PIXELLATED: Gran Turismo Sport in-game trailer looks amazing, and you can now race on the Shuto

Gran Turismo Sport Shuto

Playstation owners, rejoice! Your racing sim is here. After a console generation of Forza giving Gran Turismo a run for its money, it looks as if Turn 10’s David has not beaten Polyphony’s Goliath. In graphics alone, Turn 10’s Forza franchise appears to have competition again. 


Gran Turismo Sport Hakozaki Junction Gran Turismo Sport Shuto overhead

Better yet, it seems that Polyphony has continued magically extending the graphics capabilities of the Playstation console to photorealistic levels. One can only imagine the fun kanjozoku activities to be had online on the Shuto expressway, almost like a remastered version of Tokyo Xtreme Racer.

Gran Turismo Sport Mazda RoadsterGran Turismo Sport Nissan GTR Mt Fuji

You’d be mistaken to believe that this is a screenshot from a car commercial. Instead, it’s a scene from Photo Mode, which contains some truly iconic places from around the world.

Gran Turismo Sport AkihabaraCropperCapture[274]

Hopefully the days of almost all of the “cool” cars looking like they were ported over from Playstation 2 are gone. The video released by Polyphony does seem to put more emphasis on purpose-built race cars and supercars rather than average street cars. There will be 130 cars initially, all rendered with damage and realistic interiors.

Gran Turismo Sport Toyota FT1 oval

It’s still up in the air if some of the more plebeian cars will be included. It would be a good decision on Polyphony’s part, as most people play with cars they can one day get like the hakosuka Skyline and FD3S RX-7 rather than the completely unattainable Le Mans GT3 and JGTC cars.

Gran Turismo Sport Mazda MX5 Miata

On top of the ability to drive about your dream car, there is something to be said about the advantage of digitally racing the car you own in real life, knowing the limits of the chassis in an obvious benefit.


Gran Turismo has had a rough run on the previous generation of gaming consoles, with delayed releases for Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo 6 seeming like more of updates that you had to play full price for. It seems like they have learned from their mistakes and are ready to give it their all in the current generation of consoles. Will this game be the console exclusive that people buy a Playstation 4 just to get? Only time will tell, but for now watch the in game trailer here.



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9 Responses to PIXELLATED: Gran Turismo Sport in-game trailer looks amazing, and you can now race on the Shuto

  1. Sedanlover says:

    The song in the trailer is horrible.

  2. Mind Synthetic says:

    project cars looks 100 times better this is too artificial, HDRI maps don’t make the graphics, hell ill go as low to say it looks like a poor Showcase or VRed renderings sad

    • Stuart Kayrooz says:

      It seems to be following the trend they’ve set on previous consoles – produce a game relatively quickly with a smaller set of features, cars and graphical fidelity, and use that release to fund/tide people over for a full fledged release. PS3 had GT Prologue, PS2 had GT Concept. (and PS1 had….hmm… Motor Toon GP?)

      Wouldn’t be surprised if this acts effectively as a “beta” for GT7, particularly since it appears to be focusing on Multiplayer.

      Definitely have fingers crossed for a lot of improvements though….

  3. Nigel says:

    I just hope the JNC count remains intact.
    (I believe Sport and GT 7 will be two different titles).

  4. Greyfox says:

    Polyphony cant even finish what they promised with GT6. The Vision GT project has about 10 cars still absent, the track editor they promised before release finally came years later as a convoluted app for a tablet. B-Spec mode was added as an update years after release, Microtransactions to buy in-game credits (fortunately not intrusive and completely optional). The damage model (if you can call it that) was not as good as GT5 and the car count remains high because they were still porting models over from GT4. Various tracks and cars/car manufacturers have become absent or dropped entirely with each new release… (Vector, Venturi, Skyline Super silhouette, constant absence of Porsche and many more. Tracks such as Red Rock Valley, Seattle, El Capitan etc.)

    I don’t think Polyphony Digital realize what made their simulator stand out from the rest of the pack. By creating a game much like its competitors that seem to be doing it better, they will become irrelevant, disappearing into game history…

  5. Banpei says:

    I hope they don’t break the AE86 tradition. So far in every Gran Turismo game there was at least the Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Levin combo present.

    • Ant says:

      If all else fails then you can do much worse than try Assetto Corsa – the most recent update is a Japanese cars pack which includes three variants of the AE86 – a standard model, a drift car and a heavily tuned version. Huge fun – the sound of that 4A-GE in particular is something the GT games have never quite got right but AC nails it.

  6. Ryan says:

    I hope this works with playstation vr!

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