Nostalgics Galore at Japan Meet Norway

toyota_kujira_crown_wagonIs there anything that looks more UFO-ey than the rump end of a kujira Crown wagon? This goon and other nostalgics gathered yesterday, 9/9/09, for Japan Meet Norway. It comes hot on the heels of Swiss and Finnish J-tin congregations, and thanks to Markus Väisänen, we have photographic evidence!

Talk about old school: a Nissan Bluebird 310, complete with hand crank starter.

We certainly admire our Norwegian brethren’s penchant for keeping their cars original. Just look at this pair of gorgeous B10 Datsun Sunnys! The leftmost one bears an unusually brief license plate. Older plate, perhaps?

toyota_crown_s40_wagonToyota Crowns were big in Norway. I would strangle a baby to see as many original examples at a US meet. Forget the kidney burglars from Tuesday’s post. I want this S40 Wagon.

Remember the cardinal rule of European J-tin gatherings? It’s not complete unless at least one Datsun Cherry shows up.

prince_skyline_s50Those lucky rakfisk-munchers! An S50-series Prince Skyline would be the perfect car for all those pre-’65 vintage rallies we have here, except it was never sold on our shores.

nissan_cedric_230And they got Nissan Cedric 230s too. Curses!

The Mazda RX-4 (or is this a piston-engined 929?) seems to be another car that is strangely prevalent across the pond. Not that we’re complaining. It’s just hard to find a clean one stateside.

Here’s a Nissan Bluebird 810 Coupe, known as the Datsun 810 in the US. But rather than battering-ram quality safety bumpers, the Euro versions sport nice, slim slivers of chrome.

And just because I can, I’m posting another primo example of a Toyota Crown.

For lots more photos, click here.

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5 Responses to Nostalgics Galore at Japan Meet Norway

  1. banpei says:

    It is the piston engined 929.

    BTW: one of the reasons so many old cars survive in Norway is because they do not salt the roads in Norway. Of course they still rust, but not as bad as in other European countries. 😀

  2. Nigel says:

    Kinda like waking up and it’s 1977 all over again.
    (Very nice).

  3. Jeremy says:

    Totally awesome, except the baby-strangling bit…you must not have kids 🙂

    Thanks for the pics!

  4. Jaime says:

    Very nice car show. Very nice cars .

    Excelent state of condition. Always nice to see other japanese car models not as common or available in other places.

    That 929 Mazda, in the US I believe we only got the rotary engined RX4. We did not see the piston engine version 929. We did have the RX3 ( Rotary engined ) an the 808 ( piston engined.). Same car, but different grille and headlamps.( other markets I think saw the 808 as identical as the RX3, same grille and headlamps/tail lamps.)

    The Datsun 810 in the US is not the same as the Datsun 200B overseas. Both share the same body, but the front section is longer, with longer fenders/wings and hood. The reason for this is the engine under that hood, a 6 cylinder engine vs a 4 cylinder powerplant for the 200B. Something similar to the Datsun 610/180B ( 4 cyl ) and the Datsun 2000GT ( 6 cyl ) which was sold only in Japan.

    I hope to visit Finland, Norway and Sweden soon. Nice to know there are plenty of cool cars up there.

  5. vegard says:

    Hello from Norway 😉

    Sorry to say we have a tradition of salting the roads – climate is very hard on the cars compared with most places. Altough, Norway is not very urban country and most of this cars had a fairly quiet life and owners with minimal input or inspiration from the outside world and motorsport scene. And we like to keep it close to “original” at the time of history.. thanxs to


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