NY Auto Show: Acura made a RWD non-hybrid NSX


Like the title says, Acura unveiled an NSX powered purely by the back wheels and which threw out the electric motors, batteries, and other hybrid gear. The bad news is, if you buy one, the only place you can drive it is in an FIA GT3 race. 


The new NSX weighs 3,800 pounds, a far cry from the (at most) approximately 3,100 pounds of the last original models. Acura didn’t say how many they saved by stripping out all the AWD and hybrid drivetrain components, but its twin-turbo V6 alone makes 500 horsepower. Yes, the hybrid stuff only adds 73 horses, but it also provides the AWD capabilities with a computer-controlled electric motor driving each of the front wheels.


However, it’s exciting news as Nissan is already running a GT-R GT3 and Lexus is about to campaign an IS F GT3. It’s like the heady days of the JGTC all over again, except in America.

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4 Responses to NY Auto Show: Acura made a RWD non-hybrid NSX

  1. Glenn says:

    I’ll never be in the market for the new NSX but would be a nice exercise for Honda/Acura if the Type-R resembled this.

  2. Jim Daniels says:

    At least Acura knows what we want, unlike our government that dictates what we can have.

  3. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    My friend’s supercharged original NSX (by Science of Speed) ticks all the boxes! And a bit less costly.

  4. Danny says:

    Love it!!!

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