NEWS: The best way to get around Kyushu right now is via Land Cruiser

Torrential downpours have struck Japan’s western region of Kyushu, where three deaths due to Typhoon Krosa have been confirmed and the government has issued evacuation warnings for 870,000 residents. Footage of vehicles up to their headlights in brown water is all over the news, but in a brief segment less than a minute long, no less than two classic Toyota Land Cruisers plow through the waters without breaking a sweat.

The first is a lifted FJ40 at the 0:04 mark that blasts through the streets as a Honda Freed and a poor guy pushing a scooter struggle to navigate the knee-deep surges. Then, towards the end of the video, at 0:52, as camera pans towards a flooded but otherwise empty street, a J80 rolls leisurely through. Almost all flights and bullet train service were suspended for the region, and the timing, right in the middle of a holiday travel season, had the unfortunate side effect of stranding many vacationers. Clearly, though, those who drive a Land Cruiser will have no problem getting home.

Thanks to Ryu A. for the tip!

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4 Responses to NEWS: The best way to get around Kyushu right now is via Land Cruiser

  1. Scooby Did says:

    SUVs make exponentially more sense in Asia than America yet…uh huh.

    Not to mention, kei cars make exponentially more sense in America than Asia.
    More driving plus lousy public transportation and an economic system bent on bankrupting the masses sounds like the perfect scenario for an SUV, right?

    The lack of self-awareness is pandemic.

  2. エーイダン says:

    Just goes to show that just because the workhorse is old doesn’t mean he’s gone lame.

  3. cesariojpn says:

    Not to mention the white Suzuki Jimney that is in clear view in the background around the 0:13 mark also seems to be ready to go “vroom” out of those waters……

  4. Kaoru says:

    That Land Cruiser FJ70 was probabliy build quite strong.

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