Peter Brock reflects on his career on his 85th birthday

Yesterday, November 15 was the 85th birthday of car designer, race car builder driver, team manager, and artist Peter Brock. JNCers may know him best for his work on the Brock Racing Enterprises race team campaigning Datsun race cars in the US, but he’s done so much more. Corvette Stingrays, Shelby Cobra Daytonas, and even the world of hang gliders all owe a debt to Brock’s talent.

For his birthday, Brock created a video message reflecting on some of the highlights of his long and rich career. Each one of his many accomplishments probably could have been a lifetime achievement for most people. And he’s not done yet. Brock drops a clue that he’s working on the exterior design of another car for some people “across the water.” We can only guess at what that might mean. We hope you had a great 85th birthday, Mr Brock!

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3 Responses to Peter Brock reflects on his career on his 85th birthday

  1. Fashion Victim says:

    You Rock Mr Brock !

  2. RainMeister says:

    As much impact as the original Datsun 240Z had on finally establishing wide-spread acceptance of Japanese car brands in America, Pete Brock and his BRE team played an early role in establishing Datsun as the first competitive Japanese car brand to be reckoned with in American motorsports. That’s what makes them both legends.

  3. wil d says:

    Happy BDay Mr Brock!!!!

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