NEWS: Nissan IDx production confirmed

Nissan IDx FreeFlow Datsun 510 Concept 01

A top Nissan exec has confirmed that the Nissan IDx will see production. As of yet it’s unknown which one of the two concepts, the IDx Freeflow or IDx NISMO, will get the green light.

According to Australia’s Drive, Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer affirmed production plans for at least one IDx:

“Don’t say that we won’t do both, but we will definitely do one of them,” he said.

He went on to hint that the IDx might have a manual transmission, or at the very least, paddle shifters.

The Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ-sized rear-wheel-drive coupe with heritage design cues from Nissans past stunned the world at the Tokyo Motor Show last November. At the time, it was indicated that engine choices for the IDx NISMO would be a 1.6-liter inline four,

We can only hope that the CVT will be scuttled in favor of a true manual transmission. Regardless, it’s an exciting time for fans of the the classic Japanese sports coupe. Both IDx concepts are currently on display, slightly revised, at the Detroit Motor Show.

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43 Responses to NEWS: Nissan IDx production confirmed

  1. Annie Craven says:

    Thanks for sharing this post, can’t wait to see which one goes into production.

  2. Z says:

    Probably the yellow one will see production

  3. jivecom says:

    probably as some neat japan-only forbidden fruit for which i will need to wait 25 years

  4. Tony says:

    If they are planning to give this product some shelf life then it would need to be the yellow one 1st then they can expand with special editions etc… Like Mustang. I hope they use some of the ideas from the 200+ comments that were posted when this concept was revealed… Nissan are you listening? MORE POWER!!!

  5. _John says:

    Welp, looks like I might need to start saving up for my first new car.

  6. kylezone says:

    I realy hope they don’t ruin such a cool car with a bad transmission. I’m sure ill buy one if I can

  7. Randy says:


    I’m with Tony on this – shocking to some, I know. 🙂 Volume seller, and add the “up-fitted” versions and parts.

    Lots ‘n’ lots o’ colors, too!

    I referenced tcp global in the SSC/”Maxima” discussion (you can certainly figure out the address from the name). Hit the Auto Color Library, and pick your year and make. 1989 had 49 hues, so let’s go nuts! More than just black and/or grey for the interior, too!

    • Tony says:

      Thanks Randy! I think we gave Nissan one hell of a how to list before LOL if they can muster a hot version then I will start saving and make some room but until then I will have to wait… Just blew my play money on a 1791 mile Syclone, but I could add a BRE version of this thing to my rides to replace the SRT4 I had to ditch for the truck… decisions decisions!

      • Randy says:

        Well, the Syclone’s probably a good investment, though the SRT-4’s certainly the better-known vehicle…

        Realistically, it ain’t comin’ out in like, June, so you have time.

        The only thing with the truck, though, is that you can’t go puttin’ mega-miles on it. Haven’t seen one of those in at least a decade!

        • Tony says:

          Yeah I agree more people know about the SRT4 but that whole faster than a 348TS thing had me drooling! Honestly I have always wanted to get a 1987 GN but the price for a super low mile car is nucking futs! I’m seeing those at 40k Syclones are still affordable this one I found in a museum and even with 1791 actual miles it was less than 25k I guess I’m kinda glad they are forgotten but one day maybe if I dont drive it much and people from my gen relize what made them cool I can sell and make a buck. Until then my kiddo’s like it so it is the new Icecream go getter LOL

        • Randy says:

          Sweet deal! Hey, when’s the last time you saw a Typhoon?

          I loved the GN/GNX, but I was always a Pontiac guy, so it would’ve been a GP 2+2 for me.

          Just keep it pristine, man!

          • Tony says:

            My friends Brother just sold a Typhoon equally awsome sleeper! Pontiac hey… the GP 2+2 is so hard to find let alone clean, cool history on that too being special made to go against the t-birds and such. If I ever find a clean one I message you LOL

  8. mister k says:

    no sorry fanboi’s i predict this will be a hecho in mexico fwd juke variant not a japan made rwd hearken to the 510 pride vehicle you think it will be

  9. Rick says:

    I’m pretty sure it will be an automatic front-wheel-drive; sorry fellas. Grettings from Mexico.

  10. dickie says:

    i’m pretty done with Nissan as a whole until their entire philosophy changes.

    i’m much more interested in the Kia GT4 concept if it comes to production. RWD 300hp turbo inline 4, 6 speed manual and quick ratio rack. it’s like they were hiding in the shadows listening to the negative feedback coming from the FR-S and this concept:

    – more power
    – manual transmission as standard
    – clean, sharp design that doesn’t rely on gimmicks

    for the first time EVER, i’m actually seriously considering a Kia.

