Obsessions Come In All Shapes and Sizes


So, I have an A3 (as in the paper size) flatbed scanner sitting on my desk, taking up a lot of room. ‘Til now, it’s had some toys sitting on it, etc. When it’s not being used, obviously. But I’ve recently decided to turn it into a proper scene.

Everything will be glued down (except for the cars themselves), and won’t add any ridiculous amount of weight to the scanner lid, so it should be fine to continue using it for its intended purpose. Here’s hoping!

Here’s some early shots.

All the stuff I bought. Frankly, I probably spent too much, and bought too much. But hey, these packs are designed for big train sets, not small scenes! Couldn’t be helped. So, we’ve got a few trees, some grass, some “coarse ballast” for the road surface, some paint for the lines and road markings (I’m planning to paint some Japanese characters on the road – will need to consult my Initial D mangas!), some various packs of foliage, and some small rocks to spread around the place. I forgot to buy green and black paint to go under the grass and road (to ensure none of the scanner lid shows through), but I think I have some acrylic around here somewhere…


Cars placed, just to give me some idea, I guess, of how much money I wasted on buying more stuff than I needed. Hooray for forward-thinking.

Incidentally, these cars are 1/24 scale Jada Option-D 240Zs. I also have a BRE one (though it’s not an official BRE-endorsed product), but that’s on my desk at work, haha.


The lines have been marked. It’s a tight mountain road! Not much room to play with on this thing, not if I want some trees and bushes and such. But it’ll suffice. I have high hopes!


Here I’m laying the road, more or less. It’s fine black grains of something or other, which the container refers to as “ballast” I always thought ballast went into the hold of a ship (or the tanks of a submarine?), but I’m a bit dumb like that.

I wish I’d bought the finer grade rather than coarse stuff, but at the time the coarse seemed good. Damn it! Oh well, live and learn!


Here I’m using a microphone stand to hold the hair dryer that I was too lazy to hold.


Growing some trees on my desk, yeeeerp. …Wait, these are the fake ones I bought.


Road’s finished being laid. Lines are painted. A couple of the trees are down. Not much else to report!


Well, all finished. Got trees, got road, got grass, got bushes, got roadside stones.

It ain’t perfect, but it’s better than just a big beige scanner sitting on my desk! Now I’ve got a scene. And to be honest, it actually does look a lot better in reality than it does in these photos. I’m proud to have it on my desk!

By the way, the glue is still drying. Dries clear, thankfully.


I broke the mirrors off the white one accidentally, damn it.

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  1. Manuel says:

    Haha, now if that doesn’t qualify as being obsessed, I don’t know what will. Entertaining article, looks like turned out pretty good! Oh and use all your leftover glue to get those mirrors back on.

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