NEWS: Nissan’s IDx Freeflow is the Datsun 510 reborn

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 01

At the Tokyo Motor Show today, Nissan revealed the IDx Freeflow Concept, a car inspired by the legendary Datsun 510. It’s a love letter to the hard core Datsun devotee, or even newfound fans born decades after the original ceased production. We’ve known it was coming for a while now, and believe me, it was killing us not to share it with you, our dear readers, but we hope it was worth the wait. Now here’s the deets.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 04

The front is dominated by a flat face, very unusual in the swoopy aero shapes of current designs. Four round headlights with a hood line dipping inward towards the grille are the signature design cue, and vents below the grille evoke the same element from the original 510. The chrome bumper is even reminiscent of a classic air dam.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 02

From the rear, another vertical panel and tail lights with three distinct elements draw inspiration from the classic 510. Classic four-spoke wheels reminded us of so many vintage barrels from Work Equip 01s to SSR MkIIs to the American Racing Libres.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 03

Update: Our sources originally reported a 2.5-liter inline four, but in Nissan’s press release, they say the IDx Freeflow can be equipped with a 1.2- or 1.5-liter engine with a CVT. This is just one of many configurations. The idea was that this platform will spawn multiple derivations, according to CEO Carlos Ghosn.

On stage, it appeared about the same size as the neo-hachiroku Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ twins, and if produced it will go head-to-head against them in the marketplace.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 06Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 08

Speaking of other configurations, Nissan then further surprised the audience with a race version, complete with livery paying homage to the BRE racers of the 1970s. Though he didn’t appear on stage, Peter Brock was the special guest that we weren’t at liberty to discuss earlier. Update: specs release say that it can be equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo with a six-speed manual.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 07Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 05

The IDx NISMO’s front valance even has dual scoops evoking the BRE spook. Fender flares with bolt-holes and twin stripes complete the look. Even the mirrors look like classic 510 racing mirrors. The 80 racing number references Nissan’s 80th anniversary.

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 10

What do JNC readers think? Let us know in the comments below.

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223 Responses to NEWS: Nissan’s IDx Freeflow is the Datsun 510 reborn

  1. Victor says:

    If they make a new 510 I will be in line to buy.

  2. Dave says:

    I just saw this on their press site. Nice coverage. The live photos definitely do this more justice than the press photos. I was so sure they’d revive the Silvia, this really took me by surprise!! They look really cool, although the designs are obviously very concept-y. The inline-4 FR layout is sweet, and I’d be interested to hear what platform this’d be developed out of (I assume it won’t be a dedicated one). They look super cool as concept cars (I especially love those 4-spoke rims). I do worry that they look too retro. If they decided to put this into production (and I seriously hope they do!), hopefully the design will be more original and modern. …or is this Nissan’s attempt to get a slice of the Mustang/Challenger/Mini pie?

    • Steve says:

      I was also excited at the prospect of getting an S16, but I suppose this is just as good considering its a proper 2 door RWD car (thats not going to cost an arm and a leg, OR be a mustang) My only concern is that the car will get the standard DOT safety feature face lift and end up fatter and smoother than the concept car.

  3. Louis says:

    Would have been nice if they incorporated the Hakosuka surf line above the rear arches. But i’m digging the Nismo version. The beige one much less so.

  4. pete240z says:

    I called it a few days ago……eh

  5. Dave says:

    I also like the center-exit exhaust on the yellow car. The more I look, the more I like, especially the details. The press release says something about a proposed 1.6L direct injection turbo for the race one. This is definitely the best Nissan concept car in recent years!

  6. Scott says:

    Are you kidding? This is gorgeous!

  7. Ben. E says:

    Although I am a huge Toyota fan, it greatly pleases me to see a 510 somehow reborn. To be produced? Another question. I was very happy when the 86/FR-S/BRZ was released, it made me feel as if there was still a place for the old Corolla and Celica RWD models after all. If this vehicle in particular is revived, at least in memory, I think it marks a great turning point in the Japanese auto industry. Long-live RWD !!!!!!!!!!!! (I own a RA64 Celica, so I am perhaps biased just a bit)

  8. David says:

    I can’t figure out what it is, but I don’t like it (looks wise) for some reason. The car as an idea, I love. The car’s proportions look odd, and my 510 I htought had perfect proportions. I would have to reserve my opinion of ra real street version anyways!

    • Randy says:

      The black A-pillars, the black panel on the C-pillar, and maybe the mirrors’ placement, perhaps? So get a dark color! 🙂 Though I wonder how the dark grey trim would look on a black one…

  9. Dennis says:

    Not a FRS/BRZ contender IMHO. How many seats?

  10. RolandGTV85 says:

    Looks Sweet, However the front end will likely change…..really doesn’t look pedestrian friendly what so ever….

  11. Drive510 says:

    Any insight if there will be a 4 door due out?

  12. Randy says:

    Based on what I see here –



    The yellow version could be the “regular” version, with the “race” version being the performance model. It looks like the appearance difference is just in bolt-on parts, so that’d be a minimal expense.

    Later, bring out the four-door and wagon to round out the line, appealing to the widest range of buyers. At the risk of getting flamed, how about a narrower/taller tire on a smaller wheel for the starting point econo-version?

    Some people don’t really want the sports car; they just want a sport*Y* car at a good price. Think original Mustang; it could be a grocery-getter, a weekend track car, or pretty much anything in between. May the option list be heavy!

    If the base model performs as well as a new Corolla, and the performance version runs with the BRZ, that’d be a wide range of appeal.

    Any pix of the interior?

  13. PETE says:

    they got it right in 1968 !!! what they need to do is re release the 510sss coupe same body ! but with modern drive line suspension , with vq35 ,6speed sequential noW that would be something to be proud of !!! NISSAN ARE YOU HEARING ME !!!

  14. Steve says:

    I am… underwhelmed.

    I don’t like how the rear quarterpanels extend halfway up the C-pillar. It makes it look more like a B210 coupe than a 510. Nor do I like the upswept rocker cover/panels.

    It’s kind of more of the same; I can’t think of any Nissan that I like ever since Renault took over. Perhaps too much French influence on styling?

    • Richie says:

      To be honest I completely agree that the c-pillar looks like a B210. Would be a little nicer if they moved it down some and made the back windows more 510-ish. Is that a little too much change to make it too much? Of course it I just a concept so they are probably checking everyone’s feedback.

  15. Richie says:

    I was kinda skeptical at first but after staring and some imagining on how a production model will be toned down. I’m in. I would gladly park a new RWD Nissan next to my Datsuns.
    If Nissan goes through with it they have a handful of money from my wallet.

  16. bert says:

    After reading all the comments with the vast majority screaming BUILD! and the one politely “underwhelmed” gentleman, it gives me great pride to be the first to do this……………..IT’S FRICKEN FUGLY!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!? DID THE DESIGNERS COME FROM WASHINGTON? YOU KNOW WE HAVE THOSE LAX MARIJUANA LAWS!! And I waited with trembling anticipation for this? I am…………………….underwhelmed.

    • bert says:

      Ok…….the wheels are pretty cool. But, “This doesn’t mean that I like you!”

      • Randy says:

        That’s the beauty of it; it doesn’t look like EVERY OTHER CAR ON THE ROAD.

        Ford Fiesta, Chevy Sonic (maybe; I didn’t bother to check), Hyundai Accent, Mitsu Mirage, et al, ALL have those diagonal creases in the sides. I find I’m already getting tired of those. Tired of the headlights pulled up to the windshield like taffy, too.

        Lexus, and now Infiniti are using the ’61 Plymouth grille design. First one gets to do that; second one is a copy, and I hope everybody else doesn’t start doing the SAME design.

        This one has conservative lines – it doesn’t look like it’s promising something it can’t deliver. For a hotrodder, it’d be a great sleeper.

        If it has a human-sized back seat, you can get in and out without hitting your head on the door opening (2013 Sentra!), and isn’t priced someplace stupid, it should sell. The only thing that works against it in the general marketplace – in the snowbelt, anyway – is the RWD, which is what enthusiasts want. Eh; throw a bag of rock salt in the trunk.

        Looking at it, I don’t see B-pillars! Maybe an ACTUAL 2-door hardtop? Finally?! After decades? I’m hopin’!

        • bert says:

          I’m all for a car that doesn’t look like the rest of em! But for Pete’s (Catch the pun?) sake, don’t make it FUGLY!

          • Randy says:

            Okay, so what would you change? I’m not talking about wheels, or color choices (want ’em all), or the mechanicals. They’re going to put in the engine/trans choices they want to.

            Here’s what I’d do:

            1. Lose the black panel on the C-pillars, and maybe on the A-pillars, as well.

            2. MAYBE lose that kick-up on the bottom portion of the 1/4 window.

            3. Make the bumpers more pronounced/bigger/more “bumpery.”

            4. Move the mirrors to the doors. (I’m sure others would put them further forward on the fenders.)

            So let’s kick some ideas around, maybe somebody from Dat – er – Nissan is reading here…

          • bert says:

            The proportions are wrong. Too chunky. The rear is ok, but then from the C pillar forward, everything is, well, blown out of proportion! The sides remind me of the new Camaro, which I have been in many times. With the chunky C pillar, and very high waistline, visibility sucks. There is no point in even turning your head during a lane change, cause all your going to see is seatbelt. Makes the car almost unusable. If Nissan builds this thing like this, they will have the same results. A car need to look good sure, but it should also be fun to drive! As for the front, keep or lose the slant above the headlights, but the rest of it needs to be redone, mainly losing the giant gray bumper! It is too thick, drawing the eyes too it, and making the car appear skinier than it might actually be, adding to that chunky look. If it was smaller, that might help the whole thing quite a bit. The whole thing needs to open up around the greenhouse. Overall the car just looks………stumpy. And that’s not good.

    • Sham Malaysia says:

      Thanks for spitting it out. ugly it is. Some angles may hide it but not good enuf. 510 is timeless and the replacement need to capture that. SSS essence must be there.
      Rear lights are hedious!
      I give credit for thinking and the effort made to bring back the 510. Poor effort. Any chevy designer can do this. Common Nissan!

      Would love to see it with a larger four pot NA engine that is well balanced. May be a 2.5 or larger pulling >240hp

      I am still hoping that there’ll be less ‘French’ in the production car. Way too much on this one. This is surely not going to be a DS3 lookalike model.

      Long live 510SSS !!!

  17. Not sure why you expected Peter Brock on stage, he died a few years back…

    Car is awesome! At first you’re a bit shocked, then you look closer and see all the styling cues and it becomes AMAZING

  18. Eugeny says:

    Looks a bit like 70’s Celica imo, which is also cool.
    I wonder how much of that sweet geometry will make it into production.

  19. If the car had 4 inches chopped out of the middle and the halves mated, it would be much better. It looks like a f***ing box van with the squattiness! If you were going to desecrate a legend, you couldn’t do much worse. The entire front end looks taller than my D21 for Pete’s sake! So does the ass end! If the car were 6 inches wider, the proportions would be correct, and it might look like a shorter Challenger or something.

