Nissan takes over Cars & Coffee Tokyo with Z Proto

Cars & Coffee in Tokyo is a relatively small event but given its location, it’s a place where Japan’s carmakers will sometimes sneak a priceless concept out to mingle with enthusiasts. Sometimes, even a CEO will pop up and pose with a lucky owner’s car. Last Sunday, Nissan brought out their Z Proto, attracting an army of Z owners and fans that took over the event.

It was a chance for the public to see what is to become the seventh Z up close, and owners of every generation showed up. So, despite sporadic rain, a typhoon warning, and that whole, you know, coronavirus thing, throngs of fans came to the event. Even an ultra-rare Fairlady Z432R showed up.

Along with the Z432R, one of our personal favorites was a subtly modified 50th Anniversary Z31 Turbo, an exclusive 2-tone edition released in 1984 to celebrate half a century of the Nissan brand.

Within the crowd, chief engineer Hiroshi Tamura, executive design director Satoru Tai, and even former Z32 owner and Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida mingled. It was certainly a rare opportunity for owners to meet and have their cars seen by three of the most influential men at Nissan.

Overall, it was a great way for Nissan to connect with fans and gauge reaction to the prototype. According to one enthusiast, seeing it in person is a wholly different experience from seeing it in photos. We will be seeing the car in person soon too, and are looking forward to reporting on our impressions. Until then, enjoy these photos from the event in Japan.

Additional Images:

Some images courtesy of Nissan.

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6 Responses to Nissan takes over Cars & Coffee Tokyo with Z Proto

  1. BlitzPig says:

    It would be *ahem* revealing to see the new Z in a different color. One that lets the lines of the car stand in their own right, unlike that over powering yellow that is hard for the mind’s eye to get past.

  2. ylee says:

    I initially thought it looked much smaller and slimmer than a 370z. From the video clip though, it doesn’t look much smaller at all. Haha. It definitely has better proportions though, I think.

  3. Lupus says:

    The 7th Additional Photo: the 2nd car, is this the ABR Hasoki Z32 with MidNight Club decal on it’s windshield?

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