NEWS: Toyota 2000GTs sell for $1 million each

The Toyota 2000GT is a million dollar car. But you already knew that. In the auction world, the rule of thumb is that a car needs to sell for a particular price three time before it’s considered legit. Two 2000GTs sold for $1 million each this weekend at Monterey, confirming what we already have seen in three other sales of Japan’s first supercar. 

The RHD Solar Red example, the so-called “best restored 2000GT in the world,” sold at RM for $950,000. With the 10 percent commission, that’s $1,045,000 out the door.

Crossing the block minutes later a the Gooding & Co. auction a few miles away was a Pegasus White LHD specimen. When the hammer dropped bidding had reached $1,050,000, or $1,155,000 out the door.

Though neither price was unexpected, the auctions further cement the 2000GT as Japan’s blue chip classic. We’ll have more from Monterey soon. Stay tuned. 

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2 Responses to NEWS: Toyota 2000GTs sell for $1 million each

  1. Sedanlover says:

    Any nicer shots of the red one? The Pegasus White example just looks like perfection to me. Love it!

  2. Wayne Thomas says:

    It’s really surprising that no one has developed a kit car based on the 2000GT considering the number of available chassises and the sky high prices of an original.

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