    As it is now, it looks like ass! We all know the BRZ/FRS was the 240sx that never came, and now Nissan is offering this to compete with it? Seriously? Where is Teruo Uchino when you need him? I swear by all that’s holy, if Nissan keeps missing the mark, I’m going to start buying domestic! What was Nissan in the beginning? That’s right, the SMALL car company, not the 5 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag company. The 510, the 620, the 720, even the D21 hardbody had pleasing features and nice lines. Since then it’s been the apocalypse.

    Did I mention the new Titan with an awesome motor that’s due to come out? And what do they do there? They make the front end larger than a Chevy Silverado, with a 2 foot front overhang that will surely catch on every available rock in the ORV park, and looks hideously ugly to boot. It seems the “build up” philosophy has found it’s way into this new IDX whatever, as in, let’s not make it streamlined, lets just stack crap on top of crap with a big 6 inches of void to put a plastic panel in that serves no purpose. While we’re at it, let’s get that good crash rating and we’ll stick a nose on it half the length of the vehicle. In fact, let’s stick the front wheels about mid-vehicle, and leave nothing but nose ahead, and fill it with nerf foam. THERE’S A GOOD IDEA!!!

    Seriously, Nissan needs to revisit the drawing table before they go green light with this box van with an angled roof. It is not attractive, it is not a 510, it is not something that will last or be desirable in the future in it’s current state. The BRZ/FRS is, take a cue from that. It actually looks pretty decent, and the proportions work well with the car. This IDX is no where near that level. Fix it. Please, for the love of God fix it or I’m selling my 510, my hardbodies, and buying a Mustang.

  20. Brad Insley says:

    I own a 1971 Datsun 510 so if these come into production I will DEFINITELY be buying one!!

  21. nagai says:

    I love it! The designers did a great job capturing the essence and spirit of the 510. I’ll be buying the racer version.

  22. Lokout Drift Racing says:

    YES, DO IT Nissan! Really seriously, would be the only modern car I would actually consider buying

  23. Lokout Drift Racing says:

    Altho I’m not totally certain about some of the modern styling (I think Nissan have made a lot of REALLY ugly stuff recently) I love the idea of bringing back the 510

  24. PockMai says:

    I love the Nismo version. Hope the trunk is big enough for a weekend trip to Vegas! 2.0 instead of 1.6L and it’s a winner in my book.

  25. Chris says:

    I’ve never been a Nissan fanboy or even the type of person to drool over concepts, but I LOVE THIS CAR! Sure, I could pick apart a few things, but its nothing that couldn’t be stylized and honed after a few refreshes or aftermarket add-ons. The size, the angles, and the stance is all perfect. I’d love to see the race version in action on the track…assuming of course those side exit exhaust ports are real!

  26. Gary Martin says:

    “Nissan then further surprised the audience with a race version, complete with livery paying homage to the BRE racers of the 1970s. Though he didn’t appear on stage, Peter Brock was the special guest that we weren’t at liberty to discuss earlier.”

    UMMM he died in a car accident a few years ago so it would be hard for him to appear

    • Carl Beck says:

      “Peter Perfect” aka Peter Brock in Australia died a few years ago. Peter Brock in America, of BRE Fame is very much alive and doing quite well.

  27. Mycah says:

    To me this screams Neo Retro CPS311, The OG Silvia.

  28. tennhogfan says:

    Look, dumbasses. Stop expecting to see a remanufactured version of your beloved ol’ Datsun. There are no round sealed beams and chrome trim anymore. Car makers have to evolve (not necessarily improve).
    What is guaranteed are modern materials and hopefully noticeable design throwbacks that compliment what we love from the old design and shout out to diehard enthusiasts. #dealwithit

  29. Jim-Bob says:

    While I like the idea of them revisiting the PL510 for the fourth time, I really don’t much care for how this one was styled. It’s too oragami, in a way that makes 80’s J tin look rounded. It needs more roundness to it to be a 510. Not too much, mind you, but somewhere between the B13 and PL510 would be good. I also don’t like the roof. The exaggerated Hoffmeister kink in the C pillar makes it look more like a Camaro than a Datsun. The thing that made the PL 510 such an icon (besides the technical details) is that it had nice, clean lines. This is a bit of a mess and draws too much from the mid 70’s Datsuns that replaced the cleaner 1200 and PL510 cars.

  30. Parrot says:


  31. Vidal says:

    The car looks very retro, it will definitely maintain the Datsun image alive.I think the fact, the man showcasing it looks like Mr. Bean ads that retro sense. Lol

  32. Thorpy says:

    It better have a SR20DET or a RB of some kind, Either way the 510 is a great Japanese car

  33. Kylezone says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! this had me worried for a bit, i dont generally like re-makes like the commaro/challenger/beetle… etc. but this doesn’t look like its trying to be an old car with the lines re-worked, it looks like it really captures the spirit of the 510, a small, nimble, economical, but sporting sedan.

    tho…. does anyone else think this would make more sense style-wise as a new Celica?…

    either way its freaking gorgeous!!

  34. Ben says:

    Gents, Peter Brock the Australian driver is dead. The Peter Brock who founded the BRE race team is alive and well and living in Las Vegas! 🙂

  35. 510 fan says:

    I bought my first 510 in 1973, getting one of the last ones built before they discontinued the PL series. Now we’re retired empty nesters with a spare garage space, waiting for something like this. Count me in.

  36. Shantanu Jog says:

    How about Hot Wheels scale versions of these two? 🙂

  37. The competition version’s front end looks alright. The “standard” front end looks like a new born baby with a belly band to support his or her freshly cut umbilical cord. Does it have a silver coin to prevent infection?

  38. andrewzuku says:

    My first reaction was that it looks like a papercraft model.

    I love the idea though. Especially the 4 headlights and faux chin-spoiler.

    The rear quarter panel half way up the black C-pillar has to go though.

    I’m glad Nissan are thinking about something affordable that isn’t boring.

  39. RainMeister says:

    The C pillar and boxy trunk reminds me of the Fiat 131 coupe, but I like it. Call it retro, but it’s sharp and edgy profile makes it stand out in a sea of look alike cars today. Style-wise, I think it leaves the FR-S/BRZ in the dust. If I don’t buy a Cayman first, I may just fall for this car and keep the change, assuming it handles on par with the FR-S, and they add lots and lots of lightness; <2,500 lbs.

  40. James says:

    Why is no-one yet to comment on the fabulous modern Tom’s Igeta kyusha inspired rims.

    They are fantastic. I would love to see them photoshopped onto a toyota 86.

    otherwise, i think the cars are great. They are different to anything we have seen in modern years, and represent a great step forward in Automotive styling

  41. Jason Marah says:

    Some of the lines look more like a 120a.

  42. Andy says:

    Peter Brock is long dead.

  43. Nick says:


    but yeah the race version blows the yellow out of the water. saying that both are needed. to reach the market correctly

  44. Lukas says:

    If they are going to built it, I will buy it!

  45. byron says:

    there is so much emotion im actually shivering going through me at the moment the datsun gods have answered our prays reminds of datsun

  46. I have owned 510s for over 30 years, and have one in my garage right now. Finally Nissan shows interest in capitalizing on the 510’s storied race heritage with a small modest RWD repro. Trust me when I say I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY!

    It’s important to remember, these concept cars are just that, concepts. Who knows if they’ll go into production, and if so, what they’ll actually look like. It’s obvious Nissan is drawing on the 510 and Bluebird Coupe in designing these concepts; with the basic box body shape (though distorted all to hell), the vents on the rear C pillar, the dual headlights and horizontal line grill on the cream car, and the BRE stripes and hood mirrors on the other. The hap hazard mashup of these iconic Dime/Coupe visual cues plays off like cheep design gimmicks though without the sonic line to hold it together. That simple line is the distinctive soul of the classic 510 and Bluebird Coupe’s design, without it, these cars look oafish and clumsy. Seriously dropped the ball with that detail IMO. Adding a subtle crease through the length of the car would also break up the body and make it appear sleeker.

  47. byron says:

    there is so much emotion im actually shivering going through me at the moment the datsun gods have answered our prays every aspect of the design reminds me of datsun 510

  48. In the video they said “this car was made for people who don’t care about cars” but they wanted gamers to have there opinion in it…seriously this is not a 510 people quit lying to yourselves those days are over just look at what happened to the maxima and the rest of the cars and trucks they turned into a bunch of turds and still are!

  49. I’m still buying my Toyota 86 – but gotta say alleluia that Nissan are take it up to Toyota.

    Finally some inspirational new cars that will be worthy of keeping into the future as classics.

    Can’t wait to see these babies on he track and running on the dirt.

  50. me says:

    OMG,when will these retro lookalikes end.Im a great fan of the originals(sometimes the originals are the best and cant be improved upon) but these look like a 5 year old kid designed them all thats needed is some machine guns and a custard tart throwing contraption even looks like a squashed modern camaro.

  51. Murray Thomas says:

    The p510 was so advanced and so cheap as to be an icon in Aussie !!! Ohc engine , independant rear suspension , sexy looks , rally proven everywhere , the only car anywhere close was the current BMW at a premium price !!!!! they are still mighty collectable . I had ( With my son ) three or four 1600s in our family . The best and most reliable little rocket money could buy ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. DylanVR says:

    I hope that is just the concept look and they don’t actually produce it looking like that, 510 is a highly sought after classical car, in my opinion anyway, atleast make it look classic and not like it belongs in Futurama. Would be incredible if the 510 returns I’d be one of the first inline to buy, I hope they do an SS version aswell.

  53. Loquendo says:

    It’s too concept-y, it needs to be refined and toned down. The trunk looks goofy, I’m not much of a Nissan nut, but what i’ve always liked about them are their long trunks (Harosuka Skyline, S13, 510, the original silvia) and this 510 doesn’t have it. I have hopes for it all the same…it’s a very good idea in light of all the retro stuff in the last 15 years.

  54. Zak Strohl says:

    I had the honor of meeting Peter Brock a month ago while vacationing in Vegas got a pic with him and a bre shirt signed by him! Very nice guy too meet

  55. Kada says:

    l love everything BUT the hideous Scion Tc-esque c-pillar!! Please make it minus the C-pillar nissan.

  56. ylee says:

    After a second look…im starting to like it. NOT BAD!!! Haha. I am definitely in the market for one!

    The only thing im not really loving it the quarter window -_-
    Wishing it was flat insted of angled up like that.

  57. acbpanda says:

    The comments exploded. I enjoy it, but we need to see the old one beside the new one.

  58. benz karim says:

    i m completly in love with the retro design this how a nissan should look like, if they put it on production i ll defenetly buy it over any car

  59. RP Wngle says:

    A Datsun 510 “Re-mix” ………………… gotta have one!

  60. dankan says:

    To quote the internet meme:

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it’s a bit of a mash-up of old and new styling cues, and it’s not perfect, but I like it a lot, I want it in red, and if I can get it for the same price or less than the Toyota, I might be able to get it ok’d by the wife, since the proportions look like the back seat will be better than the Toyobaru’s…

  61. Nigel says:

    Let’s hope, if Nissan makes this one. We won’t have a five or six year wait.

