NEWS: Mazda announces 1,000 Launch Edition MX-5 RF Miatas


There have been many limited edition Miatas. Here’s one more. Mazda has announced that the first 1,000 examples of the 2017 MX-5 RF will be exclusive Launch Edition models. As with the soft-top ND Miata Launch Edition, the RF will feature a few bits that you can only get on the Launch Edition too. 


All Launch Editions will be based on the Grand Touring trim level and come in a Machine Gray Metallic exterior matched with Auburn Nappa leather interior and a black roof panel. Mazda in a press release issued today warns that this color combo will be available only on the Launch Edition, not to be replicated in the future. Each Launch Edition car will also receive a custom-designed and numbered 42mm Tourneau watch to match their car.

Buyers will get to choose only a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic. Mazda will make pre-orders available to a select group of loyal customers first, notified by either phone or email, then open ordering of the remaining 1,000 cars to the public. If this is something you want, keep an eye on your calls and inbox.

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6 Responses to NEWS: Mazda announces 1,000 Launch Edition MX-5 RF Miatas

  1. Dario says:

    Any idea how to get them to hold a US-spec one in Japan?

  2. Kane says:

    I think they should only be available in 6 speed manual, It is a sports car after all.

  3. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    The hardtop has been the only stumbling factor and they seemed to have fixed that with a great solution. I am curious as to the difference in weight and stiffness of this to the D-softop and C-hardtop as well as an A-softop (not that it would keep me from buying it).

    The only thing I wish for is a selection of solid paint finishes which I’m a fan of. My favorite color is the deep red “San Marino Red” from Honda a decade or so ago. Red’s such a difficult color, especially in the long term due to it’s sensitivity to UV. Having said that, I think Mazda’s design and production team has come up with the best metallic red hands down. The RX in their metallic red was simply stunning in real life.

    • Ant says:

      “Soul red” is the colour. Looks superb on any modern Mazda, really does the shapes justice.

      The Machine Grey the RF was launched in looks the business too though. So much deeper and more lustrous than it looks in photos – it is to regular silvers and greys as Soul Red is to most metallic reds.

  4. Pete wong says:

    Just needs a rotary option, then I’d buy one in a heart beat

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