NEWS: Work Wheels releases Equip 40 to celebrate 40th anniversary

Work Wheels has unveiled a new wheel for Japanese nostalgic cars, the Equip 40, at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Named in honor of Team Equip, the company’s race department founded in 1982 as well as Work Wheels’ 40th anniversary, it’s a modern take on the classic 4-spoke.

Upon release, Work Wheels issued the following statement on its website: “Among all the brands in company’s history, Equip is the one that manifests the most Work identity. Over the years Equip has evolved, a racing type wheel that has long been loved by many enthusiasts.”

Displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon were two available center colors. Sprint Gold hearkens back to what Work describes as the “Golden Age of motorsports” and says it’s the one “for the real vintage enthusiasts.”

Brut Silver was “specially developed for the Forty” and “gives a coarse surface to the disc to imitate the rough texture of a fresh casted wheel.” Work says it has “the flavor of an authentic old motorsports wheel.”

In addition to the two center colors, Work is offering a variety of finishes on other components of the wheel, resulting in a wide variety when it comes to the final product. Lips come in polished, gloss black, or bronze; bolts are available in chrome or black as well; and the inner rim can be finished in black as well.

Of particular interest to JNC readers are the limited edition set of replica center caps with the old yellow on black Equip logo. These are limited to 100 only, and include a sticker as well.

Only 4-lug patterns will be available, either 4×100 or 4×114.3. There is only one diameter, 15-inch, with widths ranging from 5.5J to 13.0J in a variety of offsets, including negatives for that deep dish look. You can see all the available options on the Work Equip 40 website.

Images: Work Wheels

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14 Responses to NEWS: Work Wheels releases Equip 40 to celebrate 40th anniversary

  1. goodshow_aa says:

    LOVE THESE. j.c DID AN AMAZING JOB. One of my favorite wheels of all time.

  2. CobaltFire says:

    I have an S30 I’m getting back on the road, and I’ve been looking at wheels… I REALLY wish these were in 16’s for modern tire availability, but they look AMAZING. I’m going to have to think real hard (depending on price) about these.

    • Tom Westmacott says:

      Yokohama AD08Rs are available in 205/50 R15, should give you plenty of ‘modern’ grip for canyon-carving in your S30. I have AD08s on my FD, very nice grip and progressive breakaway.

      • CobaltFire says:

        205/50r15 is the right size for a Honda or Miata (I’ve owned both), but not a Z. 205/60r15 works, but there is very little available in that size. Not that my L28 puts out enough power to warrant staggered, but if you want to there’s nothing in 225/55r15 or 245/50r15 that’s street drives le, either. Moving to 225/55r16 gets into BMW/Porsche fitment, with a reasonable number of choices. Moving one more step to 17 has even more choices but 17s look wrong on an S30 to me.

        • Ant says:

          Are 225s not overkill for something that weighs what, 1000-1100kg? That’s quite a lot of rubber on the road – which is fine if you’re after outright grip, but part of the joy of running an older car is surely having a bit more progression and movement in the chassis.

          Depends how much power you’re making of course, but there’s a lot to be said for narrower widths when it comes to steering feel too.

          My Miata’s not quite in the same league, but I’m sticking with the original 185 width on that car – not even running a particularly sporty tyre (I need something that works in poor weather too, living in the UK) but having taken it on track a few times the last thing it needs is more grip or traction. More power, maybe…

          • CobaltFire says:

            I don’t disagree; I ran 185’s on the street with my CRX and 205’s on the track, 205’s all the time on my Mazdaspeed MX-5.

            The issue becomes what tire of reasonable performance is available in a 205/60r15. I can’t find anything but Grand Touring style tires. If I step to 16’s I get a plethora of tires because of the classic Porsche scene.

            I did note that if I’m willing to fork out $300-400 a tire Pirelli makes historical sport tires in 15’s, in 205/60r15 and 225/50r15 that look really good. Not cheap though, as I said.

  3. John says:

    No 14s, though? Booo… 🙂

    • Randy says:

      Well, the Equip 01 might be a reasonable substitute, if they have the right offsets.

      LOTSA nice wheels there, though I’d like the “fin” style in my sizes, but oh well… Saves me from spending stupid amounts of money I ain’t got…

      Too bad about the various discontinued lines – hate to see things go out of production.

  4. Mark Newton-John says:

    Great. Fake three-piece wheels.

  5. Ruan Roodt says:

    Just bought a set for my Datsun

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