  62. John Madden says:

    Uh, according to the press release, the IDx Freeflow uses a 1.2L to 1.5L engine mated to a CVT. The IDx Nismo uses a 1.6L turbo engine (like the one from the Juke), also mated to a CVT.

  63. adil yellow 510 says:



  64. Bert Vorgon says:

    I actually have a 1973 510, and this thing far from captures the flavour of the time. It looks like a Celica crashed into an FRS. The front end looks like the guys from the Gm Camaro project worked on it.
    If Nissan really wants to capture the essence of the glory days of the 510, what is wrong with a more boxy shape…ala the NEO-510?!
    It seems like the new generation of buyer really has lost the styling cues of the time, and love all this stuff with the weird lines.

  65. Front doesn’t look bad! Rear… well, that’s another story. But it’s only a concept. Anyway, interesting idea!

  66. dickie says:


    … was my immediate reaction. then i realized that this thing will only compete with its intended competitors the way that the XBone competes with the PS4: it doesn’t. fitting that they both have their share of devoted fanboys content to not only make due with the utter shit they’re presented with, but to extoll it’s infinite virtue and attack valid critique as heresy.

    i’m certain the guys at Toyota are toasting each other now that they don’t have to worry about anyone endangering their stranglehold on the segment the FR-S/BRZ occupies. which is a bad thing, because without a valid alternative in the consumer’s mind, there’s no impetus to improve and we will see the eventual blandification of the ZN/ZC platform.


    – ugly as sin
    – planned only to include CVT
    – 150hp

    they had every opportunity to one-up Toyota. they had years, abundant free marketing research in the form of internet commentary, a strong heritage to play off of… and Ghosn didn’t just drop the ball. he spiked it hard in the face of every potential buyer. the difference between those who will rightfully turn their back on the manufacturer and those who will smile with broken teeth through the blood and sputter “please sir, may i have another?” seems to be pretty evident from the comments here.

    • dankan says:

      I guess you didn’t notice the IDx NISMO that was right next to it on the stand…

    • Power Tryp says:

      This is a concept, as such conceptual ideas are thrown around. There is currently NO PLANS FOR PRODUCTION at this point. The press release happened to gauge interest in the project and they will adjust the production version based on market influence.

      Nothing is set in stone at this point so please don’t act like it is.

      • dickie says:

        Look at the 86 concepts and how close they are to the ultimate production model. If Nissan follows through with even 10% of what’s been promised here, you’re looking at Cube 2: Electric Boogaloo.

        • Power Tryp says:

          Yup they sure hit close to the mark with the initial concept. Wait, no they didn’t.

          • BLCFR says:

            That was the neo-Supra concept. the FT86 concept took some styling cues from that earlier one but was for the most part a new design.

          • dickie says:

            “…Nissan claims that the production car would see a downsized engine but that the CVT would remain.”

            and guaran-damn-teed that your comparison is apples to lugnuts. but i’m content to play the wait and see game. i’m no proponent of the ZN/ZC other than grudgingly admitting that it fulfilled (most) of it’s promises… but when it comes to Nissan delivering a light, simple, RWD car with a tractable engine and manual transmission i won’t be holding my breath. and i won’t be wasting it to say ‘i told you so…’ either.

    • BLCFR says:

      If they dropped the c-pillar and put normal bumpers on it I think its pretty spot on. Personally I think its also a little frumpy, could use a lap band or a tummy tuck to remove some of the midsection and lower the overall roof height. Then again it could just be perspective if those are massive concept wheels.

  67. Power Tryp says:

    Ok Nissan, you have my attention. Much like the Toyota fanboys swooning over the GT86 concept, as an unabashed Nissan (Datsun) lover I feel my DNA forcing me to want this but I’m rational enough to wish for a more production version.

    God I want this.

  68. alan van bergen says:

    This is about time .The P510 was a hot favourite in South Africa in the motor sport enviroment.The car was also a hot favourite in rallying.My son owns a P510sss and a 1600 P510 Coupe

  69. Daniel says:

    So ugly… wheres the new Z35!!/

  70. Bob says:

    I just photoshopped the rear pillar in the body colour and dropped the ride height down and it looks 100 times better. Please make this Nissan.

  71. j3wman says:

    If that is $25000 or less this will replace the 88-00 Civic as my favorite car!

  72. cesariojpn says:

    This isn’t gonna get past the concept stage unless they rework the body. The nose is too short, they need to lose a few angles, and rework the marker lights.

    • Power Tryp says:

      As much as I love it, you bet your ass it’s gunna get reworked. This thing would be an NCAP nightmare if they wanted to sell it in Europe or southern Asia. More standardized lighting would be on the menu for sure and I don’t doubt that it would get smoothed out.

  73. xs10shl says:

    To my eye, the rear 3/4 view reminds me more of an early Celica than a 510.

  74. Brandon says:

    I think they’re on the right track. Keep some of the visual cues of the 510, Hako, etc. but make it a new car. These are obviously too extreme to put into production, but most concepts are. Keep working on it Nissan, we want a new 510, we just don’t want you to fuck it up.

  75. John says:

    …well that was an anticlimax

    Both versions look terrible, they look like something out of Battle Star Galactica that’s been hit with Nissan’s big ugly stick 😆

    You people need to take off your beer googles 😆

  76. Micah says:

    Another long time 510 owner here. If Andy Palmer (Nissan Executive VP) says the the FR-S BRZ twins are for buyers having a “midlife crisis” and then they come out with this, what is Nissan saying with this not nearly as sporty concept?

  77. John M says:

    Behold the Nissan B210 Daruma Camaro. After the initial affront to my aesthetic sensibilities, I decided to walk around the block 46 times to see if I could decipher any possible styling cues from the 510 – still at a loss. Okay, it’s a concept, but why not draw on some of the lines and proportions (C pillar – trunk) that made the classics so appealing. How does the simple front end of the 510 turn into a Nismo panting bulldog named Camaro?

    I remain optimistic about the new Z, but this certainly hasn’t bolstered my confidence.

  78. aaron says:

    Not at all what I was expecting. Its hideous! Should have made a new silvia that could compete with the frs. The silvia following is huge and everyone in it would be all over a s16!

  79. josh says:

    Its growing on me. it does look a lot like a USDM 2-door sedan b210 without the park bench bumpers. (got a 76, reminds me of it) i can tell they took after the 510 by the grille, headlights, and hood line, maybe the high mounted flat tail lights, but from the side it says b210 all the way.

  80. IMO says:

    I saw the video of it this morning, and at first I hated it. I still hate a few things about it (mainly jean seats WTF….), but it is a concept, and after a day of thinking about it and looking at it again I think I can live with the concept and hope the good people at Nissan do whats right for this neat looking little car.

    On the base the grey on the front and rear comes up to high, and the roof and hood need to match the rest of the car. If that happens and I can get the bee seats in the base car with a 5 speed sign me up P: … maybe not the roof, its growing on me too a bit, but definitely the hood.

    Also Mrs. IMO says it looks like a dodge from the front. I lold and cried a bit in sadness at the truth of that <<…

  81. Tony says:

    Now that hot rodders have received their Prowlers SSR’s and T birds and boomers have their retro Camaro Challengers and PoopStangs… Gen x finally gets the retro we have been looking for! Nissan has done a great job blending retro and futuristic but I would like the lights from the yellow one on the Race version… Ultimately I would buy the race version ifif was done rite. That means POWER!! the 240hp that is in the Sentra Nismo is what needs to be in this sucker and it needs to be tunable to 300hp without touching internals also price is a BIG thing… Lets be honest we may not all dig muscle cars herebut they sure are fun because of the power they have.

    I understand imports are not just about power but it is time that we get a bump from the turbo 4’s factory numbers… I dont know about you guys but I remember when one could hang with a stock Mustang GT if one had done some smart bolt ons and could drive now its like the Mustang v6 is the mark… It could just be meBut I think we need more POWER! Honda has the right idea with the 280hp Type R that is about spot on for were these things should be now that Muscle got better! Anyone agree or am I nuckin futs?


  82. DesignerD says:

    It’s fantastic to hear everyone’s thoughts and passionate pleas (negative and positive) about this project. It was damn hard not to do the obvious all-out retro retake and obviously doing something random and calling it 510 would be suicide!

    To put in into some form of context, you’re seeing an ideal situation of the two extremes, cars that would hit both sides of the argument…. In terns of taste and style only. Sure, in general it’s channeling not only the late 60s but also the early 70s and we didn’t specifically want just 510 hints (so there’s flashes of 610, skylines, etc) but also a bit of muscle… If it had been too clean, I’m sure we’d have caught flak for not being strong enough. To get that amount of muscle on the Freeflow and still sit those wicked 18s and seat 4 people comfortably is hard to do these days!

    Styling wise, we explored a lot of what people have been saying. Hopefully you will see that one day soon. For example, a clean through c-pillar was looked at but we have some “brand icons” that for modern Nissans we want to keep. Maybe a 4 door would need it.

    As for the general shape, we really wanted a small 3 box volume … That in itself is very indicative of the period, and for some that would be enough. But obviously it’s a car which also needs details to complete the story and both Freeflow and Nismo show these off to specific tastes. The inspiration came mainly from minimalist architecture (google the Metabolist architects from the 60s… The same period as when the 510 was made) which really helped to plant the feeling of the car. The beige doesn’t show off just how well worked and subtle the surfaces are (whereas the Nismo sits perfectly with the stripes describing the unique body side) so perhaps another colour would help… All suggestions welcome! With the architecture came a healthy dose of strong automotive sculpture and modern graphic understanding. I could go on and on about how balanced the car is and anyone who knows about the golden ratio will see how cleaver the team has been not to over volume or over proportion any major element next to another.

    I really want to see it signed off, and with your help we can make it happen. And I’m glad you like the wheels too. It wouldn’t be right to ignore where it came from.

    Thank you to all of you for your comments above… We’re keen readers of this blog and many others, so we’ve been taking notes on what you all want. So keep up the passion and thoughts and I hope you like our passion and products

    Best regards,


    • Dutch 1960 says:

      D, it strikes me that the hard points of the car look like they were taken directly from the original 510, and then the surfaces and relationships were worked from there. I understand a similar method was used, taking the hard points of a Ferrari 250 GTO for the first Z car.

      The original 510 had a certain proportion and ratio of vertical to horizontal to width, and that geometric relationship looks well captured here, despite the larger rubber and wheel wells. Any insights on this speculation that you would be willing to share?

      • DesignerD says:

        Hi Dutch.. I’d say yes! When we worked through this proportion, we had a great team that worked hard to capture the soul of the volume. If it had been too exaggerated, we would have had a characature that wouldn’t be taken seriously. But we still enhanced the flavour with things like the rakish front end, the cut domed glass house and the kicked up tail. A good designer will also know how to hide volumes and form to better the design overall. With this design for example, the precise relationship of belt line (where the glass meets the body side) body side depth and lower rocker together with the volumes of the wheel arches make the car feel lighter and balanced even with the bigger wheel package.

        When working on a design, a silhouette or even core lines are one of the most important aspects to describe a car, or envoke a feeling or brand.

