Now you can get classic Nissan coronavirus face masks

If you want to protect yourself (and others) from transmitting a harmful virus while simultaneously expressing your love for classic Nissans, there is now a face mask for you. In Japan, you can now get two types of masks, one with a classic Skyline GT-R theme, and one with a Pike Car theme.

To be clear, the masks themselves do not appear to have any GT-Rs on them. It is only the mask holder that does. But, just think of how much you’ll be professing your fondness for GT-Rs when you pull out your mask from this snazzy plastic sleeve.

The GT-R themed mask case shows the faces of six Godzilla generations, from the 1969 PGC10 to the R35, along with their respective logos. The back has their rears, naturally, but we do give them extra points for correctly matching the rears to their corresponding fronts, even if it disrupts the chronological order.

The second pattern is a bit more festive, exhibiting the four Pike Factory models from the late 1980s — the S-Cargo, Figaro, Pao, and Be-1. I like this one because it appears to have some thoughtful design. No matter which one you get, it’ll set you back ¥660 ($6.20 USD), which seems kind of steep for a mask and its container.

However, a portion of the profits go towards Japan’s National Center for Global Health and Medicine, which conducts coronavirus research. If you’re in Japan (or have a friend there), you can order the GT-R version here and the Pike Factory version here. Now we just need Toyota to make one. May we suggest one with all ten generations of the Toyota Corona?

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