NEWS: Nissan readies 86/BRZ fighter with retro styling

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In less than a week, Nissan is going to reveal something very special to JNC readers at the Tokyo Motor Show. We can’t tell you what it is, as we have no desire to steal Nissan’s thunder or betray our sources. All we can say is what has already been leaked or speculated by other news outlets, or told to us at official press events.


Here’s what we can say right now.

  • Nissan will reveal a concept inspired by a previous model. We can reveal this because it was reported by Whatcar.
  • If produced, it would compete with the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ fighter. Again, Whatcar.
  • It will not be the next Fairlady Z, but is something Nissan thinks JNC readers will like.
  • A significant figure from Nissan’s past, who shall remain nameless, is making an appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show.

That’s it. Let the speculation begin! JNC will be live at the Tokyo Motor Show next week to cover the unveiling.

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44 Responses to NEWS: Nissan readies 86/BRZ fighter with retro styling

  1. Toyotageek says:

    Ben, will you be bringing us live, up-to-the-minute podcasts? ;-P

    • Ben says:

      Not podcasts, but I am bringing my laptop and RUNNING to the media center to upload photos and post the article as soon as the press conference is over.

  2. art ferrer says:

    Datsun 510 revival time now?!

  3. acbpanda says:

    Sounds a lot like a new Silvia to me.

  4. Nigel says:

    If BMI was still around, we would already know.
    (S16) !!!!!!!

  5. Richie says:

    Let’s hope that the car is the S16 and the person is Mr. K.

  6. matt says:

    ben is the fact you used the old nissan logo a hint? hehehe

  7. xs10shl says:

    I would wish for something like a roadster, as Mazda has had that market to themselves for far too long now. Alas, I’m predicting it won’t anything nearly as fun and impractical as an open-top 2-seater.

  8. Andrewzuku says:

    Hopefully they get it as right as Toyota/Subaru did with the 86/BRZ.

    There’s plenty of great oldschool Nissans to speculate on!

  9. Ray says:

    Probably won’t even hit our shores.

  10. pstar says:

    They’re bringing back the B13 Sentra.

    More seriously, I think the roadster speculation might be right. Everyone forgets about the MX5 (the FR-S was treated like the messiah of cheap RWD fun to drive cars, what the hell is the MX5, that has been here all this time?) The S2000 is gone, and Boxters aren’t selling as hot as they used to. I doubt people are any less interested in convertibles. They are just waiting for something new and hyped. People buy hype. Its hard to hype something thats already been on the market as a quality product and evolving for 20 years. You need to launch something new.

    Plus, the Datsun roadster shape is one that can be retroized to be recognizable but still meet sham 2014 “safety standards”. A 510 would look like a Neon coupe or that horrible GM 130R concept. Just miserably bad.

  11. Ken says:

    I hope to god that it’s an updated roadster.

    All I’ve heard in the rumor mill is the S16 with the Juke motor etc. etc., while plausible, that would totally blow out “something very special to JNC readers” requirement, because the s chassis isn’t special or nostalgic.

  12. izzy says:

    Im guessing and wishing for the next Nissan Sunny….that’s my guess

  13. Eugeny says:

    /crosses fingers;
    Please not be crap, please not be crap!

  14. Victor says:

    I’m thinking a Fairlady Roadster like the one fron the 60’s or a Silvia

  15. Kev says:

    They’re bringing back the Autech Stelvio.

    Personally, I am quite excited.

  16. Dennis says:

    I sense the second coming of the B-210 Honey Bee Turbo.

  17. Domenick says:

    The BladeGlider is probably the more far-out of the two. So, I’d guess something along the lines of a Silvia, taking some styling cues from the 2011 Esflow concept.

    • Randy says:

      Take the BladeGlider, and widen the front end to actual car-width. NOW, we have something!

      Roadster or coupe – not the now-passe foldaway hardtop (remember when that was the coolest thing ever — back in 1957?). Optional bolt-on hardtop for the roadster. Oooooohhhhh — maybe a Targa top???

      Oh yeah – normal doors; not the butterfly units… Leave the high-priced gimmicks to the stupid-expensive cars, and put the savings into a lower price to appeal to people who work for a living.

      The hatchback version is just strange looking. Mom’s Yaris got it on with a New Beetle, and this was the result… The LAST picture in that group though – the coupe – there’s something in there thats saying: “look closer.”

  18. pete240Z says:

    ((rubbing both hands together in anticipation))

  19. Shane_lxi says:

    Kind of a long shot, but maybe they’re splitting the Skyline franchise into a third piece and making a small chassis smaller engine car similar to the Kenmeri. Since Mary has been popping up lately.

  20. pete240z says:

    Pete Brock said on facebook he is in Tokyo – I think he is the special guest – so we might be seeing a cool Datsun 510………..yeah, that’s the story.

    • pete240z says:

      Also Whatcar said “This production car would be likely to feature the 197bhp, 1.6-litre turbocharged engine”. This would be an updated 510 engine – 1.6 litre!!!

    • John M says:

      This seems possible – small, lightweight, versatile. I wanted to see a new Z, but Detroit is just around the corner…

  21. Tim says:

    I know, I know… It’s “not a Z car”. But I hold out hope that maybe they’ll release this with a different name.

  22. Styles says:

    It’ll be a coupe based on the same platform as the C12/B17 Pulsar platform……..

  23. Camilo says:

    A new Silvia!

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