        I hope that helps! Best regards,


        • Dutch 1960 says:

          It is clever how the front of the side belt line is kicked up slightly, to keep the front wheel well proportion to the fender in keeping with the original. It also allows you to lower the greenhouse height without losing the “510” feel. It looks like the c-pillar treatment serves to keep the front of the car from looking chunky relative to the rear, and the raked rocker panel makes the entire car less chunky, given that the belt line has been kicked a bit higher. The shape of the door seams is intriguing, the lower front door edge seam and the front fender detail work reference the BRE stripes, IMO. I am impressed with how well the design team could so strongly reference the original, without being literal in its interpretation. Well done!

        • pstar says:

          Where did your team come up with the assumption that big wheels are so essential that it is better to warp and molest the body to creating an optical illusion (unsuccessfully, if the comments here are anything to go by), rather than, I don’t know, using a smaller wheel package in the first place?

          Big wheels ain’t all that D. This isn’t 2002, and especially for the would-be fans of this car (like the commentariat here), big wheels are not a very strong selling point. Try smaller wheels with neutral offset instead, and watch your ratings rise…

          We don’t like giant wheels with +40 offset!

          • DesignerD says:

            Hi pstar, I’d agree with you ( I used to own classic Mini Coopers and 12″ minilites are the only way) but in this case, we have a modern chassis and modern hard points to hit. The proportions would have been all wrong. We tried to give a nod to that direction by downsizing from the original planned wheel and making sure the it didn’t look over wheeled despite the cowl point. It is a modern car and like all modern cars destined for global release, sizes have grown… But we can still look to scaling it down a little

    • Tony says:

      Wow I can’t believe an actual guy from Nissan is on here and talking with the people!! Great Job D… I only speak for me but I think you guys really have something great here. But again power and price 30k is real money and not too long ago would buy V8 muscle the goal that the street racers in my area would strive for… Is this car able to come to market with 240hp below 30k? or better yet can Nissan/ Nismo get to the magic 300hp number at 30k? for better than the price of a stripped mustang GT? I personally think that pending price people will cross shop, I love J-Tin and USDM cars but Detroit 3 still have the power that puts a smile on my face and frankly I would like some more power from the import world for the price of these things… 40k evo WTF!!

      Example I own a 2010 Challenger SRT8 that I got for 35k new as a left over… its not the same driving experience as this “510” could be but I guess I just feel as a consumer that the smaller vehicle should be considerably less money… Perception I guess but the driving experience needs to be so great that one could justify the extra cost. One last thing since Nissan is actually willing to listen take a look at the report recently released by ford on the focus st talking about 115k household income being the home that the st is finding… What ever happened to cost effective?? A focus ST or any BRZ type vehicle was a sports car a young driver could afford I like the pull straps on the doors etc I see in the race version is it possible for an inexpensive limited content version or to just look at how to make these with the cornering ability and some snap less money? I would love one of these in addition to my SRT Chally SRT NEON and Conquest I dont want to sell one of these because of a 30k + price tag… OK RANT OVER LOL

      • DesignerD says:

        Hi Tony, you’re welcome! I’m not sure about specifics of what a production car could have, but a cheaper price with awesome dynamics would certainly help to take the fight to Toyota and make the modern Mini look silly! We won’t however need 300 physical horses if our weight is nice and low 🙂

    • pstar says:

      For example, a clean through c-pillar was looked at but we have some “brand icons” that for modern Nissans we want to keep. Maybe a 4 door would need it.

      You know what was great about the pinnacle of car design in the 60s and early 70s? Almost nobody gave a crap about corporate fascias or “brand icons”. They designed a car without worrying how they could hammer it into sharing elements with its stablemates. Jaguar XJ6 and Etype. There isn’t a single design element they share. Beautiful classics. Datsun 240Z and 510. Ditto. Celica and Corolla.

      I guess designers back then were really a different breed. They had to use standardized size and shape headlights, didn’t have the aid of computer power, and didn’t use crutches like corporate grilles and c-pillars (except BMW, on both count), and they could still manage to come up with innovative, attractive, and distinctive cars that are iconic to the point that every other manufacturer is puking out retro abominations in homage to. Hmm.

      • Steve says:

        Well put. To me, the pinnacle of Nissan styling was in the 1990s. The R33/34, S15, and Z32say “Nissan” to me and none of them shared any coporate identity.

        With all due respect to “D”, all this blather about “…it’s a car which also needs details to complete the story…”, “….The inspiration came mainly from minimalist architecture (google the Metabolist architects from the 60s… …”, “how well worked and subtle the surfaces are”. “….With the architecture came a healthy dose of strong automotive sculpture and modern graphic understanding….”, and ….”I could go on and on about how balanced the car is and anyone who knows about the golden ratio will see how cleaver the team has been not to over volume or over proportion any major element next to another….”, doesn’t really give me the warm and fuzzies that a production version would be that much better looking.

        I would have preferred “D” or whoever the head stylist is, to have just said, “I liked how it looked.”

        • DesignerD says:

          Ha! Fair enough, I do like the way it looks!! I’d quite like the Nismo front and rear on the Freeflow body… One of my first sketches had that… But thanks for pointing out not everyone needs the design insights lecture. Point taken my friend!

    • 510 fan says:

      D, I like this design more and more, though I’m still mulling over the c-pillar in its present form. In bringing this car to production, my preferences would be to make the interior quieter than the original but don’t put in too much sound insulation; keep the size of the tires reasonable (not too wide), recreate the L16’s high torque characteristics at low to mid rpms; limit the manual tranny to no more than 5 speeds (with a long second gear), keep the weight under 2300 pounds, and most importantly include the transverse leaf spring in the independant rear suspension for that extra bit of compliance in the corners. I know this will design has a ways to go, but so far so good. I think you guys nailed the stance and the front proportions nicely. I’m a retired guy who will be in line with the young folks at the Nissan dealer when this is released.

    • Brandon says:

      I emailed Nissan USA about it and got a response that was basically, “we’re not taking suggestions, we don’t care about your opinion.” Corporate probably shouldn’t be shunning feedback right after they asked for public reactions…

      Gripes aside, I hope you guys manage to get a greenlight on this and to make it a fun car. Definitely take notice of what happened with the BRZ/FT-86 and Miata. They’re not the best performing cars on paper, but they’re fun to drive and that’s something that is sorely lacking in most new cars.

      • DesignerD says:

        Hi Brandon, I’m ever so sorry about that, perhaps you caught them unaware as we kept the cars really really quite, even within the company so as not to ruin the surprise. The whole reason for this car is to bring back driving enjoyment, even at low speed, so it’s noted that if this isn’t part of the car’s existence, there’s no point doing it.

        I mentioned before but if you all here feel strongly enough and really want this car, tell us at Nissan and we will do everything to try to make it happen. As a company we love to take a few risks and carve out new or top positions on our products and in design especially were led the best man in the business, Shiro Nakamura.

        I hope that helps, and thank you so much for being passionate enough to actually get in touch with Nissan!

        Best regards, D

        • Brandon says:

          As I said, if you guys make it about driving enjoyment, I’ll be camping out my local dealership waiting to reserve one =). This is one of two cars in the last 15 years that actually gets me excited.

          So I guess I’ll bite the bullet and give a bit of critique from one artist to another:
          I’m going to have to disagree with the C-pillar as many people have already. The car is so angular and strong that having a weak upper half, especially in the context of it being the area of the car that protects the passengers, doesn’t work for me. I did a quick and dirty photoshop to make the A and C pillars and the roof solid and it just seems to fit much better, at least on the Nismo. Sporty needs to be strong and solid, especially in the primitive male mind where their’s always a little voice saying, “you know, I might roll this thing over one day.”

          The freeflow on the other hand could work with the broken C pillar, but it then becomes too angular over the rest of the car. I often get the “your car is sooooo cute” comment from women (I have a ’72 510). The freeflow seems like it wants to go more in that direction, but it’s too threatening, too aggressive. The original 510 was very boxy, but it also had enough subtle softness to appear friendly. The round headlights are important, but the body around the headlights was ever so slightly rounded as well. If you can find just the right balance with this, like on the original 510, you’ll be able to appeal to a larger audience and I’m sure you know as well as any that the execs want both an artistic and economic justification for every decision you make.

          The large, flat area on the front of the freeflow only looks good from a few angles. I like that it conjures the old cars when the have their front bumpers removed, but it’s just a little too much dead space. The Nismo is much more successful in this area of the car and even if it isn’t needed, a front grill is still part of the visual language that people expect from a car.

          All that being said, the fender flares are awesome. The shape of the leading edge of the hood that can’t decide (or maybe won’t tell you) if it’s a 510 or a skyline is a great touch. The throwback to the bre front spook is really nice if not a tad large. I now need to go out and buy a front spook. The C pillar isn’t very 510, but works on the car and as you said, you were drawing from several cars.

          That’s it for now. Cheers and I have some money for you guys if you make it.

    • bert says:

      I had some pretty negative comments to begin with. Understand that I think all new cars are ugly! But one of my biggest thoughts, and it’s a trend I’ve seen way to much lately with the business I’m in, is the greenhouse being to small! Door heights are rising, while windows get smaller, side profiles get chunkier, but from the front or rear the cars look thin. I come from an era when long and low was the way to go. I am a photographer/data collector for auto dealer websites, and am in cars all day long, and the biggest trend I have seen in new cars is the lack of visibility from inside out, with more cameras and parking technology than ever before. IE, Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Nissan Z, even the much loved Toyobaru 86! It’s very hard to see out of these cars compared to their counterparts from thirty years ago, taking the fun out of driving them for fear of hitting something hiding behind a too large fender, or overly thick C pillar! I understand where you guys came from with the design (even though I find it ugly) but opening it up and losing some of the chunky sheet metal for a production version might make it more fun to drive, and lose some weight, which always adds to the fun factor!

  83. pstar says:

    Its somewhat recognizable as a 510, thats more than you can say about the FR-S and its total BS claim to ae86 heritage. But the overly sleek mini-style greenhouse is just uninteresting and too much of “look, its retro but MODERN!” gimmick.

    That silver slab on the front has to go, it just reminds too much of the awful cheap slab bumpers that American manufacturers slapped on all their sedans and trucks in the late 70s and early 80s.

    The headlights and taillights and fascias on the white one are godawful and should be shtcanned immediately.

    Lose the front fender vent. People like 510s because they are a clean simple elegant box shape. Ricey fender vents don’t help with that. Likewise, that kickup section at the bottom of the c-pillar isn’t necessarily bad, but it doesn’t add anything, nor does it reference Datsun history. the car would be cleaner and more attractive without it. A clean, simple, timeless, rwd 3-box coupe is what is wanted.

    Lower the beltline by 1 or 2 inches, toss the x-box hueg wheels and but some 16s on there with reasonable sidewall. Paint the A and C pillar body color.

    • Randy says:

      I think the “silver slab” is the front bumper… 🙂 Maybe make it body color once it’s an actual bumper? Gonna need a real bumper out back, too…

      What if the headlight surrounds are only white because the car is white? Any better if they’re body color?

