Nissan Says Hey, We're Doing BRE Livery Too!

Well, well, well. It seems that Nissan is not about to let Mazda usurp the iconic BRE livery after all. Just days after the announcement of a factory-backed BRE Mazda MX-5, Nissan says they will revive the graphics on a 2010 NISMO 370Z, to be unveiled at the BRE reunion dinner at the Classic Motorsports Mitty this weekend.

Which modern descendant is more befitting of this paint scheme? There’s only one way to settle this β€” on the track!

[Images: Gayle Brock/Nissan USA]

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9 Responses to Nissan Says Hey, We're Doing BRE Livery Too!

  1. bert says:

    I’m sorry, but I think the 370Z is ugly! I think Nissan should concede to Mazda on this one!!

  2. What??? Because of looks?? Apology accepted!

    Although it may be on the lame side for Mazda to wave BRE flags before Nissan, I want to see these cars duke it out.

    You need Datsun heritage to roll in BRE warpaint as far as I’m concerned.

  3. sexy hammer says:

    I thought the 370z was ugly at first, and some of the styling cues still bother me. The head and taillight shapes, the large flat lips on the panel around the wheels, the opening in the front bumper all make it look way too busy and angular. BUT the basic shape more accurately represents the “classic” Z lines. Interested in seeing what they put together for the unveiling. Hopefully not just a decal and stripe package on an otherwise stock car.

  4. KPGC10-001218 says:

    Ah, I see – only POSITIVE comments allowed about Brock, BRE, Nissan, Mazda and, er, donkeys……

    The anti-spam wants me to type in “from sued”. How ironic.

    • Ben says:

      Alan – the anti-spam software is not THAT sophisticated, or at least I hope not. Otherwise we might have a Skynet on our hands ;). We welcome any comments, as long as they are not attacking another JNC Reader.

  5. bert says:

    Actually Ben, I’ve seen some pretty interesting sayings in the captcha thingy!

  6. madfaber says:

    Oh man where is the final product? I think this is guna turn out pretty mean, and my captcha is
    Elizabeth ranelagh, how the heck did it know the name of my 3rd grade teacher!!

  7. slickwrick says:

    looks dont mean nothing!!
    as long as we see the BRE colors on a NISSAN car again

  8. Sarcasmo says:

    Yeah, a BRE Mazda doesn’t sound right… what’s next a BRE Kia?

    *BTW- my captcha is “Pearman some” lol πŸ™‚

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