    • Randy says:

      They are nice; I actually got a lot of the 240-Z feel from it. The LED headlights ain’t likely to make it, but the overall shape is nice.

      I’m curious as to what you consider a gimmick on the IDx…

      • dickie says:

        oh i dunno, the “invisible” a-pillar, the odd roofline and c-pillar, the contrived chin spoiler on the NISMO version, the faux bolt-on flares on the NISMO version, the giant dead space on the front area below the grille and headlights… nothing about the design flows the way it should so i hope that it gets a THOROUGH reworking before going to production, unlike the FRS concepts which were relatively closer to the end product.

        i REALLY hope the GT4 doesn’t change much, but i can’t see those (awesome) headlights making it to production due to minimum height laws. the design totally blew me away though; this is what i was hoping to see from Toyota as a possible Celica or Supra revival.

        • Randy says:

          So, I take it you’re not going to be first in line at your local dealer?

          I’m going on the assumption that the giant dead spaces are going to be worked into bumpers, if for no other reason than to meet bumper regs here. I don’t know what they are in other countries, but I think we require a minimum of 2.5mph impact with no damage to lights, unless that’s been changed since I last paid attention.

          I’ll give you about the bolts that aren’t holding anything to the fenders. Maybe they’ll have flares for the real one?

          I wish it had roll-down quarter windows, but 40-something years after they all had them the technology was lost to the mists of time, and is waiting to be rediscovered.

          And I’m still not entirely sold on that kick-up on the quarter, either, but for me, none of that’s a deal breaker. I’m just glad it’s not a copy of everything else.

          On the GT-4, I wasn’t even thinking about the height regs; I was looking at the exposure to damage… Would LOVE to see it come to market. Hyundai/Kia has come a hell of a long way. If this relatively small company can do what they’re doing, it strips away any excuses that bigger companies have for not developing new lines, especially considering the affiliations between them, and making them more widely affordable.

          I’m thinking the FR-S negates the rebirth of Supra… I liked them; where the FR-S is more of a racecar, the Supras that I liked were more Touring cars. Now, if Scion goes out – I read somewhere they’re not selling that well – there’s a chance the name could be revived – or at least the car moved over. A reborn Celica sporty coupe could be cool, but isn’t that where the Scion tC sits?

  11. pete240z says:

    …..somehow the closest newer, cool 510 we will see is that Juke Nismo that is 3hp over the base model or something?

  12. John says:

    Honestly, I think it will happen, and be as close to “as is” as a production car can be. Go back 4 years and you’ll see everyone was saying the exact same things about the FT-86 show car, “they’ll never build it” or “it won’t look like that” or “it won’t be RWD and fun”, then guess what happened… 🙂

  13. Tony says:

    For the guys thinking that this will be a FWD CVT car with no kojonies remember that this is a car built to compete with the BRZ FRS if Nissan is serious and they seem to be then have a lil faith. Their recent steps towards getting their “street cred” back in the racing world and continuing upgrades to the GTR should show they are for real we just need to endure the soft versions until the hot stuff comes to market! As for the 1.6L offering, that should be a fine base engine if its the turbo version found in the Nismo Juke sporty and good on MPG’s! I’m glad to see the import wars are heating up we now have the Toyobaru twins and this IDX as rwd options now if only the other import manufactures step it up we could have a a revival of the 90’s on our hands!!

    • pete240z says:

      dude, I am STOKED for this revivial – Praise the Lord!

    • wantyernobby says:

      tony you’re citing journalistic speculation. show us where nissan corp states this is a brz killer. you can’t because it didn’t

      pete i think you mean praise the ghosn

      • Tony says:

        When Nissan originally came out to say they that the Toyobaru was an “old mans car” and they were going to bring out a car for the youth market blah blah blah… It was covered here at JNC when Jnc writers said they were in the lop but could not reveal the details… JNC even went so far as to hold a competition for a hotwheels car for the person that correctly guessed the celebrity that turned out to be Peter Brock. Now I would guess that the reference to the BRZ FRS was done because Nissan is targeting this market, and honestly they have to because the Z is far to expensive for this segment they brought out a 510 revival because they could not cannibalize what Z sale they have so if your perspective is that its not designed as a sports car I understand but it was either this design direction or nothing IMHO but back to the point you can go back onthis site and see what I’m talking about with the BRZ FRS comments from Nissan brass. I wouldnt put it out there if it was BS i’m not that kinda guy lol

        • wantyerknobby says:

          is the journalist quoting or speculating again?
          however the nissan exec does state rwd… so we doubters stand corrected

          guessing from the size/shape it’s on the fm platform
          so perhaps mbz 1.8/1.8turbo will be the powerplant?

          and if it’s fm, the infiniti variantcould be vq powered!