  84. Randy says:

    So I was perusing another site that claims to have the “scoop” on all the new cars, and the car dropped in my estimation…

    The black “panel” is a part of the no-rolldown 1/4 window. I can still do that.

    1.2 – 1.6 liter engine. I can do that


    The cars they wish to compete against have sticks…

    Unfortunately, Nissan is woefully short on stick shift models. No Juke with AWD/5spd? Really? Subaru has been doing it for decades. No Altima Coupe with stick? Can anybody say Honda Accord coupe? The ONLY Versa sedan that can get a stick is the absolute base model? Uh, Mazda 3?

    I’m not even looking for a racer, or to do wheelies from the traffic light; I get into enough trouble with my less-than-exciting 4-banger. I’d just like something that doesn’t look like everything else out there (see comment above), that’s actually fun to drive, is reliable, and doesn’t make me cry at the gas pump.

    So, make mine a stick shift model, with 14″ wheels (steelies are quite acceptable; I’ll find alloys for myself) and 185/70-14 tires (whitewalls, baby!); air cond., power windows and maybe a power moonroof (even a steel sunroof). Being that it reads to be about Metro-sized and massed, I could actually do 155/80-13 tires for that slightly better mpg / standard on the base model. (I’ve found that a Metro on even 12s is surprisingly tossable.) So the 1.2 engine for me?

    Now, for the hotrodders, the 1.6? Maybe with a turbo? Go nuts with the wheels on that one, the carbon fiber hood, etc.

    Designer D:
    Awesome to think somebody from a major manufacturer actually reads these. I’m guessing you’ve read the article by Virgil Exner about designing a car, then what happens when the committees and bean counters get their hands on it.

    Main thing though is: NO STICK, NO DEAL.

    • Randy says:

      Just looking at more pix of it.

      WHAT IF: Just lop off the outcroppings on the quarter panels, work the upper body lines straight through to the back/blend in the trunk, etc., and bring the quarter windows down to meet the body?

      First-gen Probe and Hyundai sCoupe had that styling, and they looked good – to me, anyway, and it’s a much simpler line.

      Still no deal w/o the stick, though.

      Maybe the kick-up would work better on a longer car? Next Altima sedan?

  85. Alvin says:

    Aesthetics/lineage aside, how is Nissan is going to compete with the FRS/BRZ that’s been on sale for ~3years?

    IMHO Nissan completely missed the boat and will need more than the GT-R to save their image. Whenever I see a FR/BR on he road I wish it had a Nissan badge on it. And I am a Datsun/Nissan owner. Not a good feeling.

    I don’t see how this IDx concept will ever compete with the Toyabarus especially with what Nissan did to the Z34. Hell, even the Mustang GT has performance rivaling the E92 M3…the same could never be said for the high priced/overweight/underpowered 370z.

    Anyone remember how close the current GT86 is to the 2009 concept car FT86? That’s how it’s done!

    Nissan are you listening?

    No more Murano Cabriolets!

  86. nagai says:

    I can’t wait to buy mine.

    Btw, D, no SSS badging?

  87. Tony says:

    I have been checking the other press on these cars and it seems like most people dont get it… what a shame cause it seems clear. BRZ fighter (corner carver) with more head room etc… (usable space for people and their crap) that can use some parts from the current parts bin (less tooling = less costs) and some retro style with a modern twist so customers can look cool on a budget and Nissan can sell enough to make a profit because after all they are a company that needs to make money to keep the doors open… Not that my request is easy asking for 240hp minimum but I’m not asking for 13″wheels or other things that are sooo far off of what this is meant to be…

    May just be my 2 cents but I would expect that the concept is a design direction that is close but not the final so it would be cleaned up a bit before it hits market… The big hump would seem to be the chassis… unless this is going to be a mini version of the next Z platform it is going to cost some green and that means Nissan will have to look at arts bin raiding that will help absorb the costs of tooling for the new platform so we the people can get this car at an affordable price… This sound rite?? Guys or does it not work like this?

    • DesignerD says:

      Hi All,

      Thank you all again on behalf of the design team for really showing just how incredibly in to it you all are. Seeing the positive and negative points are as important as each other and what I find great is that everyone here is right… One if the core ideologies is what we called “co-creation” so if you guys don’t like something ( and I’m seeing things like the c-pillar, bumpers, vents, all the usual suspects – and the vent on this is way better done than the gt/brz debacle) then you can change it by co creating via a possible crowd source platform. Just think of the possibilities! We’re not there quite yet, and these two cars were meant to book end 2 themes, but it’s clear to us that we’re on the right track. Thanks again and keep up the passion! I’m off to dream and photoshop some racing wats on fat tyres… and a chin spoiler

    • Randy says:

      Okay, so a corner carver – that runs with hot sport coupes – with usable space for people and their crap would be actually BETTER THAN the competition; the “poor man’s BMW,” as I’ve read the original was called.

      Not every Camaro is an SS; not every Mustang is a GT; not every Challenger is an SRT. Even the Z has FOUR versions. Subaru has 3 versions of the WRX, and two versions of the SUB-model STi.

      The halo cars are not usually the big sellers. They bring people in the door, who then buy the bread-and-butter models.

      I’ll guarantee you that there are a lot more Imprezas sold than WRXs/STis, and businesses are into making what they can sell for profit. If Mitsubishi, for example, could make money selling fruits and vegetables, they would.

      I’m certainly not saying don’t build the screamer; I’m not. I’m saying don’t build JUST the screamer.

      I haven’t lost THAT much of my soul, yet. 🙂

      If I’m looking for a performance car for every day and some track time, then yeah, I want the BRE. If my driving is sitting in traffic to/from work, doing shopping, etc., I probably want a lower, “more comfortable” version.

      • Tony says:

        Hey Randy, I think we are close to the same page on ideas… I know I seem to be pushing JUST the screamer but I’m really looking at where / how this car would slot in when cross shopped… Example your comments on not every Mustang Camaro Chally sold is the hot version I totally agree with but I’m looking at it like this… The current Mustang Base 300hp v6 can move pretty good considering what it is I even recall a comparo with that vs an EVOX and the base stang did pretty well in fact surprisingly well… Camaro and Chally are tanks so the current base versions stink for fun driving but, all three are moving to smaller lighter more nimble platforms… If Mustang/Camaro can reach the target of 3200lbs then the 300hp will make them a real challenge for sales ad to that the base price of the detroit three around 25k and now you have to depend on brand loyalty to sell the import version… given the fact imports tend to cost a little more $$$ I’m guessing 30k for the performance version it really cant be underwhelming when it comes out… all that said would you not agree that this Nissan needs to be at an advantage with either price or performance? Even if the target was only BRZ FRS Genisis coupe the base neo 510has to slot in above the Nismo Juke that is around 22k 200hp so Nissan has a real power price problem… Wow I’m actually just seeing how big the problem is… Hey D if you have the Nismo Juke at 200hp 22k and the competition I mentioned above at 25k 300ish hp and a Z car at 30k-40k 350hp max you’re kinda stuck at not much more than 240hp for this 510… unless you could talk Nismo into stuffing an Infiniti V8 into the Nismo Z and go Vette hunting!! Now that is a car I would sell my Chally for! Anyways sorry I got side tracked D can you tell us if Nissan has an idea of a targeted price point for base/hot version if this comes to market?

        • Randy says:

          Hey Tony,

          Lemme get back to you on that one… It’s like 4:3x am, and I need to catch a nap for getting work+ done today.

          I WILL agree that we’re probably looking at the same thing, but from different sides.

          BTW, I think this is post #150, which is far and away (good movie, btw) the most posts I’ve seen in the few months I’ve been reading since I discovered this site.

          • DesignerD says:

            Randy / Tony…

            Wow. Just wow. This whole exchange below is *detailed* to say the least! I so wish this was for sale tomorrow…

        • Randy says:

          I read this and your thoughts below. Y’know, I was going to make a comment about the three taillights, and the potential of sequencing, but figured somebody would think I’m more nuts than usual… 🙂

          Sequencers on all versions? Just the BRE? Option/accessory purchase?

          Really, there are only two cars here; the BRE and the NOT BRE.

          Stripper + package = Mainstream.
          Mainstream + package = Luxury or Sport
          (Luxury + Sport = “Touring”)

          BRE = BRE
          BRE + NISMO = Don’t let the teens touch it.

          I guess I’ll start with the BRE version (initial production: 30%):

          – For 240hp, you’re probably looking at a 2-liter turbo with performance software. Check.
          – 16″ wheels to start (maybe 17s?) Check.
          – Stick shift! (I’m not backin’ down on this.) Check.
          – Front and rear spoilers. Rear wing? Check.
          – Firm/sport suspension.
          – Upgraded brakes.
          – Black trim.
          – LED lighting for the added abuse the car will see.
          – Around $25K to start. Hopin’.

          Now, let’s add the NISMO Catalog:
          – Up-sized wheels and tires, including street-slicks (Whatever will fit! Go nuts!).
          – Up-sized brakes.
          – Up-sized turbo.
          – ECU reprogram.
          – Carbon-fiber hood, trunk and roof (the roof on the BRE looks to be acrylic, so replaceable?).
          – Fender flares.
          – Race seats.
          – Interior panel for those who wish to remove the back seat altogether.
          – Lightweight (maybe cf) door and side panels.
          – Carbon fiber doors (race only?).
          – Adjustable suspension.
          – Bigger front/rear spoilers. Rear wing?
          – Dealer-installable for factory warranty.

          SPORT model (initial prod: 10%):
          – 1.6 engine.
          – 15″ wheels to start (maybe 16s?)
          – Stick shift(!) or auto. (I’m not backin’ down on this.)
          – Black trim.
          – Front and rear spoilers. (Rear spoiler: Ducktail?)
          – Firm/sport suspension.
          – Carbon fiber-look dash trim.

          Luxury Model (initial prod:10%):
          – Power you-name-it.
          – Moonroof.
          – Climate control (Mitsu has it in the new Mirage…).
          – 14-or-15-inch wheels. (Love those Enkei mesh wheels; maybe throw in a chrome set.)
          – Top-line stereo (maybe integral GPS, or as an option).
          – 1.6 engine.
          – Auto or stick shift.
          – “Plush” (velour?) seating surfaces; leather option?
          – “Upscale” dash trim (Wood/aluminum/???).
          – Tasteful chrome trim (think “traditional;” NOT “Pimp My Ride”).

          Mainstream (initial prod: 40%):
          – 1.2 or optional 1.6 engine.
          – Stick or auto.
          – 14″ steel wheels with covers (alloys optional).
          – Not sure about power options to not step on LX features…

          Stripper/appliance (initial prod: <10%):
          – 1.2 liter engine.
          – Stick or auto.
          – Power steering and brakes.
          – A/C.
          – Required safety equipment.
          – 13" wheels with basic, blackwall tires (I know how much you love those!). Center caps and MAYBE trim rings.
          – I'm willing to even say vinyl interior.

          Most of it's just tuning… Suspension firmness, etc. Spread the development cost as wide as possible.

          Will do a separate one about the "where they fit in" issue.

