imG Old Skewl Meet

img_oldskewlmeetMay 17, 2009, Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

Southern California hardly ever disappoints for the sheer number of nostalgics it contains. Case in point is the Old Skewl Meet today in gorgeous (overcast) Mission Bay in San Diego. This was just a get together, a free event, but it attracted not only locals, but a few guys from Los Angeles and even the Bay Area!

510’s and Ae86’s always show up to these events, but there were a few other surprises as well.

Hows about a matte black, twin-turbo Maxima?

And for the Hsu Bros., a dropped, Cressy goon:
Despite the Old Skewl title, a trio of newer JDM Skylines showed up. There was even a Mitsubishi in the form of a Galant VR4. Check out the rest of the images.

Keep an eye out for the Silvia/Supra beige twinsies. There must be a name for styling two different cars in the same way as I’ve seen pictures in the past.

Sure, not a big show, but perfect for hanging with friends, meeting new people, and putting faces to forum people. Besides, bigger is not always better as you may not always get around to seeing everything or talking to everyone.

Hats off to the imG crew.

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13 Responses to imG Old Skewl Meet

  1. Guyon says:

    Man, I love that Cressy!

  2. PERTANO says:

    As always the event didn’t disappoint!!! I had a great time meeting new friends. The old school community truly is one big family at times. The ability to hold gatherings like this without incidents is just refreshing!!! Thank you to everyone that came out and made this a great event!! Special thanks to Eugene and the IMG crew for hosting it!!! See you all at the next one. I’ll be sure to bring out something new again. LOL!!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Glad you guys had a good time. I was at the ZCCIV show up north. Im hoping this will be an annual event.

  4. Ben says:

    Awww Matt, I’m touched by the Cressida wagon pics ;). It puts our humble hauler to shame! I ALMOST picked up a set of headlight washers from the junkyards last week but decided to pass at the last minute cause I’d have to update the whole front end to ’87 :(. It sure looks dope on that one though.

    I was at the ZCCIV show too (pics coming shortly). Car show overload!!

  5. I love wagons. Mostly Swedish ones. Must be because my Mom always and still does have a wagon while I was growing up. No need for these stupid SUVs everybody has now.

  6. EUGENE IMG says:

    First of all me and the whole IMG famlee would like to thank each and everyone for coming out and hanging out with us on our meet, definitely we’ll be doing this again hopefully soon, I want to thank Robert and Luis for coming down all the way from Rancho Cucamanga, V8Danny for towing his 81toytruk 3hrs down from norcal, Sras from Farmers Ins. for sponsoring this event, our boi Yossie for the decals provided, San Diego Copy for the notepads thas was handed out and to my IMG crew and famlee.

  7. Lourdes says:

    Good job baby!

  8. Chinkie (baby sister) Abad says:

    As always, great job Kuya for organizing such a great event. I do apologize we couldn’t be there to support you but do you know we have your back 100%. Much props to all of the IMG Members for the dedication and support. Love them cars!!

  9. zukiru says:

    I am still lost as to which cars are what sometimes!
    overwhelmingly awesome pics!
    is the 4-door skyline a real skyline?
    also cool seeing an r32-34 together like that!

    I live on the wrong side of the country.

  10. RougeSilEighty says:

    I just got goosebumps after looking at those pictures. It’s such a pleasure to see cars of the caliber all in 1 place. It’s just another reason why I love ole school J cars so much. You can’t go wrong. The Cressidagoon and that minty Silvia… *drools* I need to move back to Cali.

  11. nihon kyusha says:

    awesome time can’t wait for the next one, hopefully sooner that the last one

  12. Josh Sistar says:

    Nice cars, nice people. 🙂 Enjoyed seeing Pertanos Mazda, Mike’s Hakosuka, the AE86s, and those squeaky clean 510s. Thanks for hosting IMG and the food was tasty too.

  13. Eugene says:

    Im very happy with all the sweet replies and kind words dat was said, I will definitely post our nxt meet way ahead of tym. Thnx to u all.

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