NEWS: Mazda celebrates production of 50 millionth car

On May 15, Mazda reached a production milestone. The Hiroshima-based company has built 50 million cars since it began making its first road vehicles in October 1931. A small ceremony was held at the Hofu plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture. 

The first Mazda to roll off the assembly line was a 3-wheeled truck. The company didn’t start building it’s first passenger car, the R360, until 1960. It has taken 86 years and seven months to reach the 50 million milestone.

“We began making automobiles 86 years ago from now and have achieved a cumulative total of domestic production of 50 million units,” a factory manager said (translated via Google). “Mazda will continue to build a strong brand through various initiatives and both Hofu and Hiroshima plants will continue to evolve and develop technology and skills.”

By comparison, Toyota started building vehicles in 1935 and reached its 50 millionth by January 1986, and that’s counting just Japan domestic production.

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2 Responses to NEWS: Mazda celebrates production of 50 millionth car

  1. dbdr says:

    Congratulations, Mazda! Does anyone know what the number could be if we count all cars branded as Mazdas (also ones built in other countries or by other manufacturers)?

  2. darin smith says:

    First, my condolences to Mr. Yamamoto’s Family(“Father of Rotary”), I used to have 1st Gen. 929 and liked it for RWD, Sunroof and Style which holds up today. I live in Alabama and the news that Mazda/Toyota are building a plant in this state is no surprise now that it is becoming a auto destination( which I label***-“South Detroit”), with the tracks-Talladega/Barbers ,plants-Mercedes,Honda,Kia, events-World of Wheels,Battle in Bama,Bama Coast Cruzin, people-Smith’ Hot wheels guy'(Die cast-email*, so check out state and Thank You.

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