          • Tony says:

            WOW Randy,

            Well done! Like I said we are close on ideas… Since you did such a great job on this I will need a bit to give you my version… Its a little more simple than this but close. Designer D please peep what Randy and I have going here, could be Great for think tanks!

          • Tony says:

            Ok, I got a quick and dirty version of what I was thinking for the how the cars could be layed out I think its is simple but I’m willing to listen as always…

            I honestly think we have 3 cars here to play with and the availability for specialty versions similar to Ford’s Mustang to keep the car fresh over the years… Bullitt, Mach 1, Boss, Shelby, etc…

            Base Model = Mainstream/Volume Sales.
            Sport Model = Hero-car/ Boy racers/ Drive traffic to showroom
            Touring Model = Grown-ups version of the Boy Racer but with class & style of the classic

            Base Model = Mainstream/Volume Sales (initial prod: 50%): (Base FRS/BRZ fighter)
            – 1.6 trubo Juke Nismo RS engine 215hp
            – Stick or CVT/auto.
            – 17″ steel wheels with premium styled covers 225/50/17 all season sport tires
            – Power steering and brakes.
            – A/C CD/MP3 player Cruise Control etc…
            – Required safety equipment.
            – Roll up windows / Manual mirrors (high quality styled window cranks and switches)
            – Synthetic suede and sport cloth interior with soft touch materials on dash, armrest & door panels
            – Chrome trim delete satin grey finish on vents/dress-up exterior styling touches
            – Standard sport tuned suspension
            – Power group (windows, locks, mirrors)
            – Sport group (springs, sways, short shifter)
            – Appearance group (Chrome trim premium badges/ exterior styling touches, carpeted embodied mats)
            – LED lighting (halos for headlights) Sequential tail lights

            Sport Model = Hero-car/ Boy racers/ NISMO (initial production: 20%):
            – 1.8 trubo Sentra Nismo concept car engine 265hp
            – Stick or CVT/auto.
            – 18″ Alloy wheels with 245/45/18 sport tires 3 season
            – Power steering and brakes.
            – A/C CD/MP3 player Cruise Control etc…
            – Required safety equipment.
            – Roll up windows / Manual mirrors (high quality styled window cranks and switches)
            – Synthetic suede and sport cloth interior with soft touch materials on dash, armrest & door panels
            – Recaro front seats & Carbon fiber-look dash trim
            – Chrome trim delete satin black finish on vents/dress-up exterior styling touches
            – Sport group+ Suspension (springs, sways, adjustable shocks, short shifter)
            – Nismo Sport group (front & rear strut tower braces, engine oil cooler, spook chin spoiler, rear spoiler)
            – Brembo Front & Rear Brakes & stainless break lines
            – BRE track group 1 (Sound deadening material reduction & AC delete w/ Side exit sport exhaust)
            -BRE track group 2 (255/40/18 max effort summer only tires – Interior panel for those who wish to remove the back seat altogether- Carbon-fiber hood and trunk )
            – BRE Appearance group 3 (badges/ exterior styling touches paint/ decals, carpeted embrodied mats)
            – Power group (windows, locks, mirrors) Not available with BRE track group 1
            -Stereo group (multi speaker w/sub and upgraded CD player)
            – LED lighting (halos for headlights) Sequential tail lights

            Touring Model = Grown-ups Boy Racer but with class & style of the classic initial prod:30%)
            – 1.8 trubo Sentra Nismo concept car engine 265hp
            – Stick or CVT/auto.
            – 18″ Alloy wheels with 245/45/18 sport tires 3 season
            – Power steering and brakes.
            – A/C CD/MP3 player Cruise Control etc… Top-line stereo (maybe integral GPS)
            – Climate control Standard (Mitsu has it in the new Mirage…).
            – Required safety equipment.
            – Roll up windows / Manual mirrors (high quality styled window cranks and switches)
            – Plush (Jean material) seating surfaces interior with soft touch materials on dash, armrest & door panels
            – “Upscale” dash trim (Wood/aluminum)
            – Tasteful chrome trim (think “traditional;” NOT “Pimp My Ride”).
            – LED lighting (halos for headlights) Sequential tail lights
            – Sport/Lux group+ Suspension (springs, sways, standard non adjust shocks, short shifter)
            – Nismo Lux/Sport group (front strut tower brace, rear spoiler)
            – Brembo Front & Rear Brakes
            – Moonroof
            – Leather seating suraces
            – Limited edition colors including matte finishes

          • Randy says:

            Hey Tony

            We’re outta space to reply back-and-forth… Bummer…

            Read over your thoughts and I LIKE IT!

            I was kinda thinking suede on my “LX,” but thought it wouldn’t fly today. Pontiac used it back in the ’80s; LOVED it. Hadn’t thought of SYNTHETIC suede though, and the soft-touch materials.

            I thought about roll-up windows also, on the base model, and maybe on the BRE. I like the getting-back-to-basics, but didn’t know if they’d be accepted in today’s world. (For anyone not in the snow belt: power windows absolutely suck when they freeze shut! You ain’t muscling them open.)

            Seems the major difference between us is that you don’t have the softer LX or the appliance version, but we’re really overlapping a LOT. Cool!

            Yours might be a simpler strategy for introduction. Yes, I still like my wide-range, but that just means we’re both thinking.

            Nissan’s web page tends to slow down my computer, so I don’t have it open right now to check, but 215-265hp out of a sub-2 liter engine? Wow… I gotta check that. Hope they’re long-lasting engines; would really hate to have a lot of warranty work ’cause they grenaded themselves.

            Maybe have a few dozen of the totally built-out Racers to tour the country. Not just startng on the west coast, but across the country.

            Here’s a marketing idea: A cross-country caravan of them. One or two of each version – as long as they’re street legal. Bright colors, and whatever BRE-type decals catching the eye of everyone around.

            Do you realize we’ve trimmed them, equipped them, and begun a marketing campaign in like, one day?

            Now all we need is the actual car!

            I could see the Laguna wheels on a below-top performance model, and the Rebels on the BRE, by the way.

        • Randy says:

          Thinking about where they slot in…

          I don’t even consider the Juke in the equation. It’s kind of a RAV on acid. That’s not to disparage it; I actually prefer the styling to the others. (Honda’s facelift was an IMMENSE improvement, in my opinion, by the way…) I’d say the Juke is in a whole different class.

          I think Camaro guys are gonna be Camaro guys, Mustang guys will be Mustang guys, and that’s that.

          I’d go after the Civic crowd, those who liked the Eclipse (any generation), etc. If there’s a version that competes well against the Scion tC, there’s another market. I read SOMEWHERE that Scion’s sales are off, and that MAY have been the impetus (sp?) for the FR-S in the first place.

          I have to admit I haven’t seen an Evo in at least a year. What happened to THEIR

          • Randy says:

            … to THEIR marketing?

            (I don’t know how I uploaded early… That’s never happened to me before! Anyway:)

            About “would you not agree that this Nissan needs to be at an advantage with either price or performance?”

            Yes! Absolutely!

            That’s exactly why I’m thinking spread the development costs as wide as possible. Start with one that undercuts them in price, and end with something that’s barely street legal, and that’s why I like the multiple versions (actually packages) and a ridiculous options/accessories list. You know, marginal costs and all that.

            Oh yeah – DON’T GO TRADING INTHE CHALLENGER. It’s a REALLY nice car. It may not be what we’re designing here, but I’m sure it’s fantastic on the highway, or when you and (x) go out, you have SPACE. Would you rather be out with three friends in the Challenger, or in a Corolla? Different class of car; personal car, like Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, or Cordoba, but with muscle..

            They all have their place.

            Btw, there’s one styling feature that the new Camaro and Challenger share that really kills me: quarter windows that don’t roll down. I know it sounds petty, but it changes the entire look of the car. It didn’t really dawn on me how much until I saw a diecast model of a new Challenger that had the mistake of no 1/4 windows, and it looks SO much more right.

          • Randy says:

            Oh yeah – totally forgot:

            Could go after some portion of BMW 3-Series people, too!

          • Tony says:

            I only mention the Nismo Juke because of the price point… I speced one out online today and with floor mats as the only option it was 24K… I’m thinking price overlap. As for the Mustang/ Camaro guys thats a tough one… I honestly think the boys over at ford are smart bringing a 2.3L turbo 4 to market as an option with the new IRS they want those Genises guys spend money at ford and with the new tech infused in the stang & the styling its more a case of import guys becoming new mustang guys… As for the camaro Guys Al oppenhiser camaro cheif engineer says NO 4 banger in next gen Camaro sooo we will have to see I agree about camaro guys staying camaro guys haha! Last is were have all the EVO’s gone??? South Coast Mitsubishi has them… check out that inventory! LOL

          • Tony says:

            I like you Randy you’re a pretty cool dude! I think we need a job app at Nissan LOL! Seriously we are working for free haha, Anyways I like your ideas also I just tried to take some of both ideas and make them 3 cars… I would love to see Nissan do a SRT like driving school thing to promote these cars and with my BRE staged packages I really just wanted a off the shelf race car that could be like the Neon ACR cars… Like I said I like Imports and Muscle so I would love to see these things against Focus St SRT 4 BRZ in a class that normal people could afford… By the way thanks for the compliment on the wheels I would love some Grip Equipped Wheels on these!!

          • Randy says:

            Yeah, they have 65 Evos. I haven’t seen 65 TOTAL, PERIOD.

            Too bad Mitsu hasn’t been doing too much – that I’ve seen.

            Here’s an idea: Evo SPORTBACK. It’s just a package on a different body on the same chassis. It is not rocket science; it’s just a formula.

            Too bad they don’t evo all their vehicles… Mirage Evo!

          • Randy says:

            Hey, thanks – you too.

            I actually always gravitated toward the big cars – still do, but they’re kind of impractical for everyday.

  88. 2jzgtecressie says:

    Whoa. This totally reminds me of the Neo510 that MHO created 5 yrs ago or so that was around the web. Similar details like flared wheel wells; chrome front/back strips to suggest the old chrome bumpers. 4 circular headlights (on base model); the tail lights are actually the same just flipped horizontally; single centrally placed tail pipe. I don’t think he worked on the project so Nissan should cut him a check.

    Ultimately, this design reminds me more of the original Silvia. The body shape appears vertical instead of the low and wide stance that the majority of 510ers aspire to. The C-pillars don’t do it for me.

  89. ErikFM says:

    I am absolutely crying with joy, I have in front of me a 2014 version of my car right before my eyes. I havent been able to check it out, but whats the news on importing it stateside?

  90. pstar says:

    Another issue/suggestion:

    The windshield may be too raked and rounded/wrapping. This comes to mind as I am trying to imagine the car as a wagon. And if this car is produced, Nissan would be IDIOTIC not to produce and aggresively market a wagon out of it. Why? Wagons are hot right now. Sooo many of the commenters here, and indeed all over the carsphere, lament the fact that there really aren’t any cool, stylish, fun wagons on the markets. There are hordes of 5-door hatches, but that really isn’t the same thing. The whole deliberately stupid-looking “quirky” fad that gave birth to the Scion xB, xA, Nissan Cube, Juke, Kia Soul, Honda Element, etc. is on its way out. The guys who marketed those things to the hipsters were geniuses, but reality is catching up to them. More and more people are realizing that those cars aren’t actually cool at all, but just retarded looking with no redeeming features for enthusiasts. This is just a long winded way of saying when that entire segment runs out of steam, a charismatic wagon with actual sporting credibility would CLEAN UP.

