NEWS: Mazda launches Roadster restoration program

In another nod to the classic status of Mazda’s NA Roadster, the Hiroshima carmaker is launching an official restoration and parts support program for the world’s most popular droptop. Starting next year, owners in Japan will be able to have their Eunos Roadsters brought back to the original state by the factory, a “classic center” type service enjoyed by many other vintage automobiles. Some hard-to-find genuine parts will also be made available.

The restoration program will entail a customized process tailored to the needs of each customer and car. To ensure quality of the restoration work, the program and facility will be certified by TÜV Rheinland, one of the largest technical inspection and certification organizations in the world. Application for the restoration service will begin later this year for restoration starting in 2018. You can check out some photos from a trial restoration at the Roadster Restore program website.

As for parts, Mazda, in corporation with original suppliers for the NA Roadster, will first release the original Bridgestone SF-325 tires, as well as Nardi steering wheel and shift knob, and the convertible soft top for public sale in 2018. We sincerely hope that additional genuine parts will be forthcoming, but suffice it to say that building a concours-quality NA will soon be that much easier.

We are incredibly excited by this. The Mazda Roadster (aka MX-5 Miata) is one of the most enduringly pure and joyful sports cars of all time. A car that’s hard not to love. The current ND generation is a marvel of engineering elegance and sports car driving dynamics, traditions that go back to the NA. In fact, the Classic Red ND that we reported on earlier this year was a subtle hint to the coming of this program.

The program will cover just the NA generation, at least initially. If you and your NA don’t live in Japan, you are so far out of luck, but since this is the factory official restoration, it actually may be slightly less than ludicrous to ship your MX-5 Miata to Japan for the job.

It seems that some Japanese automakers are beginning to see the value of officially supporting legacy models. Earlier this year, Nissan announced a similar program for the Skyline GT-R. We at JNC have always loved the NA Miata. To have a restoration and parts program supporting such a beloved and historically-important sports car is only fitting.

Photo credit Mazda.

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44 Responses to NEWS: Mazda launches Roadster restoration program

  1. BlitzPig says:


    Let’s hope that Mazda sees fit to have a similar program for North American owners.

    • Randy says:

      Ditto. Relative of a friend needs the (are you listening, Mazda?) HEADLIGHT COVERS! (I think just one, actually.)

      According to the friend, the covers are simply NOT available.

      (I personally haven’t looked, but they got internet, too…)

    • Shervinator says:

      And other models too! A few years ago, Mazda stepped in and fully restored Washington Redskins player Alfred Morris’ beloved 1991 Mazda 626, even going to the lengths of manufacturing original parts that were no longer made.

      I have a 1989 Mazda B2200 Cab Plus that I love more than life itself, and I would do absolutely anything to have Mazda themselves restore it. These trucks never get any love except from the lowrider scene, which is the complete opposite of my approach (keeping it totally stock and period-correct). I wish Mazda would show a little more pride about their 1986-93 B-Series lineup.

  2. Sam says:

    Please god help me Mazda! I’m in Australia and this is PERFECT!!!

  3. daniel says:

    rx 7 also please!!! we love rotary zoom zoom!!! go mazda go!!!

  4. Cho says:

    Wish more car makers did this. Not all of us wants the lastest and greatest. Imagine if more car makers did this for all makes. The car guy would be in heaven. Even make parts that can remedy old problems.. A new stream money and jobs. Most younger people don’t drive and you Uber. Also a way to hold onto my manual!

  5. j_tso says:

    I know lots of Miata owners will be happy if they mass reproduce the rear finishing panel.
    That piece gets takes a beating from everything.

  6. Nathan says:

    I doubt it will happen, but Toyota needs to create such a program *badly* for cars such as the MR2, Supra, Celica, Sports 800, Trueno, Levin, etc. in time.

  7. Rotarylover89 says:

    Please Please Please do this for all the rx7s Mazda PLEASE!!!

  8. Tim Eull says:

    Not just RX-7s, but all old school rotaries (Cosmo Sport, R100, RX-2s, 3s and 4s). Please Mazda, you’re missing out on a major revenue stream.

  9. Colin Brown says:

    What about my 91 Eunos I bought in Japan and exported back to the U.S.???? I have 2 u.S. spec cars which are Flying Miata built V8s now and have been beyond restored already so im great in that department BUT I do HOPE it comes to the U S.!!! WATCH THE PRICE OF NAs explode through the roof if becomes an option!!!

