Nismo Festival – Disneyland for Nissan Fans


This weekend just past saw the Fuji Speedway play host to the Nismo Festival, an annual event created for Nissan fans to pay homage to the marque that’s been keeping Japanese performance and style fans foaming for generations.

grandJDM might be all about the classic J-cars, but we’ve got no small amount of love for the more recent road-going revelations that Japan has churned out over the years, and there’s no shortage of it to be seen at the Nismo Fest. You can see a whole bundle of beautifully composed snaps at the GTROC forums.

For those loyal readers who wanna see nothing but the classics though, Miguel of Newera Imports snapped shots aplenty of some of the more stunning classics on site, and you can check them out in his GTROC forum post here.

[via JPC News]
[more GTROC photos]

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