    • Randy says:

      Okay, so let’s design the wagon.

      Traditional, with exposed pillars?

      More like a spaceship to stylistically tie in the dark panel of the coupe with dark windows on the rear doors, quarters, and around to the hatch? All flush-mount to eliminate visible pillars?

      Throw ideas out there; apparently somebody IS listening…

      I gotta disagree about the windshield, but it could just be the angles I’m seeing it from.

  91. Matt Albertson says:

    I agree with the wagon idea, cool wagons are hard to find. And CVTs are for communist twinkies. I don’t care if they work better for mpg. If I wanted a Briggs and Stratton go-kart with a centrifugal clutch, I’d buy one. I don’t want a car with the same thing.

    Subaru gets 34 mpg in a big heavy outback, Nissan should be able to do the same in something lighter with more power just by tuning for economy under light load.

    We have a good thread on the IDx over on, you all should check it out.

  92. thedezineboy says:

    Thank you so much Nissan for not presenting a blatant retro design. I like how these prototypes hint, rather than reproduce, classic 510 details. And I’m glad it wasn’t badged a 510. It’s better that it simply be considered a decendant.

    I like the side body crease (in lieu of the “supersonic” original) and large, round flared wheel wells. I like the suggestion of the original Japanese market SSS headlights/grill in the BRE version, and I love the straight ahead view of the yellow car with it’s quad lamps. A great interpretation. I can totally appreciate the challenge in developing this vehicle. I see the efforts to visually segregate the sides of the car from the front/rear yet keeping it a cohesive whole.

    Though I think the C-pillar on the yellow car is a great piece on it’s own, I keep seeing an ’80s Bertone instead of Datsun in that. Worse is that the 3/4 rear view reminds me of a first gen Toyota Celica. The straight-line C-pillar of the original 510 2-door, SSS coupe, and Silvia is a signature detail – I prefer it (but embellished some how) to the version shown here.

    Beyond aesthetics, I wonder if these cars need a stand out utility detail of some kind (i.e.: a trick rear hatch or third door, etc.) if for no other reason than to appeal to those buyers wanting added utility.

    Ultimately, an awesome job, Nissan!

    • DesignerD says:

      Hi Thedezineboy, you’re very welcome and I and indeed the whole team is so happy from your comments and the incredible thread here! Hidden rear doors is something we could definitely do… Watch this space!!! And funny you should mention Italy, I used to work at one of the famous carrozerias 😉

      • pstar says:

        You either are in fact “D.Malc” or youre an imposter whose done some decent research. Hope its the former, but either way I’m stoked. God bless the internet.

  93. Tony says:

    This is a really great thread! It’s nice to feel like a Manufacture will take what we have to say and consider it as options that could be seriously considered for production! That said i wanted to give a few ideas that I think would be cool for consideration. I personally have always been torn between imports and domestics so please don’t hate when I use domestic examples lol…

    1st I really like the lights of the yellow car better, I think they have a better visual proportion than the ones on the Nismo/BRE version. The recent Camaro update went too narrow on the headlights and it looks funny. The performance version “BRE” has that same funny look to me. I also like the fact that the yellow cars lights are more retro! For the Tail lights again I would say go with the ones on the yellow car… the 3 lights per side gives the option for a cheap but cool looking sequential blinker that looks real good on the current mustangs at night and would add a touch of class to this car.

    2nd the vents dress the car up a bit and if done with quality materials will add elegance… bean counter may want to cut this out but look at the Mini that car is a great example of how a small car can be cost effective and yet premium if done carefully. Trim is like jewlery on a car keep it casual but classy.

    3rd FENDER MIRRORS!!! Must keep them if you can! even if we cant get them in the us market that would be a mod people in the know would want to do! Who ever thought of that needs a pay raise!

    4th jean material interior is casual cool and a NICE touch that would make a great option instead of leather… Should keep cost down as the top interior option for the non performance version.

    5th it is clear that some guys like the JNC retro look of the yellow car and some like the race ready BRE version… Take a page out of the Buick Grand National play book and make the horsepower and handling package available to the guys that like the sleeper look… When I say that think Buick T-Type, you could get those with the grandma interior chrome trim quarter top etc… if it is a lil heaver no big deal as it would be more luxury sport than pure sport.

    6th SRT 4 neon style staged upgrades from the factory with factory backed warranty… Must be able to bolt on and must make a noticeable difference… Gotta hit 300hp some how! By the way if these are to be rear wheel drive make the limited slip diff standard on all models PLEASE!

    7th I cant really say much about the styling personally I like it a lot! I would change around the lights as a mention above but other than that this thing is sexy even the interior has a nice look as long as soft touch materials are used and the car has a Mini like premium feel But I would say this and I think it is important!! make sure you consider that side exit exhausts for production on the Hot version it does not need to be on both sides like the concept but it does add special something that only the Mustang Boss 302 has been able to bring to market… It would be a nice touch if you guys could pull that off!

    Thanks for listening to my suggestions I hope they are helpful! Looking forward to seeing this in my local Nissan dealer and if some of this makes it to market looking forward to owning one!

  94. Alvin says:

    I applaud Nissan’s efforts to infuse some excitement and the IDx is a endearing/controversial in design.

    1) Can you provide insight or strategy on how it will cut into the FR-s/BR-z sales?
    2) Why didn’t Nissan keep up with everyone else in the affordable sportscar market?

    The Nissan 370z didn’t work. Scion CRUSHED 370z sales last year. Mustang/Camaro/Challenger/Genesis all offer back seats, equal/more performance, for less $! How was this not motivational to change?

    I really hope the enthusiasm in our small community can make a meaningful impact but I fear the worst. Nissan failed with the Z and lost the V8 Truck game big time.

    • roger d. shrubber says:

      uh…. he’s a DESIGNER not a marketing vp. lol

      • Tony says:

        Correct but, he is the best chance any of us have to get our opinions and ideas up the ladder… He was clear about including potential customers in the process of bringing a car to market… I even seen on a different site that this car was for the alienated and that Nissan wanted to open up lines of communication direct to the buyers that feel they have had no voice. As long as we keep it reasonable I see no reason we cant talk shop with D about marketing design powertrains etc…

        • Alvin says:

          @roger d. shrubber
          DesignerD is nice enough to listen. Maybe he/she can covey these sentiments to others at Nissan. That’s my hope.

        • rds says:

          yes its nice enough of him to listen and he may pass along some of our comments at think tanks, but the higher ups answer to the board of directors and they’re only interested in a car that will appeal to the target audience (which isn’t us). to paraphrase, the not interested in cars generation

          • Tony says:

            I would have to disagree with some of that rds… Yes D could and sounds like he will pass some of our comments along to higher ups and yes they have to answer to the board but, with the release of the Juke Nismo RS, Nismo Sentra, Nismo GTR and this concept it looks like the board has already given the nod to performance and for target market the fact D is online with us at JNC would indicate that somebody cares what we think. Lets not forget on top of all that this car is inspired by the 510 and the hot version has BRE influence I honestly think we are the target market.

          • Randy says:

            It’s gonna take more than just D to read through all this!


    • pstar says:

      From a design perspective, the 370Z is a success. Unlike its predecessor, the Z33, I predict that the 370Z will eventually be a classic, as it will age well and also is much less common. The 350 is just bad, as the vast majority of early 2000s cars are. Ugly arbitrary angles and slabs everywhere. The Z32 has always looked good, and its aging so well that it looks better and better all the time. The 350 is an ugly, but common stepchild that will be envying 280ZX 2+2s before long.

  95. Aaron says:

    What’s with all the ignorance here… Is speedhunters site down?

    • Tony says:

      Oh thats not very nice… I know Larry Chen over there and have delt with a couple others they are nice people… And the people that comment are not that bad lol

      • Aaron says:

        I was referring to the comment sections. I do enjoy the pulications of Larry and Dino. Unfortunately, their material (and the site as a whole) attracts some real keyboard jockeys.

  96. You know, when reading about the diminutive power plans proposed for the IDx I thought maybe they’re trying to create an all new youth sub-market somewhere between the sport compact and the fuel efficient econbox cube markets. But is that really a market need right now, or a big enough market for this platform? it’s easy to forget the 45 year time gap between these two cars. By todays standards the L16s design looks purely economy driven, but in reality it was the SR20 of it’s time.Although the 510 wasn’t a muscle car, it’s power to weight ratios gave it respectable performance. When you consider a comparable 60s American economy car like the Dodge Dart, it weighed in at 3,300 lbs, and had a 170 ci (2.8L) slant 6 engine that was putting out 101 bhp through a 3 speed push button auto trans. The light little 2,100 lbs 510 with 97 bhp through a 4 speed manual would literally run circles around the Dart under any conditions. When the 510 came to North America it set a totally new standard by introducing the “economy” light compact sports sedan. With the 510 Nissan filled a huge void in the market, on multiple levels; great fuel economy, light nimble handling, lots of technology with solid reliability and that’s what gave it broad appeal and market success.

    Today Nissan is late in returning to the entry level sport compact party they started back in the 60s. If they want to hit the dance floor again they are going to have to dance to the standards of todays market, but with a 1.5L CVT power train the IDx won’t even make it to the floor. If Nissan builds it on the Juke chassis though, they might as well skip the party all together, smoke another bowl, and watch some more Gilligan’s Island reruns.

    The stock 2013 WRZ sti puts out 305 bhp @ 3,208 lbs. BRZ, 200 bhp @ 2,762 lbs (34mpg highway). IDx 150 bhp @ 3000 + LBS… Turn out the lights, the party’s over Nissan.

    • josh 69 says:

      bruthas @ the realm must’ve smoked too many bowls already if you think the purpose of the IDX CONCEPT is to challenge the toyobaru

      • Tony says:

        “Nissan readies 86BRZ fighter”
        In less than a week, Nissan is going to reveal something very special to JNC readers at the Tokyo Motor Show. We can’t tell you what it is, as we have no desire to steal Nissan’s thunder or betray our sources. All we can say is what has already been leaked or speculated by other news outlets, or told to us at official press events.

        Here’s what we can say right now.

        Nissan will reveal a concept inspired by a previous model. We can reveal this because it was reported by Whatcar.
        If produced, it would compete with the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ fighter. Again, Whatcar.
        It will not be the next Fairlady Z, but is something Nissan thinks JNC readers will like.
        A significant figure from Nissan’s past, who shall remain nameless, is making an appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show.

