REMINDER: NISMO Fiesta coming to Austin, Texas

NISMO Fiesta cruise

If you’re going to be in Austin, Texas next week, don’t miss the NISMO Fiesta, a three-day celebration of all things Nissan. Cars from all over the Lone Star State and beyond will attend, and JNC will be making the trek in a Datsun 620 King Cab.


NISMO Fiesta welcomes all Nissan, Datsun and Infiniti cars with a opening night dinner on May 22, which will include a tribute to Yutaka “Mr K” Katayama, who passed away at the age of 105 earlier this year.

On Saturday, participants will have their choice of a cruise through Texas’s scenic hill country or a track day at Austin’s Driveway Racetrack. Sunday will host a car show including vendors, raffle prizes, and a dyno pull station. You can register at the NISMO Fiesta website, and stay tuned for JNC coverage after the show.

Photos courtesy of Tracie Villalpando (lead image)/Michael DeLashmutt/NISMO Fiesta.

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12 Responses to REMINDER: NISMO Fiesta coming to Austin, Texas

  1. Nigel says:

    Wait… you said a 620. Cool !!

  2. Terrance P says:

    I’ll be attending with a few cars my self….great thing is i live about 15 mins from the venue and my Office is literally across the highway from it as well…best location Evah!! …..Hope to meet you guys there.

  3. Jon says:

    Man…I want a 610 coupe bad.

  4. Yoda says:

    NISMO Fiesta? Is that anything like a Ford Racing Versa? 🙂

  5. Actually, fiesta means party, but more so with friends and family. Nismo Fiesta holds its roots in San Antonio where Z-Sport started Nismo Fiesta. Traditionally the the event was held during the last week in April during San Antonio’s Fiesta Celebration, which is a two week long string of events and parties held throughout the city.

    The Nismo Fiesta staff thanks Japanese Nostalic Car for getting the word out, and we can’t wait to see everyone.

  6. ace says:

    This is out 4th year going.i will be out their with my group n.i.c.e nissan infiniti enthusiasts from south texas the rio grand valley.lets have fun

  7. Tracie Villalpando says:

    Main cover photo is not property of Nismo Fiesta, it is a personal photo that I took during the event in 2013. Proper credit given would be appreciated.

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