NEWS: You guys, this is the real Ken Bone

579-1778_Mazda RX4

During last night’s presidential debate, the internet was lit afire when an audience member named Kenneth Bone from Labadie, Missouri stood up to ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump a question. Perhaps it was his trenchant query about energy policy and jobs that captured America’s attention.

Haha, who are we kidding? It was some combination of his bright red sweater, generally genial affect, and incredible rock/porn star name. Immediately speculation began on exactly who this ray of sunshine was in the most forehead-slapping election season in American history. Well, we have the scoop on the real Ken Bone. 

Almost immediately, media outlets raced to find the identity of this affable, mustachioed, undecided voter. Both Slate and Jalopnik asked The Googles and speculated that he could be the owner of the 1974 Mazda RX-4 above. And yes, a person named Ken Bone does own that car. There’s just one problem.

Though it might be hard to believe in a presidential race full of astonishing developments, there are at least two people in America named Ken Bone. I know Mazda RX-4 owner Ken Bone. Mazda RX-4 owner Ken Bone is a friend of mine. The guy at the debate, sir, is no Mazda RX-4 owner Ken Bone.

577-1784_Mazda RX4

Mazda RX-4 owner Ken Bone hails from Los Angeles and Texas. He is also fond of classic BMWs and Toyota trucks. Most tellingly, he’s about 6 feet tall and looks nothing like the guy at the debate.

We can see where the confusion came from. Red Sweater Ken Bone’s Facebook page has the occasional muscle car post. So naturally, a when these outlets found another classic car-loving Ken Bone they presumed a connection. There isn’t. These are just two different car-loving dudes named Ken Bone. There, the record is now set straight.

If there is one plus to this election, it’s this: a popular, influential mainstream news magazine has become aware of the 1974 Mazda RX-4 and called it “slick-looking.”

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9 Responses to NEWS: You guys, this is the real Ken Bone

  1. Marc E Lawrence says:

    Previously an RX-4 owner – unfortunately, back in the day lttle in the way of aftermarket performance accessories were available. I always liked the looks of the RX-4 but an average of 12 mpg around town was a bit tough to deal with. And – of all things – I traded my 40K mile 72 240Z in on the RX-4. Live and learn. It did go like hell – and handled relatively well for a stocker – Not a Z though – lol.

  2. Ken Bone says:

    This is turning into quite the entertaining experience. I guess I need a muscle car and red sweater.

  3. Dennis says:

    K-Bone’s mom must be so proud that he wore his Christmas sweater at the debate. I imagine the Chinese are already making knock off versions in time for Black Friday 2016.

  4. Car Nut Seattle says:

    This has always been my favourite Mazda. Rotary Wankel or no, this is the best looking Mazda I’ve ever seen.

  5. Gary says:

    Not to be confused with famous Australian Ken Done – of course!

  6. Alex says:

    Looks like a typical overweight ameriburger Beta male. Ken Bone.
    Sporting his moms red sweater.

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