VIDEO: Cringe at these old Subaru crash tests

Do you want to see a bunch of classic Subarus crash into walls? Just a warning, they are doubly horrifying, because it’s always sad to see some now-rare cars get destroyed, but also because of the primitive safety standards of the era.

Take the Subaru 360, for example. Back when the car debuted in 1958, safety standards were pretty lax. That crash dummy’s head gets catapulted headlong into the dash in violent fashion. Even the FF-1s from the 1970s don’t fare much better. It’s pretty rare to see crash test footage from this period. Cringe-worthy, yes, but at least it was done in the name of science.

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3 Responses to VIDEO: Cringe at these old Subaru crash tests

  1. Ian Newman says:

    Not forgetting that the 360 only had lap belts (as against lap sash).

  2. Catbus says:

    Compared to their contemporaries these Subarus of the 60s & 70s do seem to hold up pretty well. Surprising (& impressive) that Subaru was conducting crash testing so early.

  3. Legacy-san says:

    What most people who haven’t lived in Japan don’t realize is that typically you don’t have the opportunity to drive faster than 40 kph, maybe 50 kph, which is close to 25-30 mph. They don’t drive very fast or too far, maybe 5-7 miles a day.

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