  10. Bill Hartley says:

    … Honda, are you watching … I suspect there might just be a ‘bit’ of demand in the UK and USA

    On a separate point, once all the modification, customisation and general abuse of what may be called ‘classic’ Japanese cars over the past 10 years or so has abated and the only options being high prices for originallity or serious restoration then such services will undoubtedly become essential.

  11. Jon says:

    I would love to see this done with all of the above mentioned Mazdas. I wonder if Honda will ever do this for the S2000. Wait, of course not, they are too big of a company.

    • Randy says:

      The companies could always license other companies to do the parts… Look at someplace like Original Parts Group, with all the GM parts. GM ain’t makin’ the parts anymore, but you can get the back window for a ’66 Cutlass with a couple clicks and a credit card…

  12. John Reagan says:

    I have a 1993 LE with 17,000 that is in showroom condition. Maybe interesting to see what these restorations do to my market value.

  13. The Black CRX says:

    I love so much about this, and hope it ignites a trend beyond what some of the German brands already do to support their heritage models. The remaking of the Bridgestone SF-325s is a nice idea, too, even if it wasn’t the greatest of tires. Would love to see Bridgestone and Yokohama start showing a little more love for those of us who still run original 13s and 14s and want a high-quality, performance-oriented tire.

  14. RX626 says:

    The best news in 2017.
    Especially I would like to praise the courageous decision of Bridgestone and Mazda.
    The mold of SF-325 was destroyed and did not exist.
    However, they made a new mold, and tested by the driver at the time.
    Bridgestone revived SF-325 “only for Eunos”!

    Thank you Mazda! And thank the many companies and their staff who have worked on this plan!

  15. BlitzPig says:

    As alluded to earlier, do not expect Honda or Toyota to jump on this band wagon, especially in the US market. They are both far too large, and Toyota is till licking it’s wounds after the sales failure of the GT86 in out market.

    Hint for Toyota: The next time you try this sort of car, please don’t put a Subaru engine in it, (IMHO that was the single biggest reason the car failed, and the main reason I didn’t stretch to purchase one myself) and also don’t price it up against cars with higher straight line performance.

    • Randy says:

      So didja buy the Subie version?

      • BlitzPig says:

        Of course not.

        Subaru cars are agricultural compared to Toyotas or Hondas.

        It’s sad really, as Nakajima made aircraft in the old days, and now they just make tractors.

        • Randy says:

          Ahhh – I thought maybe it more the “Company ‘A'” engine in the “Company ‘B'” car thing.

          I haven’t driven a Sube in forever, so I couldn’t compare.

          Now, if only Toyota sent over some AWD things, they’d be able to take over some of the Subie-loyalists’ market…

          I loved the Venza, but $$$, so that wasn’t gonna happen.
          (AWD, in that “Root Beer Brown” color!)

          • Colin Brown says:

            I posted earlier wondering if my 91 Mariner Blue JDM Eunos I purchased directly from a collector would be eligible since it is a true RHD JDM.. I have a 91 U.S.BRG #809 with 41,000 miles and a Sebring supercharger,Tien coilovers,ADV.1 15X8.5 .15 offset gold mesh with polished lip amd 205/50NITTOS and 2 other V8 91s built by Flying other Japanese car manufacturer has bulit so many Iconic cars..Sure Nissan has its Prince models which turned into the Skyline and Toyota built the 2000 back in the day as well as the Trueno and Levin starting in 71 which I have yhe one my dad bought new to be more efficient than his 65 Coronet Hemi 4speed and our 1959 Impala which we luckily kept but as I said EVERY car company builds a iconic car nut Mazfa has made soooo many..The FdRX-7 and NA Miata are 2 cars built at thee same time…Toyota had the Supra and Nissan already started a resto feal with the R32s but Mazda has something very independent with their cars Toyota wont do anything for the Supra because yhey have nothing that took its place and Scion was a joke disaster..Hell I wish Mazda woukd have a build for their 1986-1993 B2000,B2200..NOT THE B2600i bevause the motor was never very good beong it was an interference engine PLUS it was a under powered Mitsubishi engine..I use my bagged 90 B2200 to trailer my LS7 Miata to the track..Anyway..bottom line is no other car HAS that special thing yhat the 90-93 NAs have..Sure the NA went on to 97 but the 91,92&93were the best,lightest and simplist..I have way to much to say and im going to wind it up..Sorry for the long message that didnt get to my point..

