Nostalgic Concept: 1977 Toyota F110

Ever since our visit to Calty Design Research we’ve been fascinated with the lost concepts borne from that studio. The bizarre 1977 Toyota F110 was unveiled at that year’s Tokyo Motor Show, depicting what a luxury sedan would look like in the coming decade. And since that decade was the 1980s we’ll guess, “What is cocaine, Alex?” as the enhancement they used to conceive it. 

The idea was to maximize cabin space given dimensions defined by Japanese vehicle tax codes. As you may have noticed, the F110 is asymmetrical, with one long sliding door on the driver’s side, and a conventional door plus sliding rear door on the passenger side (with no B-pillar).

Though it’s hard to make out in these photos the seats are upholstered with a thick, tan shag and it wears a hood emblem resembling either a crab, tick, or Space Invader. It never made it into production, though if you squint you can see a tiny hint of 1983 Camry liftback.

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12 Responses to Nostalgic Concept: 1977 Toyota F110

  1. Brendan says:

    Looks like they had really effective ugly sticks to use in their designs back then.

  2. Dave Bird says:

    A very close resemblance to the Citroen CX and later BX body styles.

  3. Nigel says:

    Look, it’s an early Camry !
    (Front end looks like a Monza).

  4. Eljay says:

    A day when this hardcore Toyotaku sees a Toyota he never even new existed is a special day indeed. I think a wee celebration is in order. 😀 Also,I agree with Dave Bird:looks very Citroen-ish.

  5. cesariojpn says:

    I think thats the Peugeot lion badge on the front!!

  6. Tyler says:

    That thing is a weird duck. I like the beginnings of aero stying- the Testa Rossa style wheel wells, flush window frames and rather modern plastic bumpers.

  7. Mike says:

    Nice concept pics i’ve never seen before

    Kind of looks like a 4-door MA45 Celica-Supra [B-pillar, rear slope, front headlights]

  8. 80celica says:

    Kool beans!!! That means I have two of Calty’s products…..celica and previa.

  9. Alfa Canguro says:

    Calty designers must have been watching one too many Ultraman shows. This reminds me of the Chrysler Imperial based car from the Ultra Seven series:

  10. Jose Garcia says:

    esta camionetilla de toyota estuvo muy fumada y de a guevo pero lastima que no existio todos modos es un carro inovador una puerta correriza en una camionetilla algo muy util pero lastima que jamas salio al mercado 🙁

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