Nissan’s 40th Anniversary Z-Car Tribute

We didn’t supply you with a Friday Video this week but Nissan has come to the rescue with a tribute to 40 years of the Datsun 240Z. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to Nissan’s 40th Anniversary Z-Car Tribute

  1. mister k says:

    love it. but will toyota ever bring out a comparable sports machine?

  2. Harrison says:

    Anyone else notice the G-Nose at the bottom right during 1:37?

  3. bert says:

    Toyota might have the FT-86 and LFA, but the world is crying for a Supra succesor that would blast the Z right off the road!

  4. Skylines & Z's says:

    Bring Back the SUPRA Please!
    we dont want a V8…..we want the traditional 6 pistons w/ Turbos… and then let the aftermarket crowd work its wonders on these Ferrari Killer beasts šŸ™‚

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