NEWS: Nissan reveals 1977 Zzzap-inspired Heritage Edition 370Z

Nissan has revealed a special edition 370Z ahead of its debut the New York International Auto Show. The 2018 model seeks to honor the many Zs that have come before it with a special appearance package that recalls 1977’s ZZZap 280Z. 

“Over the past five decades there have been a number of special Z trim packages that have added a sense of customization straight off the showroom floor,” said Nissan’s VP of Product Planning in North America Michael Bunce. “The new 2018 370Z Heritage Edition honors that tradition, blending it with the modern design and performance of the 2018 370Z.”

The 370Z Heritage Edition will be offered in two colors schemes. The first, Chicane Yellow with black stripes down the hood and along the rocker panels, is closest to the ZZZap. Also available will be Magnetic Black, which will be accompanied by silver stripes. Coincidentally, the stripe pattern also looks a lot like the one that came on the Hot Wheels Then & Now 240Z and 370Z pair.

The 1977 ZZZap came with “racing” mirrors, which the Heritage Edition carries over with black, rather than body-colored, side mirrors. The ZZZap also came with rear window louvers but sadly, we don’t see that popular disco era accessory happening on the Heritage Edition.

Being a 2018 model, it comes with redesigned head and taillights, smoke chrome door handles, and a new rear fascia color scheme.

In the cabin, yellow stitching abounds, accompanied by yellow trim on the steering wheel, shift knob, center console and seats. Though the steering wheel is a bit much, the rest is really not as bad as it sounds.

In the drivetrain department, upgrades will be few. If buyers opt for the 6-speed manual, it will come with an Exedy high-performance clutch, as will all 2018 models. 7-speed automatic cars will have no mechanical difference. Both will come with the standard 332-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 engine found on all 370Zs.

Nissan says that the 370Z Heritage Edition will go on sale in spring of 2017, so it should be arriving in dealerships any day now. Like the Zzzap, Nissan has not revealed any production numbers

Images courtesy of Nissan.


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14 Responses to NEWS: Nissan reveals 1977 Zzzap-inspired Heritage Edition 370Z

  1. Chris Tonn says:

    Please tell me this means a Black Gold anniversary edition is right around the corner.

  2. Noah says:

    Or how about a stripped out, recaro seat equipped shiro 370Z. That would be cool.

  3. Kane says:

    I wish the 370Z came with the louvers, It would look great.

  4. Matt D says:

    But like, can we just have a new Z?

  5. Ronald Dean says:

    I have a 2011 touring, waiting for a refresh in body style and some more horse power . Road noise should be addressed. This is my second Z . A fun car to drive. I will 70 next month hurry !

    • Randy says:

      A thought and a question:

      The road noise could just be due to the tires…

      Isn’t some noise what a sports car is all about?

  6. Randy says:

    See how easy it is to give a car a bit more style!?

    Me likey!

    Just need to get those louvers on the back window! 🙂

  7. Marcin says:

    Nothing change still the same engine transmission, when they go with new body and new engine 3.0 twin turbo

  8. Joe Hornberger says:

    I want this car. I want it baaaadly. Haven’t said that about a Nissan in a long time!

  9. Dave platt says:

    See an OEM 77 280 Zapp Z on display with ’18 370z Zapp enspired 370z at JCCS Car Show Sept 23, 2017 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California

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