NEWS: The 4DSC is back! Nissan Sports Sedan Concept

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

When the J30 Maxima debuted in 1989 Nissan employed a clever little bit of marketing by calling it the “4DSC,” or “four door sports car.” Now the automaker is invoking the spirit of Nissans past in it’s new Sport Sedan Concept, unveiled today at Detroit.

Nissan first teased this car on New Year’s Eve. Though reps would not confirm nor deny whether the SSC was indeed the next Maxima, it does point the way for what it might look like, because the SCC will define Nissan’s design language for all its upcoming models.

We spoke to Executive Chief Designer Mamoru Aoki at a pre-Detroit showing of the SSC and asked him what these design elements are. First and foremost is the new “floating roof,” defined by C-pillars that don’t resemble pillars at all. Instead, they’re shaped like bridge abutments and are blacked out at the base to give the illusion that the roof is hovering a centimeters above the body.

Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

Up front, there’s what Aoki calls the V-motion grille, a large chrome peace gesture encapsulating the Nissan hamburger. Though Nissan has already begun using this grille on other models like the Rogue and Murano, the SSC’s is larger and significantly more prominent. The V’s arms also continue past the grille to define the edges of the hood.

Boomerang head and taillights that first appeared on the previous-gen Maxima and 370Z continue to be a recurring theme, but are now better integrated to the grille.

The side of the SSC features a prominent character line that angles downward across the front fender before kicking back up towards the rear. Reminiscent of the R35 GT-R, Aoki calls this the “sonic pulse,” which as Datsun 510 fanatics know, takes its name from the “supersonic line” found on the O.G. Nissan sport sedan.

Of course, the 510, or Bluebird as it’s known in Japan, eventually became the Maxima here in the US starting in 1981. Over the years its position as Nissan’s bread-and-butter sedan has been ceded to the Altima, leaving the Maxima as something of a larger, floatier, outlier in the lineup. By naming the Sport Sedan Concept as such, Nissan says it aims to recapture “the essence of a true sports sedan – that rare execution of 4-door sedan with the aura of a real sports car.”

Nissan didn’t hint at any specs, but the proportions are definitely front-wheel-drive. Still, we wouldn’t discount Nissan’s commitment to injecting some sportiness into whatever car the SSC turns out to be. An FF layout didn’t stop the original 4DSC from being widely regarded as powerful and fun to drive. Heck, even John Morton owns one. For those truly itching for an affordable RWD Nissan, you know which door to knock on.

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15 Responses to NEWS: The 4DSC is back! Nissan Sports Sedan Concept

  1. mr. k says:

    nissan continues to parrot the big 3 providing the yanks with their 300hp fwd family sedans

  2. pete240z says:

    Affordable RWD Nissan? Keep talking buddy, keep telling us more……………

  3. Randy says:

    Based on this, I like it; very futuristic. Gotta see it in real life. That does NOT mean I want to see every car look like that; not even every Nissan.

    Of course I want a stick version – like in a [any]-door SPORTS CAR. They have the technology to have a great sport/luxury/touring car, so run with it!

    Probably of more real importance, please have enough space inside so those I’m impressing aren’t rubbing their heads on my nice, clean headliner, and kneeing me while I’m driving.

    Love that interior! KEEP THE WHITE seats and panels! Add reds and blues and greens seats and panels! Give it BANG!

    Speaking of colors: That orangey-copper color is very high in my favorites. Now, MORE colors; more BRIGHTS! The Maxima colors right now lean toward dark. I get it; they’re for the more conservative crowd. Remember that “seafoam green” on the original 4DSC? Today, that color would be considered far out in the palette. I’m not sayin’ drop the “conservative” colors; I’m saying ADD colors!

    I have nothing against Midnight Blue, or a basic Silver (two of my favorites were those colors), BUT add more. I’m going to assume they’ll be built in Japan, so just look around: Snow White; Cherry Blossom Pink; Atoll Turquoise; Seafoam Green (again); Sunrise Orange (maybe that’s the color above); Sunset Red!

    Add colors that make you think of the springtime of the happiest year of your life.

    • Randy says:

      Oh yeah – and add the 2-door hardtop! Think: “Nissan’s ElDorado.”

    • Ben says:

      Seafoam green! Great color choice that would look stunning on the SSC.

      • Randy says:

        Apparently, it was Silver Green Pearl. (With that white-and-black interior!)

        Dusk Rose Poly was pretty sweet, too.

        If you go over to tcp global (web address is kind of obvious…), and hit the Auto Color Library, you’ll see the colors we used to have. 1989 had a total of *49* hues. Today, pick a manufacturer, and you get maybe, 9?

      • Randy says:

        Was thinking – seafoam is different from the Silver Green, but let’s do the Seafoam too, since it actually was the first color I was thinking! No metallic; no pearl; just pure color.

        If designerd is checking in, then how about some d-tails?

  4. Fred Sigarto says:

    Nice looking, but another 4 door, I own an Altima coupe 6 speed, don’t need 4 doors. Owned an early 70 Z, a 73 truck. 91 SE-R and now the Altima. Would like to see a 2 door Sentra again.

    • Randy says:

      Hang onto it; coupe went bye-bye from what I read, and the 6-spd makes it a rare piece.

      For some reason, 2-drs haven’t been selling like they used to; I guess the youth market is too busy texting to pay attention to style, or maybe we Americans are just too damn fat to cram into the back of a 2-dr. (I actually prefer that it discourages people from wanting to ride along.)

  5. Nigel says:

    Still looks like a Maxima.
    (We would like a six speed manual please).

  6. Dave says:

    This is a nice design, especially for a big FWD sedan that the Maxima has grown into. The more you look, the more interesting it becomes. I first thought that C-pillar thing is gimmicky, but it works and is actually pretty cool. I do hope it doesn’t get abused and tacked onto every single car they make; it needs to be integrated into the overall design to be effective. From the back and above, this car looks quite stunning, while the front reminds me of the R35. Hopefully it transforms into the new Maxima w/o too much watering down, and even more importantly, it has the dynamics to warrant a 4DSC badge.

    (Incidentally, my next door neighbor right now used to be married to an automotive designer/consultant who consulted for Nissan WAY back and coined the name Maxima for them!)

  7. Ryan Senensky says:

    The original 4DSC was great but since then the Maxima has been a Mom mobile, hopefully this will actually come to fruition. Personally I find the bodylines cluttered, too much going on.

  8. Randy says:

    I’m hoping they don’t call it a “four door coupe.”

    It was stupid when Mercedes came up with it, it was stupid when GM used it (Saturns, as I recall), and it’s stupid now that BMW is using it.

  9. dickie says:


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