NEWS: Mitsubishi may bring back Eclipse, but in name only

There is a rumor swirling around, reported by a reputable source, that Mitsubishi may revive the Eclipse name. The report comes from Autoblog, who says that Eclipse could be the name for a vehicle Mitsubishi will unveil at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, one that the company has released a teaser image of. Take a look at that image below and you’ll see there’s a catch, and it’s a big one. 

That’s right, what you’re looking at is a crossover. Autoblog says that, size-wise, it’s going to slot between the Outlander Sport and Outlander. Having perhaps exhausted variations of the name Outlander, perhaps Mitsubishi is seeking to capitalize on a name that has some resonance. Surely, though, that would be some sort of blasphemy, even if the Eclipse did evolve into a soft, Solara-like coupe at the end of its run.

We hope it’s not true. True Eclipses are futuristic turbocharged pocket rockets. Come on, Mitsubishi. There are lots of words in the English language. Maybe we can help them think of some names. Places are popular. How about Walla Walla? Or animals. Ocelot? If you have any ideas, post them in the comments below. God knows they could use our help.


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24 Responses to NEWS: Mitsubishi may bring back Eclipse, but in name only

  1. hiro nohara says:

    how bout pajero oh wait nevermind

  2. Khoua says:

    Ah, I hope Mitsubishi doesn’t use the Eclipse name on a CUV. If anything, the CUV should just be the Outlander Sport. Many OS owners are looking forward to this CUV. Rumors are going around and saying it’s equipped with a 1.5L turbocharged engine as well (possibly in the 180hp, 170 tq range). But, just rumors. On the good side, at least Mitsubishi is *crossing fingers* bringing out a turbocharged CUV. On the bad side, I hope it doesn’t use the ‘Eclipse’ name.

    • Randy says:


      How are the sales of the Sport? Maybe it’d make more sense to replace it with this?

      Isn’t the Sport an older design, due for replacement, anyway?

      There’s minimal Mitsu presence in my area, that I’ve seen, so they DO stand out.

      (Flogging the dead horse here: “AWC” + stick shift for all things with “AWC.”)

  3. SHC says:

    Relapse seems appropriate given the reuse of the Eclipse name or just continue in the Outlander theme with a name like Outlier.

  4. CobaltFire says:

    Not what you were asking, but a quick search and some thinking made me realize that Mitsubishi in particular, and Japanese makers in general, were using space-based names for their coupes for a while there. Never occurred to me before.

    Starion, Eclipse, Solara, Supra, Cosmo…

    I’m sure there are other’s I’m missing.

  5. They already started with it. The super-mini “Space Star” has it´s name from a small Mitsubishi-mini-van built in The Netherlands a decade before. So it would not be unusual if they use the name Eclipse on a different class of car.

  6. Mark Newton-John says:

    It’s easier to use a name that you have the rights to, rather than coming up with a name, only to find out someone else has the rights to it.
    Time to get over the fact that the days of sporty coupes are gone. Unless you’re making a muscle car. Sure, crossovers are the thing now, but Mitsubishi needs sales.
    And a relatively small company like Mitsubishi won’t waste resources on a car that would only be a niche product.

    • Ant says:

      I think people get too hung up on names, too. A car’s a car. As long as the product is good it doesn’t really matter what someone calls it.

      But you’re right. Mitsubishi’s sales have been increasing in the last few years, and it ain’t sporty coupes or Lancer Evos that’s doing it – it’s the fuel-efficient Mirage, and the segment-appropriate ASX/Outlander Sport. And in Europe it’s the Outlander PHEV. If Mitsubishi starts making big bucks again, *then* it can turn its hand to fun stuff. But it needs to survive first.

  7. BlitzPig says:

    Call it the Tripe, because that’s what it is.

    Just another mind numbingly boring SUV for people that don’t like cars.

    Ah well, in another 10 years or so it won’t matter anyway, because the autonomous cars will be the end of owner driven vehicles as they will simply be too expensive to insure.


  8. Nigel says:

    Mitsubishi Wahtava…

  9. J.A.C.K says:

    they should make it hella gaudy looking and call it the “Outlandish”! #ripeclipse

  10. Cho says:

    Now that is a damn shame. None of these car makers make cars any more CUV/SUV. ALso the manual transmission is disappearing. I guess the young says “stick are to much work to drive”,makes it safe for old schoolers like me to leave my truck running while I jump in the store real quick,they can’t steal what they can’t drive. OEM stereo so they don’t want any part of it. No Celicas,Supras,180sx,s15,510 or even real mini trucks Nissan hardbody ,the Toyota truck SR5 sport,remember how slim and nimble the 4-Runner was,now it so bloat and ugly. Why must every truck be 4×4,just give me rear wheel with locking diff and traction control. They can’t call themselves car makers anymore. Transportation providers or vehicle builders.

    • Randy says:

      Re. Stick shift: Other than just liking it better, the fact that people can’t drive them was a part of why I bought it! 🙂

      Nobody asks about using it, and it’s MUCH less likely to be stolen! I’m thinking about one of those white, cue-ball shift knobs to make it more obvious to inlookers.

      “The young” are too busy “multitasking” while “driving.”

      As for the trucks, friends of mine had an ’87 Dodge Ram50 (don’t remember the Mitsu. version’s name). GREAT truck! With a cap, it rarely had trouble in snow, and was only RWD. Served ALL their needs until they had the first kid. I could live with that truck 24/7, except that everybody’d suddenly start moving… Maybe find one with the stick…

  11. Mark Newton-John says:

    Time and tastes have changed. It’s not the early 90s anymore. The only reason Toyota makes the 86, and Nissan the 370Z is because they are big enough to make up sales in Altimas and Camrys.
    Hell, I’d like a Corolla coupe again (TC?)

  12. The newer Eclipse was stylish. I always wanted one.

  13. ryco says:

    how about… “Mustibisha” it bravely more

  14. Noel says:

    If Mitsubishi bringing back the eclipse that will be pretty cool to hear the news how about bringing the Mitsubishi eclipse back again? And I’m in Big Time Mitsubishi fan.

  15. Alan says:

    Why not just call it the EVO and really piss people off? Oh wait, they’re probably saving that one for the “Special Edition” Mirage. LOL

  16. CarenLeigh says:

    Aww crap… really? I love my 2008 eclipse gt manual transmission. I was really hoping for a revival not a freakin CUV… P.S. Sports cars should all be stick shift dammit. Sorry, auto tran in a sports car is for woosies… ?

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