NISMO reproduces Silvia S15 and Skyline R34 gauge clusters

NISMO has begun selling reproduction gauge clusters for the Silvia S15, Skyline R34, and Skyline GT-R BNR34 models. Note that these are not the OEM Nissan units, but actual NISMO aftermarket ones that would have been in-period upgrades for these cars. All of them have been out of production for a number of years. This also marks the first time Silvia reproduction parts have been made available.

For the BNR34 Skyline GT-R, NISMO is actually offering two versions. The black gauge face (lead photo) comes with orange lettering and will cost ¥107,800 ($779 USD). A white gauge face variant will come with black lettering and cost ¥110,000 ($795 USD). Both illuminate in orange at night and have 320 kph scales on the speedometer and 11,000 rpm tachometers.

The Skyline R34 cluster was made for manual transmission versions of the RB25DET-powered examples, such as the 25GT Turbo and 25GT-X Turbo. The speedometer goes only to 300 kph and the tachometer to 10,000 rpm. Orange text over matte black illuminates to orange at night. Retail price is ¥99,000 ($715 USD).

Finally, the Silvia S15 gauge cluster is made for manual transmission cars. Text is orange on a matte face and illuminates to orange at night. A 280 kph speedometer sits to the left while a 10,000 rpm tach is situated front and center. Retail price is ¥85,800 ($620 USD).

These are excellent additions to the catalog of Nissan Heritage Parts, but as with all of them, only a limited quantity will be produced. After they are sold out, they won’t be made again.

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  1. f31roger says:

    I think heritage programs can bring in so much money, especially to brand loyalists and enthusiasts to specific cars like myself.

    I do love how many enthusiasts of specific cars are using their time/skill/money to make reproduction parts for the enthusiasts. I wish the manufactures see that it might be worth it to make some stuff for every car they’ve had in the past.

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