NIHON LIFE: Would you like a Skyline with your morning coffee?

In America, coffee costs $4 for a ridiculous latte that doesn’t even come with a toy car. In Japan, coffee companies often run promotions that attach a gift to the can, which you have to get at a specific convenience store chain. This Skyline one from a couple of years ago was probably one of the best in recent memory, with the caveat that you have to buy two coffees because the car was too big to fit on one. Oh well, double the caffeine!

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10 Responses to NIHON LIFE: Would you like a Skyline with your morning coffee?

  1. Toyotageek says:

    Dear Konbini store,

    Just take my damn money!

  2. Khoua says:

    Where exactly was this? Would love to get something like this once I’m in Tokyo next week!

    • Ben Hsu says:

      This promotion is over, but the good news is there’s almost always another one that’s ongoing. They might not always be cars, though. It could be some cartoon character or whatever. You just have to check the drinks section at the convenience stores. UCC might have a promotion with 7-11, Boss might have one with FamilyMart. In that example, the same Boss coffee in 7-11 wouldn’t have the toy; you’d have to go to FamilyMart to find them. Good luck!

    • John Moran says:

      Would highly recommend Nakano Broadway if you can get there. Several shops with diecast and I got a set of the UCC cars cars there for a reasonable price.

      • Brandon Kelley says:

        Nakano Broadway is a good place to look. This set also includes a nice Calsonic Skyline with period correct straight pipe exhaust and tampos.

        I always marvel how they can get the license and make such intricate cars, then package them with cheaply-priced coffee.

        Khoua, as of now, there are no vehicle-drink tie-ins going on but you can get mini shinkansen nose plaques with the purchase of an Ebisu beer!

  3. MementoMori says:

    Oh Japan, America has so much to learn from thee.

  4. Jim Simpson says:

    And not only do you get a car but its actually quite good coffee…

  5. cesariojpn says:

    I wonder what Alien Jones would say about this…..

  6. Dimitry says:

    I wishour J-town in Toronto had these promotions…sigh

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