Next-gen Nissan “480Z” and design detail rumors

More dispatches about the next Nissan Z are coming through the grapevine. The latest is that the Z35 will spawn a high-performance version called the 480Z, and the number will refer not to the engine displacement, but its power output. We’ve also learned some more aspects about its styling.

According to the Japanese site Spyder7, the 480Z will be the designation of the most powerful model. If true, this may end up contradicting reports that there would be a 500-horsepower NISMO version. Likely, that would tread too closely to the GT-R’s territory. The engine will be a twin-turbo V6, previously reported to be the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 Red Sport 400’s powertrain. Notably, that car is offered with AWD but no manual transmission.

According to our sources, Nissan is cash strapped and cannot afford the millions it would take to develop a brand new chassis. Therefore, it will almost certainly soldier on with the FR-midship platform that underpinned the 350Z and 370Z, as well as the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. The body will see a dramatic redesign, but many of the hard points, such as the cowl and pillars, will be fixed positions that designers will have to work around.

Our sources say that rectangular taillights inspired by those of the Z32 are a favorite of Nissan’s chief designer, lending more credence to the previous reports of such a rear treatment. We were not able to confirm the S30 Z-style headlights, but the two have been reported hand in hand previously, so do what you will with that information. For what it’s worth, the Spyder7 article says that the headlight will be an LED ring, and the rear will feature a large spoiler.

Whether or not the next Z turns out exactly like these rumors suggest is, to us, less important than the fact that there will be a next Z, and that it is developed fully in-house. Hopefully the damage done by COVID-19 hasn’t impacted the Z35’s development too badly.

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17 Responses to Next-gen Nissan “480Z” and design detail rumors

  1. Damian says:

    Wrong car, wrong everything. Nissan should focus on new compact sedan with four doors and rwd, with an s13 type front. Make the car with various engines but must include a base 4 cylinder model that new and young customers can afford and buy. The Z car is a thing of the past. Restoring old 240’s is popular cos there is a shortage of old/classic/ reliable type cars around. If the z disappeared tomorrow, very few would miss it. Nissan and most car makers need new ideas. A compact rwd basic sedan would allow it to be affordable. Forget about building a Nissan Supra. Stop regurging old ideas Nissan. Post covid we will see that there is not as much money around….

    • asasa says:

      ” If the z disappeared tomorrow, very few would miss it.” funny…

      “The Z car is a thing of the past.” Yet states S13 type front end. S13 is the past…


      • Damian says:

        S13’s are very healthily being traded on the second hand market because they fall into a certain price range. A young person’s car. If. If a future 4door has a S13 front or not doesn’t matter. The point is that piling on another 200hp on another Z simply suggests the Z is dead ( pulp fiction pun)…. my point is that if the designer’s were not out of ideas they wouldn’t need extra power to render a new car exciting. They need to stop trying going up market with every subsequent model ( unless you are aiming at pensioners)..
        I think that a sedan the size of an e36 BMW with rwd, Japanese reliability, sporty nature, low cost, not too heavy, would sell like hot cakes. Right now, 98% of everything is fwd or an suv. There is nothing out there currently. Watch the competition scramble to match it. My only hope is that they don’t pile up the ‘tech’ in the car with fancy screens and phone charging point. It all adds weight and cost, and it’s always the first thing that breaks.

        • Brycen says:

          rwd, low cost, light weight. Pick two haha. I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying but i feel like your out of touch with the reality of what it takes to build a car. Building a new platform is hugely expensive, especially one with a drivetrain layout that requires extensive changes to engines and transmissions to work. Each engine and transmission combo requires countless hours of programming and countless hours of testing/development. The reason 98% of people buy fwd or SUVs is because (sadly) they just don’t care about their cars handling dynamics. & on top of this, most people will take more tech more over slightly sharper turn in or a lower CG. I wish this wasnt the case but it is.

          Also don’t hate on fwd, the most fun car i’ve owned was fwd.

        • Shaiyan Hossain says:

          the cheap NA rwd sedan kinda died out in favor of FWD hot hatches
          id love to see Nissan put more effort into the Sentra and actually make a proper SE-R or NISMO version to take on the Civic Si again

  2. Kieron says:

    They should release that 510 ID car.

    • DesignerD says:

      Lobby Nissan, maybe there’s still a chance! How about an EV IDx? I’d buy that too

      • dankan says:

        An EV IDx would be much smarter, given the stret cred EVs now have among those with disposable income. A sort of retro small sport sedan could play very well for those looking for a non-SUV/non-Tesla electric car.

        It could be tied into their Formula E team to give it some motorsports cred as well.

  3. Datsun Guy says:

    Remember the Juke…………………

    Don’t set your expectations too high.

    btw….It is not the 51st anniversary of the 300zx…. why is it included? It is a Z too? I guess the same logic can also include the 370z so; if the new surprise looks like the 370z…. don’t be surprised.

  4. Dave Patten says:

    With the GTR, I just don’t see a place in today’s market for a 480Z.

    I really liked the IDx concept. Why not revisit it for Nissan’s next new thing. Keep the original 2d, but add another body style for those looking for a 4d.

    The 4d version would have a slightly stretched wheelbase with a “shooting brake” type roofline. Use short suicide rear doors with no B pillar. The rear hatch and a split fold down rear seat would add cargo carrying capacity. The longer wheel base, rear doors and higher roof line creates a backseat with head and leg room that would make it functional.

    Nissan needs to step outside the box if they are to survive. The Miata saved Mazda, why not try a moderately priced, sporty RWD sedan?

    It’s time for a Hail Mary pass if Nissan is to have a future.

    • Pete240Z says:

      I agree – Hail Mary pass time.

      I discussed Nissan with a factory guy at the Chicago Auto Show this year and I kidded all sell are Buick’s. After I explained my comment he said they sold a lot of Altima’s and were happy selling a lot of them.

      Buy a Miata – it’s probably too late.

  5. dankan says:

    I think concerns about Z/GT-R competition may need to read between the lines. Perhaps there will be no next generation GT-R? It likely wouldn’t be a very profitable car, and Nissan doesn’t have the cash to make non-profitable halo cars right now.

  6. Mark Newton-John says:

    Waiting for the punters who say how it should be made, then watch them walk away in droves and buy Sentras.

    • Shaiyan Hossain says:

      pretty much this

    • TSL28et says:

      waiting for the Z to come out and have journalist make the decision for everybody once again. whether its good or not.All its faults and not encourage people to just support the dwindling aftermarket company’s.You tubers and popular autoblogs dominate and dictate in this automotive world.People need to go back to buying cars because of their own taste, what happened to having a street spec’d car and not chase for HP or stance mobile? When the new Z comes out I wont even bother to watch or read a review i will actually walk into a dealership and test drive it.

  7. Matthew Karl Macdermott says:

    I love these Z articles and hate how people comment saying everyone wants a s13 or a light weight little car.

    Toyota did that with the brz and all i hear is how it’s to slow.

    Even the 370z today for it’s price is a great car for an ethusist looking for a purist car. I don’t understand the complaints, the Z line for the most part has always put out a really good car that’s based around being something for a person that loves the sport of driving.

    I want to see another Z car.

  8. Adam says:

    Just call it Fairlady Z globally, then it doesn’t matter how much horsepower or displacement it has. I do think it would be smarter to go more FRS/BRZ sized, while keeping the hp in the 300s. Keeps the price relatively low and accessible.

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