PIXELATED: Honda celebrates 30 years of gaming with new ad

Honda has a new commercial celebrating 30 years of video games. Apparently, the company sponsors a team of professional gamers that is competing in the upcoming League of Legends championships, and released the ad to commemorate the occasion. Can you name all the appearances?

We think these are all real though we’re not super well-versed in gaming enough to be certain. The first two are hard to identify, but looks like someone may have modded an EG into Outrun and we don’t know if there was a Honda Cruisin’ USA. The S2000 in the superb Auto Modellista and the Prelude in Gran Turismo do bring back memories though.

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7 Responses to PIXELATED: Honda celebrates 30 years of gaming with new ad

  1. Monte says:

    Funny thing on that blue CRX if you pause it. Map indicates right-hander coming up, but track goes left. Looks like a16-bit fake unless someone knows differently.

    There’s also a brief EK Civic in Gran Turismo, just before the silver Civic coupe in what appears to be NFSU.
    Guessing we next see Forza Horizon with SUVs followed by a more recent Gran Turismo.

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Intro harkens back to Pole Position I think.
    0:02 Outrun
    0:04 I think thats TOCA
    0:05 Auto Modellista
    0:06 Gran Turismo
    0:07 NFS Underground
    0:08 Dirt 2
    The last few clips have the branding for Forza and the recent Gran Turismo. I thought at one point the CM used Enthusia.

    • Ant says:

      Nah the second one definitely isn’t TOCA – could be 1994’s Need for Speed though.

      After Dirt 2 you’ve definitely got Forza Horizon 4, and at around 12sec that’s presumably Gran Turismo Sport, before going back to FH4 again.

      I didn’t see any Enthusia clips represented, which is a shame.

  3. CG190487 says:

    Outrun with Suzuka track map at the top… Interesting

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