        • Randy says:

          So if it shares certain structure with the Z and Infiniti G (yeah, I looked it up; thanks Wiki!), then maybe some creative person with money could cram a V-6 in there?

          Reads to be a solid platform for a quality piece, and like a 4-door and wagon would both be doable (see Nissan Stagea), since somebody back on the original story was talking about a real WAGON.

          • Tony says:

            Personally I’m not so sure it will be the FM… If I have done my homework correctly the concept was built on a S15 platform silvia/240sx that said why not just update that chassis and bring it upto current safety standards? It seems like the logical way to go as it is already close to the right size and weight. If Chrysler can be revived on old Benz tech why not Nissan revive old Nissan tech? I am not saying either of you are wrong on the FM just that it seems like a bad choice for a budget sports entry platform, it just feels like it would dilute the infiniti brand and the Z franchise… Do you guys know of any other RWD chassis Nissan has access to that may be a better fit? would could stumble onto what the basis of of car would be based on in the “French Connection” LOL

          • Randy says:

            I was just going off the speculation that it might be that chassis…

            Was thinking detune it for the regular version… Would certainly be easy to REtune it for the BRZ version. I think that would make it wide enough, also, that I wouldn’t be bumping shoulders with the passenger, or groping their leg when I’m looking for fourth gear.

            I’m fully behind pulling an older chassis out of mothballs, but doubt they’d want to add the expense of manufacturing a separate platform for ONE model.

            Looked around Renault, but I think they’re all FWD, unless maybe something is a flexible-enough design that it can be used for either FWD or RWD.

            Does Nissan have anything that’s THAT flexible? Doesn’t seem like it would be rocket science to build one for both. Maybe a little more expensive, but usable across lines.

          • wantyerknobby says:

            the notion of pulling the relic s15 platform out of retirement is kooky

            there is a rumor of an infiniti roadster on a shared mbz platform
            again a no-brainer mated with the mbz 1.8

            infiniti dealers will be fuming of course..

          • Randy says:

            For dimensions and mounting points?

            Firewall/cowl/a-pillars determined from there; add a couple of folds into the rocker panels for strength, and a few more “creases” into the floor panels. Welded-in subframe connectors to tie front and rear together, and you have the basics. Door reinforcement bars have been around since 1970, and if the a-pillars are made about the same way that the rockers are, then it shouldn’t be too much to work another layer or two into the manufacturing process, esp. with all the high-strength steels that are used.

            Crumple zones would be designed in – from what I’ve seen, they’re little more than creases and cuts – and the now-usual 47 airbags, and you’re pretty much there.

            I actually really liked the way Fieros were done: start with a cage, and attach the rest of the car to that. Structurally, they were great – trust me on that.

            It’s not like the body panels do much more than make it pretty.

            Obviously I’m not an engineer, but I’ve spent enough time under my cars to see how they’re put together, and it’s not like they build metal cars to test this stuff anymore, so the cost isn’t ridiculous for a major multinational corporation.

            Would be interesting to see how Infiniti does a roadster; hopefully, if it happens, it’ll be more successful than the Z3/Z4 models that BMW didn’t seem to have screaming success with.

            We ain’t gonna know nothin’ ’til it’s closer to reality…

  14. Tony says:

    Sorry for the jumble in the last post I have FAT FINGERS this morning… But the ladies like em LMFAO sorry I could not resist!!

    • Randy says:

      Thanks – now I can’t get the image of hams bouncing around on a keyboard out of my head!

      • Tony says:

        LMFAO!! You must be from my gen as we seem to have the same humor and agree on many things on here… By the way nice breakdown above clearly you are no novice when it comes to this stuff. I was thinking the same basic points about the chassis revamp, If MB can use ols chassis for mopar why not Nissan? Anways ultimatly you are right we really wont know until the cars get close to production so we shall see what Nissan has up their sleeve!!

      • Randy says:

        Ahhhh, I’m not getting into my age – ain’t thrilled with it, but yeah, I grew up watching smart-asses like the original Kojak and Scooby-Doo (not a fan of Scrappy, though). STILL watch them from time-to-time. Would love for Laugh-In to be rerun again! (Look THAT up in your Funk and Wagnals!)

        I became a bit of a car nut when mom sold her Pinto and bought my aunt’s ’69 Camaro (Daytona Yellow), ’cause SHE was getting a new one (black and blue Rally Sport). WAS mostly GM, but started looking at Mopar, which got me paying attention to Mitsubishi, and just kinda rolled from there. Now I’m spending too much time on a old-japanese-car website…

        Been pretty non-interested for the past 10 years, ’cause I just didn’t see anything that REALLY grabbed me (Grands Prix and Chargers should NEVER be 4-doors!), though obviously there’s stuff I like; just not much I LOVE.

