Original Mazda RX-3 Accessories

rx3eDid you ride a Chopper bike when all the other kids rode Schwinns or Huffys? If so, then these official Mazda accessories would’ve suited you when you bought your first RX-3.

So the “side skirt mold” and “speed wiper arm and blade” seem pretty decent. Even the “safety scope” (sun visor) seems useful. But look closely and you’ll see an unlabeled bug shield in the middle of the hood! Also, note the bulge on the hood for a possible gauge.

Not your style? Next we have a a race car “Sports Kit”:

rx3fOk, so there are over-fenders and a “tail wing,” but there’s some oddball “nose fins” in a split style that appeared on the Colt Galant GTO as well. Apparently the engineers felt that two was better than one. And we have the truck-style bug shield again but, sadly, no part numbers or additional info.

If you owned an RX-3 back in the 70’s, would you have purchased any of these add-ons for your ride? Now, whether these odd bits excite or repulse you, they were NLA a long time ago.

Source: MREC

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11 Responses to Original Mazda RX-3 Accessories

  1. Zeb says:

    I like that the safety scope ‘improves the appearance of the car’,

    yeah whatever you say man!


  2. banpei says:

    I like those nose fins! 🙂
    Where can I buy those for my rina?? 😛

  3. Jeremy Reeves says:

    What about the tape on the headlights? Is that OEM tape? And how do I order some?


  4. BlownArrow! says:

    I love how in the top picture the front rim is missing the chrome beauty ring! And the back isn’t, or was that a fad at that time.

  5. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    Being a vintage rally enthusiast, the “unlabeled bug shield” and Nose Fins are my favorite! Well… maybe I’d pass on these ones.

    Search for an image of A Ferrari 250MM (Mille Miglia) for a similar bug shield. Or, the ’67 or ’68 works Minis for some Nose Fins (actually stone deflectors to save the substantial lighting).

  6. leongsoon says:

    I think the over fenders, tail wing, fender mirrors, bug shield and front lip will make for a very awesome RX-3! I like the split lips too, very vintage rally, but they probably won’t go along well with the other stuff other than the fenders!

  7. slickwrick says:

    i love it!

    both versions look fucken nice!!!!

  8. Tony RE10 says:

    There are piles of factory options around for the Savanna RX3 – competition and road. The comp book has 30 pages of parts and modifications to make your 1972 RX3 go fast around corners. I have tracked down a heap of the comp stuff for my 3 – one day the nose fins will be bolted on!!

  9. ProTree says:

    hmmm i have a Tamiya Honda S800 kit and it has that same clear “hood spoiler”

  10. colink says:

    man that is one tough looking car

  11. Peritrochoid says:

    I actually have a set of those “side skirt molds,” no RX-3 to use them on though.

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