          • Randy says:

            If it’s really an ACTUAL JDM, as you say, I can’t help thinking they’d restore what’s THEIRS, but not the coilovers, supercharger, etc. – the aftermarket parts, even if done by a company contracted to make “special editions” – as they wouldn’t have the parts readily available… Just thinking…

            BTW, if you have all 4 of those vehicles in one place, that’d make for a neat environment to walk out to!

            Gotta remember that about the B2600 – interference engine – never liked that, for the obvious reason. Of course, I can’t tell you when I last saw a Mazda PU… I guess they didn’t sell much in my area, with-or-without being a rebadged Ford Ranger. Haven’t even THOUGHT about them in some time.

  16. SHC says:

    Maybe Honda will expand it’s Heritage Program beyond the existing one for the NSX. One can hope.

  17. Gene says:

    My 94 Miata still looks and runs great.

  18. Hutch says:

    Great. Wish other car maker would follow suit. Are you getting this Mitsubishi.?

  19. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    What the…?! OH. EM. JEE! My partner’s ’93 Crystal White HardTop is weeping Rain-X wiper fluid tears of joy!

  20. Edward says:

    Can’t wait!

  21. Edward says:


  22. jason perez says:

    Toyota. are you watching ?

  23. simon says:

    Wow! This is a great support for an already amazing car. In 1989 I bought the Miata in white. It still turns heads when you’re top down at a stoplight. And lately I’ve been getting more “miata waves” than I’ve had in years. Lemme see, we’re rusting out on the sides a little thanks to those clogged drains. I’d upgrade the original mats. Everything else is good though. What I could really do with is an original radio and rims to get classic plates.

  24. Charles R Wiggins says:

    I bought a Miata in July of 1990…….still in the family when I passed it to my son. I missed it so much I bought another 1990 model built and shipped to Maine USA in 1989 from the original owner.

  25. Donald Thomas says:

    What every one wants is the Nardi Torino mahogany wood teardrop weighted shift knob screw on M10 x 1.25 and brake handle that was on 2001 special edition. Also as an accessory package at the dealers til around 2005. This should be available to all Miata owners as they have grown really popular over the years since being discontinued. Also it would stop the senseless gouging by some individuals that obtain the very few sill around. I think Mazda has the Heritage and Legacy to make these avalible to all Miata owners, particularly the NA ‘s who have supported these cars for over 28 years., and will into the future. Sadly we can not all afford a total restoration. Thank you and with regards, Don Thomas 1997 Miata STO Edition #68 of 1500

  26. Donald Thomas says:

    Also to add to my previous post. All most all NA owners would like a retro sound system. Single din radio and single din cd player with upgrade port for ipods and mp3 players for plug n play with there headrest speakers. And while i’m pipe dreaming I and many others could use a OEM front bumper cover painted to color ( l’ll take mine in Twilight Blue Mica color code: 12K), lol ! Again, thank you and regards, Don Thomas 97 STO

  27. Cecil Jasso says:

    Yahoo! Come to North America, My 94 R package needs OEM tan driver seat, I’ll get both seats if MAZDA shows up.

  28. Floyd wal says:

    I would like my mazda restoration i have a 2003 mazda protege LX 2.0

  29. Donald Thomas says:

    Save the existing NAs (1989 – 1997) world wide! They are the legacy of Mazda’s great engineering feat of putting a magnificent sports car in the reach of the ordinary person. It reminds one of the task the VW Beetle accomplished. So many have been wrecked, left to rust, and parted out they are dwindling in numbers. It is very rare for me to pass another one on the roads now, in Cleveland Ohio. I’m in my late 60s now running out time, money, and phsyical endurance I want to save this car. Do to lack of maintenance of previous owners, hard to acquire parts, money, it’s a slow difficult endeavour. It only has 73,000 miles on it. Outside of the normal maintenance, I need a front bumper cover, rocker panels, upholstery for seats and minimal body work with paint. It may take me a few years to accomplish all this, but when it’s done, I will have preserved this car for the future! After all the joy this little car has given me in the short year of my ownership, it is of much deserving. 1997 STO Edition #68 of 1500, the last of the NAs off the line. My hats off to all, that own these cars and are preserving and enjoying them as I do. I wish that Mazda sees fit to lend us all a hand. Again it’s their Legacy! My best regards to all ~ Don Thomas Fairview Park Ohio ~

  30. Donald Thomas says:

    Sorry about that
    email its :

  31. Lance Yarish says:

    I have never been in amore enjoyable little car than the MX-5. I want mine brought back to life and only the Japanese and their engineering feats can do the job.

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