        I tripped over this place a few months ago – I think I was looking up old Subarus that night. I really like it, and the people don’t flame each other in disagreements.

        Love the old/oldER cars. Not as fast, etc., but they were more fun; had more soul to them. Being efficient and safe is fine, but if I’m not interested in driving it, I may as well get an appliance for a couple of grand, and run it into the ground.

        Sometimes I think they “style” cars to look as wierd as possible just to see when people will stop buying their design. HATE the headlights on the Spark, and not a fan of the nose thing Toyota has been doing.

        • Tony says:

          Cool, sounds like we are a few years apart but brought up the same in the car world. My car experience started with my dads black and gold 74′ 455 TA running down vette’s! I was a car nut ever since then my family got into selling Cadillacs and I learned how to treat every customer like they were buying a new Caddy! Boy that goes alot farther than people think selling with manors and treating people well by offering actual info instead of a sales pitch will gain you loyal customers sooo fast your head will spin. Anyways after working at the Caddy dealer I picker up a used Loaded Nissan Altima with HUD back when Cateras were new and found the the quality of the Nissan to be so close to the Caddy’s I was sold then I bumper into my first “tuner” buddy with a sr20det swapped SER and found out that these little suckers could be fast by cruising and street racing with my buddy… (before the 1st FF movies hit the silverscreen) and the rest is history! I have always loved J-tin and Detroit Iron equally since then but I tend to buy Turbo domestic cars because of the lower cost to modify and resale ability for when I want to change things up a bit. I found this site when I got my 1st Z a 280Z and have been on here on and off for like 7 years… Man I’m getting old LOL I think you are right lots of decent people that can disagree like adults and treat people good as a community very rare for a forum, most of the import guys seem to be actual car guys that like all things cool while the domestic car guys I have chatted with online think all J-tin is “rice”… If only they could get past the fact that these are imported and seem what they are like to drive matbe they could see how the J-tin has a certin charm that so all its own.

        • Randy says:

          Yeah, I’m on the wrong side of 40…

          Never had a really HOT car – the ’69 Impala was fun, though!

          LOVED those TAs – of course, GM killed off Pontiac and Olds, which were my 2 favorite divisions…

          You’re absolutely right about giving customers/clients INFO, rather than the sales pitch. That’s what I do, and let the buyer decide for themselves. I do real estate (MUST get that web page updated!), and have not yet had someone say they regretted the purchase, because they were INFORMED. BTW, real estate in Pittsburgh, in January, leaves me a lot of time to play online! 🙂

          The thing I had/have “against” imports is the cost of repairs, though it’s not like it used to be – for J-tin, anyway. Euro stuff is pretty much out; I knew one person who has a Benz, and one who had one, and I’m not impressed with them. Need too much service to own a hood ornament.

          It was the quality of U.S. cars that got me looking at Japanese in the past decade, though I always liked the older stuff, like Corolla “kammback” wagons, CVCCs, the I-30, etc. When the Altima was upsized was when I started looking again. It survived my sister!

          It was an ’85 636 that first sold me, and that ’85 Conquest (Spun the wheels in 1st; chirped in 2nd and 3rd!) *I want them both back!!!* (Impala, too.)

          I think the “rice” thing is because so many ARE riced… Ain’t no way the local teen’s primered Civic is going to run with that white Skyline that was posted in video a couple of months ago, and a K&N filter and 30 stickers ain’t gonna change that.

          Hey, we’re running out of space – gotta get over to that latest IDx posting! I’m starting to think they’re plants, ’cause they get the most comments!

  15. Mark says:

    Nice looking car. Looks better with the round headlights.

    • Randy says:

      Somebody else had commented that round headlights were passe’, but that got me to thinking – projector headlights are round, and most of the non-projector ones, too, once you look past the lens, so I don’t see the problem.

      I like the Angel Eyes surrounds, but don’t think I’d make them standard on the base model… Maybe start at silver, make chrome rings some kind of option/accessory, then the light-up units for the upper models, or again, an option/accessory.

      There was a picture on another site somewhere that showed a rear shot with what looked to be a “light bar” across the lower section of the taillights, connecting them. Not everyone will, but *I* like it, and that’s really all that matters! 🙂

  16. Mahlon says:

    Oh man, this made my day!!!!

  17. krulkrzysiu says:

    Any chance this is coming to the Houston Auto Show this year?

  18. luik says:

    a pus ta chidisssisimo pa how en mexico me merco tres

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