        • josh 69 says:

          dang you need a bowl too if you believe everything you read. let’s meet back here when they build this fwd renault datsun meld and we’ll all smoke a bowl to celebrate

          • Tony says:

            LOL, its been a Loooong time since I burnt one… But seriously with the new cafe standards coming soon and people still in love with performance Nissan would be smart to do a car like this, if they can raid the parts bin or even revive the S15 chassis that these were supposedly built on than Nissan could really save some coin and bring these out without a huge investment… That means profit for them and decent price for us. I really hope you are wrong about the FWD thing that would be tragic this needs to be RWD and quick… Hell If Mercedes can reuse their RWD chassis with Dodge & Masiriti (spelling) Nissas should be able do get this done in RWD if they get everything rite This could sell like PT Cruisers! Iknow that sounds bad but those little suckers made alot od cash for mopar and people liked them.

          • josh 69 says:

            i hope i’m wrong too but the reality is there’s no rwd platform to build this on except the future infiniti/mercedes which is off limits. plus they already hinted at the puny renault engines which are all fwd. best we can hope for is a 1.6t + 6spd

      • Yes, Bother at the Realm, Ratson, and NWD. I’m Datsun through and through my friend. DTW who told you about my 4/20

    • I said this earlier, but I think it bares repeating, I totally agree with Tony above, the rear C pillar scream 80s Fiat with the angular notched rear quarter. This may be an attempt to incorporate some b 210 influence, but it muddies the clean lines of the classic Nissan/Datsun sedan/coupe design. This iconic styling lineage spans from the Bluebird 410 all the way to the 2014 GTR. THis concept shows vulgar disregard for this iconic Nissan esthetic, and would be a huge mistake to ignore it when attempting to convey a retro inspired Nissan sport sedan, This is definitely not the time, or place to introduce a new body shape such as this.

      • rds says:

        your vulgar wish may be a reality. rumor is chancellor ghosn has already given it the green light. and test mules are being readied as we speak

  97. john says:

    Why doesn’t Nissan produce a concept closer to what a production model would look like such as the new Honda nsx ? I’ve taken another look at the 510 concept and I still think it looks terrible. It’s simply too angular and out of proportion. If the production model looks anything like the concept I’m predicting it’ll go down the same path as the subaru vortex. Too many years have passed to link it as a 510 successor, let it go guys.

    • rds says:

      we wouldn’t be headed for 200 replies, señor, if we could let it go

      • Randy says:

        “As soon as the conference ended, we ran back to the media center to file a report, which soon became the most commented on article in JNC history. The chief designer of the project even chimed in and had a conversation with JNC readers about the design. We’ll have more on this later.” – from the TMS overall article.

        191 as of 1am Eastern time! Well, now, 192!

  98. Here’s the romantic story:

    My first car was a 510, and it’s fare to say I was a bata version of the tuner fanboy, so growing up in a red white and blue blooded hot rod community I definitely had something to prove. Part of the thrill of owning this car was championing the underdog ethos it earned on the race track. 30 years latter I’m still passionate about proving that point and pushing the performance of my little 510 dragon slayer.

    Here’s the reality:

    Obviously I’m an old fart, die hard Dimer, so this design concept certainly wasn’t meant for my demographic. Clearly the IDx is meant to be kind of a mashup reinterpretation of Nissan’s past, and to that end I think this car is a huge success. I can’t say I’m not disappointed that it’s being marketed as “The 510 Reborn though. I have but one request, for god sake, PLEASE make it fast.

    Here’s the truth:

    Really… if I were the designer in charge of rebirthing the 510, in all likelihood it would wind up looking just like the one in my garage right now. Probably why I’m not working for Nissan… yet. Actually, I’m very excited to see this nod to Nissan’s storied passed. I think the designers captured that in the car’s proportions and subtle flash back styling cues. So why not just call it The Datsun Reborn? Come on Designer “D”, you know you want to.

    Bottom line:

    I will be cleaning out some extra room in my garage, cuz I want one.

    • DesignerD says:

      You Sir, are also the reason I love my job! Obviously the target demographic was set for the younger generations, but a car aimed at such should never EVER rule out the young at heart. I believe in giving a car soul and when you acknowledge where it’s roots are, you get something special, so I’m ever more happy a wide spectrum of people are liking our work on this car. We’d love to call it a Datsun, but that’s not where that brand is going right now and given this was an 80th anniversary present to itself (Nissan) we used cues from Datsun, Prince, and Nissan models. I hope that doesn’t offend people, because at the end of the day, you know what it is. Thanks again RonM, your thoughts and everyone else’s here are truly valued. Best regards, D

      • Mr. D,

        As a Dime devotee, it’s an honor to be heard. God speed bringing this one home.

        With gratitude,

        Ron M.

      • Randy says:


        Since we’ve ventured over to Datsun –

        I know it’s really not your area, but how about passing along to “them” that the Datsuns would sell sell VERY well here, if they could base price it under/around $10K for the GO, and $12K-ish for the GO+..

        Yeah, I know safety regs and all that would have to be met, but if the conversion thing I used online is right, it’s going to be around $6,500 “over there.”

        There simply is NOTHING on the market other than the Mitsubishi Mirage that really replaces our beloved Metros. Yes, the butt of many jokes, but I personally cracked 45mpg in an XFi (averaged probably around 40-42mpg; I didn’t exactly baby them), and it had more than enough power for sitting in 12mph traffic, and hauling lumber, and saved me money for the other vehicles and other general expenses of life.

        It would freak people out when I’d spin the tires. 🙂

  99. thedezineboy says:

    (I think some people here need to keep in mind that these concepts are meant to create reaction/discussion and are not production ready as is. Creating a cutting-edge, modern design based on any other 40 yr old car would probably be rather straightforward compared to the enigma we call the original 510. The design parameters for this new car are still fluid so constructive input will more likely to result in pleasant surprise than doubt. Cheers.)

    • Agreed dez,

      My words posted around 50:

      “It’s important to remember, these concept cars are just that, concepts. Who knows if they’ll go into production, and if so, what they’ll actually look like.”

      Nothing is set in stone, or should I say the sheet metal dyes have not been cast yet. Having Designer D here answering questions would suggest Nissan is listening though. I really hope there are vibrant conversations like this one going on at the Nismo and formula D forums. Nissan needs to hear from that demographic for sure.

  100. Mazluce says:

    @Designer D, I have much respect for Nissan engaging the general public about their thoughts on the IDx concept. Its unusual for a company to take the time to answer and clarify question’s on a public forum. Most of the time they look, but don’t say anything.

    I was very surprised by the IDx concept partly due to the fact I thought it was going to be a Silvia revival. I like the IDx concept and I think that it presents a more unique opportunity than even having a direct competitor to the GT86/FRS/BRZ. A two door sedan which is actually what this is, not a coupe is a great idea. It provides more space for rear occupants and can be expanded to a four door model without compromising the shape. I agree with most about the details in the design that need changing, but the basic shape is fantastic.
    This could be Nissan’s Miata moment. Reintroducing a type car that has been absent from the market place in quite some time. A simple rear wheel drive car under 30k or even just under 20k that will provide the miles of smiles. The Nissan B13 Sentra especially in SE-R guise was a quasi tribute to the 510. It is cult car now that is loved and respected and the motor was a gem. The one thing I have always loved about Japanese cars is the ability to more with less. Having a small motor that revs through the roof, it may not always be the most powerful but it sure sounds like it.

    One more thing since your actually a designer. This bug a boo of mine for a long time and many others I’m sure. It’s the A pillar. It too damn thick in modern cars and makes it difficult to see from. I understand safety legislation and all that. There has to be more creative innovation to this problem. I’m not talking about hiding the A pillar thickness from outside which is the visual trick everyone is using these days. You are still stuck with a huge pillar in your line of sight on the inside. Volvo had a concept called the SCC that had a see through A pillar that looked fantastic, but they never pursued it further it seems. Saab was experimented with this expandable A pillar and now their gone. I don’t know if this is something feasible for this particular car, but it would be great if Nissan would look into it for there other models.

    P.S. I glad that Nissan is pushing the envelope in design these days (JUKE). You have to push or u become like the rest.

    • Randy says:

      Agreed about the A-pillar; twice I’ve almost hit an inattentive pedestrian (aren’t most of them anymore?) because you can hide literally an entire person in that space.

      It ain’t gonna happen, but I’ve always liked the concept car cantelevered (sp?) roof.

    • DesignerD says:

      Hi Mazluce,

      Thank you for your very kind comments! I am by no means the official spokesperson (far from it) but I do believe in actually talking to people.. in design, you have to listen and observe to understand.

      As for your A-pillar vexation, I know what you mean. The problem is at the moment, it’s a standardised construction that, in the great calculation of cost and time, isn’t high on the list of innovations. I believe the reason is that we and indeed all manufacturers have a design/structure that has to satisfy many different regions on the world for safety, especially when we stamp them. There have been some interesting solutions proposed (like castings,etc such as the Volvo ideas, or display screens) but these are very expensive to make and tend to be quite heavy. It should be possible in the future to utilise carbon a la the BMW i construction, but that’s a big investment. As for current pillars, they also have to include (sometimes) airbags, wiring, and even air vents or ducting…then you have to clad it. It all adds up. But for sure we all want to make them thinner, and I’m sure there’s a very clever engineer at Nissan who has the same problem to solve!

      I hope that helps… best regards,


  101. Dave says:

    Incidentally, ABC Hobby already is having a 1/10 body of the Nismo version out. That was quick.

  102. Dime Dave says:

    For me I love the idea of a small, RWD 2 door sedan that the “average guy” can afford. This IMO is a market segment that has long been passed over.

    I’ve owned 510’s since the early 80’s. To me the essence of the 510 is the strong engineering built into the car and the basic performance modifications that an owner could make to them.

    While I don’t see modifications today bringing huge handling or performance gains, I do hope the IDx lends itself to being easily owner modified and individualized.

    For me the 510 was less about styling and more about being a clean slate that you could create from. If the IDx takes anything from the 510 I hope it is just that, being a car that an owner can easily modify and make distinctly their own.

    Build it and I’ll be down to the dealership in a heartbeat and if it comes across anything like the 510 I know, I’ll be driving one home to have fun with.

  103. Turbo Pete says:

    I will buy. Yellow please.

  104. KCdime says:

    just read all 200+ comments. This car needs more love on here. DesignerD, stunning work, share my praises. awesome modern take on a classic car.

    510 owner here. as well pair of ’70 roadsters.. previously 350z / 350z nismo. active in local z club, national z events, ect. Also graphic designer at aftermarket parts company…

    watched live reveal with mixed emotions. after couple hours been in love with it, still am. grows on me every minute Not the only one hear yes(s) from.

    stay under 2800lbs, 240hp. turbo. forged internals. more about the platform potential than exactly how it rolls off show room floor.

    one thing I think that most guys forget is females opinions. After driving a slammed 350z, girls almost repulsed by such overtly sexy, and showy cars. Love the datsun in comparison. My experiences young girls aren’t really huge fans of corvettes, mustangs, celicas, eclipses, and yes z’s

    and if want something flashy and sexy like frs/brz… um nissan makes one, and comes with 350hp.

    frustrated by the fact this might not get made. 🙁

  105. m1abrams says:

    For what it’s worth.

    If anyone is interested in an alternative (adjusted) version of the car:

    This is just what the car would look like with a more “510-ish” B-pillar and lower stance. (Wheelbase and track is unaltered.)

    • m1abrams says:

      Subtle changes:



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