Next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser to take styling cues from classic FJ62

Toyota has issued another teaser for the 2024 Land Cruiser. It’s our first look at its supposedly retro nose, and to drive the point home Toyota has paired it with a classic FJ62 lurking in the background. While the similarities aren’t strong, the trucks seem positioned to emphasize the grille and blocky headlight design inspired by the late-80s predecessor.

After the original reports that the new Land Cruiser would have a retro face, we thought it might take on a round headlight look like the FJ40 or FJ60. Instead, the classic look of the surprisingly popular FJ62 seems to be the inspiration. In addition to the square headlights, the grille takes on an eggcrate pattern that is subtle put present on the classic. The top edge of the grille also extends above the headlights and a classic Helvetica “TOYOTA” wordmark replaces the tri-oval logo.

Along with the teaser Toyota has also revealed when the Land Cruiser will be unveiled: August 1 at 9:20pm Eastern, 6:20pm Pacific. We look forward to seeing what other cues from classic Cruisers may have made their way to the new one.

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  1. Seems like the 6:20 pm Pacific Time unveiling is also a subtle nod to the FJ62.

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