced mass to run its inline-four with the smoothness of a straight-six. This 1976 promotional video, however, offers even more reasons to buy one.

For 1976 the Arrow came in three trims and two engine options. A 1.6-liter 4G32 powered the base model Arrow 160 and didn’t come with the silent shaft technology, while a silent shaft-equipped  2.0-liter powered the luxurious Arrow GS and performance-oriented Arrow GT. The silent shaft wasn’t just a gimmick. A demonstration in the video places a glass of water on each engine, and it makes a huge difference.

The video also mentions some Arrow trivia we never knew. For example, if you ordered it with copper paint, you got exclusive matching copper houndstooth seat inserts. Other exterior colors didn’t appear to have this option. The windshield wiper fluid level lamp is located not on the dash, but on an overhead console. The wiper control and turn signal are on the same stalk. Also, there are three gauge pods in the center console but only two gauges, so the third one was repurposed into a coin tray.

Additionally, it’s always interesting to see what commonplace features today were bragged about back in the day: Armrests on the door cards, a 5-speed with overdrive, an illuminated ashtray. There’s a dome light and a reading lamp.

Amazingly, the Arrow weighed just 2,156 pounds. Due to its lightness and aerodynamic shape (by 1976 standards), the Arrow went on to become a popular drag racing and funny car platform. We wish there were more of these that survived, but these days Arrows are incredibly scarce.

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9 Responses to Plymouth Arrow promotional video from 1976 shows its many quirks

  1. Jamal K Mansour says:


  2. steve says:

    Arrows and Fire Arrows were quite popular US rally cars….don’t forget…wink wink 😉

  3. Peg Baldwin says:

    Plymouth and Dodge both marketed the Arrow at the same time … the Dodge Arrow was the Canadian model and Plymouth Arrow was the American model. There was also a Puerto Rican model, but it was called the Dodge Celeste. I had a ’79 Dodge Arrow, a friend of mine has a ’78 Plymouth Arrow, which so far he has not agreed to sell to me. 😉

  4. Matt S. says:

    Great video – humorous how the snowmobiles are shot in an exciting way, then they feature the Arrow driving in a standard and boring manner.

    Also funny some of the features they point out, including the ceiling-mounted warning lights, a coin slot that looks like it might be frustrating to get the coins back out, and making sure to point out each and every gauge.

    Can’t deny it is a good-looking car and I would love to have one out back.

  5. Brett says:

    In Australia it was the Mitsubishi Lancer Hatchback; and my second car was white one. I have very fond memories of that car. Then I went overseas for a holiday, and made the mistake of allowing my younger brother to drive while I was away, and he hit a parked car and ended it.

  6. Ray Besemer says:

    I drove a car carrier and delivered the first Arrows to dealers all over the west coast.They were fun to drive .I remember delivering one in Reno and the excitement the sales manager when I backed it off the truck.Everyone wanted to drive it.we never had a problem with any of the cars . I bought one for my wife and it was a copper color .She would always hear “Me and my Arrow”when driving it to and from work.She was injured at work and had to give up the car .wWe did enjoy the car and was sorry to see it go . The fellow who bought it was going to give it to his daughter but after driving it ,said he was keeping it for himself.I don’t remember any other car we had that gave us as much fun as the Arrow.

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