Nippon Classics in Germany

All around the world, there are total fanatics for classic Japanese cars. Today we bring you some great photographs from a recent German show – the Nippon Classic Day. There were some truly unique appearances, so well worth a looksie.

Gallery One
Gallery Two

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5 Responses to Nippon Classics in Germany

  1. Omawari_San says:

    Spotted me and my car šŸ™‚

  2. MrHijet says:

    Is that really your car ?

    If so, let me know. I am the guy who did the photos.



  3. Omawari_San says:

    Ich fahre (leider immer noch) den blauen GC8 Impreza…..

  4. MrHijet says:

    Don’t forget my new Photo set of the Nippon Classic Day 2008.



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