Nissan Hyper Force concept is a brutalist silhouette GT-R

The hits from the Tokyo Motor Show — sorry, Japan Mobility Show — just keep on coming. Nissan has revealed its Hyper Force concept, an absolutely insane take on a future GT-R. An unsparing collections of edges and angles, it looks like something from a dystopian cyberpunk future. But, it seems like there are nods to Skyline history, and we are all about that.

The most obvious cue comes in the form of the quad taillights and the R35 roofline. In this case the afterburners have been draped over the edge of the deck like a Salvador Dalí clock while partially obscured by slats like a Patrick Nagel.

A more subtle reference is the gold lettering just ahead of the rear wheels. Those are a reference to the R30 Skyline’s “4-Valve DOHC RS-Turbo” lettering. In the case of the Hyper Force, it says “1000kW Advanced ASSB E-4orce”, a description of the electric powertrain’s 1,341 horsepower stemming from an All Solid State Battery and coupled with electric all-wheel-drive technology.

What stirs us the most, however, is the Hyper Force’s apparent tribute to Nissan’s Group 5 Super Silhouette race cars of the 80s. The aggressive front air dam, box-flared fenders, and the winglets on the rear panel are all seemingly inspired by these famed racers. From some angles it even looks more like a Group 5 Silvia than a GT-R. The vertical wiper seen in some images is another race car reference.

Nissan says the headlights also pay homage to a past performance car, but we’re not seeing an obvious resemblance. If anyone has an idea, please let us known in the comments.

The cabin is taken straight out of a William Gibson fever dream. Like the R35’s instrumentation, it was designed by Polyphony Digital, the creators of the Gran Turismo Sony PlayStation racing simulator series. The interior lighting changes depending on the drive mode selected — red for Race, blue for GT.

The Hyper Force contains quite a bit of active aero in the front canards, front fender vents, and the ends of the rear wing. Other futuristic tech includes forged carbon fiber wheels and a plasma actuator to suppress air detachment and maximize inner wheel grip in turns.


The concept is obviously completely impractical for real world use, but its Blade Runner aesthetic does look damn cool. We love the idea of an updated Super Silhouette racer, or something that a bosozoku in Neo-Tokyo might drive.


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4 Responses to Nissan Hyper Force concept is a brutalist silhouette GT-R

  1. Fred Langille says:

    Batman-san’s new ride!

  2. RX626 says:

    The headlight design is probably a homage to Hakosuka?
    The shape of the headlight itself doesn’t look like a Hakosuka, but the slanted hood line looks that way to me.

  3. CycoPablo says:

    IMO, craziest and best form-function concept since Furai.

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