Now For Something A Little More Relevant


As cool as a wood-fuel-powered truck may be, that example in my previous post is a little less classic and a little more ancient than we generally like to cover here. So here’s something a little more up our alley.

Loyal grandJDM reader and hitman, Mark, pointed us in the general direction of this club devoted to the Nissan Sunny truck thing, or more to the point, devoted to awesome. With a strong focus on the B110 and GB120 Sunny trucks, as the name Club Sunny Truck probably made quite clear for you, these guys know how to rock the tray.

In Australia, we refer to these types of cars as “utes”; short for “utility”. They’ve often got a couch sitting in the back so the owners and their buddies can take them to the local car races or football matches and comfortably sip beer from the couch while watching. I wonder if the Club Sunny Truck members sip warm sake in the back of their utes…

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