VIDEO: This OS Giken twin-cam is the most glorious sound you’ll hear all week

OS Giken TC24-B1Z S30 Fairlady Z

You know the OS Giken TC24: The 9,000rpm twin-cam head for Nissan‘s L-series motor costing somewhere in the realm of $30,000 and harder to find than Yeti dandruff (only 11 were built). Last year we saw a new version, the TC24-B1Z, at Nos2Days with a completely re-worked valvetrain, gear-driven timing and a new-and-improved 10,000rpm redline. Well now the mad scientists at OS Giken have dropped it in a car, and here’s what it sounds like. Hint: It’s like a million-angel chorus. 

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21 Responses to VIDEO: This OS Giken twin-cam is the most glorious sound you’ll hear all week

  1. Parrot says:

    I’m thinking like, ho hum, Datsun rubbish, sounds like a Hyundai excel with a cannon. And then it came on cam…….

  2. I so need this 😀 This is an engineering masterpiece and sounds incredible 😀 If there only weren’t the price tag and the strict regulations in my country…

  3. LoRollinLS says:


  4. Lupus says:

    From now on this will be my new ringtone 😉

  5. Nigel says:

    No speakers – no sound.
    (Must wait).

  6. Aaron says:

    This video…

  7. Sasquatch says:

    car porn

  8. salia-nwonk says:

    Sweet, sweet Jesus!

  9. Ryan "J3wman" Senensky says:

    I want to hear that head with ITBs, and a classic exhaust none of that fart can shit, maybe straight pipe?

  10. Stanley says:

    Amazing, the beautiful header you can use in a straight 6, RHD car with the carbs on the other side.

  11. jdmeg21 says:

    sounds very 350z/G35 -ish at first, at the higher rpms it sounds amazing.

  12. Louis Fong says:

    Dear Santa..

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