NEWS: JDM Legends TV show premieres April 17

Well here’s some very exciting news. JDM Legends is a new show that will debut on Velocity Channel on April 17. As the name implies, it follows the Salt Lake City-based shop of the same name. Finally, a TV show, in America, about the cars we know and love. 

The announcement was made today, and a trailer was revealed on JDM Legends’ Instagram feed, shot in vintage style. This is a huge step for not only our friends at JDM Legends, but Japanese classics in general. We can’t wait to tune in.

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22 Responses to NEWS: JDM Legends TV show premieres April 17

  1. j_c says:

    Can’t wait. I hope it’s good and doesn’t fall into the usual garage drama so many build shows are prone to.

  2. Nigel says:

    Looking forward to watching this !!

  3. Mark says:

    As long as they don’t pimp the cars or ruin them like Gas Monkey Garage is known for doing on occasion, this show will be a big success.

  4. Power Tryp says:

    This is both good news and bad. A few years ago I took a trip to California from Calgary and stopped in at JDM Legends on my way through SLC. I ended up interrupting Eric’s lunch but even so he was kind enough to take me for a tour of his shop and the projects he was working on.

    Why is this bad news? Discovery has a habit of taking a good idea and beating the shit out of it. West Coast Choppers, Gas Monkey Garage, Counts Kustoms all started with normal shops that have been converted into overly dramatic rush to finish the build shows that make it hard to appreciate the labour being done.

    I’m hopeful that Eric and JDM Legends can bring the joy of Kyusha to the masses without becoming yet another of the same huffing puffing drama queen filled panic shops we see so much of already on TV because the good news is that the cars we love will be getting nation wide attention.

  5. Eric P says:

    Ohhh man… I seriously can’t wait!

  6. Socarboy says:

    In my opinion Japanese Nostalgic Cars will be the next hot thing in Baby Boomer collectibles these cars are in demand to re-kindle youthful drives in that age group.

  7. pete240z says:

    I’m in.

  8. Metatron says:

    prices are going to sky rocket and flippers will even be more rampant.

  9. GTR_Nismo says:

    In 1998 I fell in love, and married, a wonderful Japanese woman. We lived in Japan our first year of marriage before settling down in the US to raise a family. While in Japan I found a second love, Japanese Muscle. To hear the turbos spool up as they accelerate through the apex of the corner and grip the road on the usual surface streets was a thrill to wittness. The Nissan GTR, Sylvia, Fairlady, etc. The names were weird, and probably wouldn’t translate well if badged as such in the US, but these cars were no Cream Puff.

  10. Reginald Butler says:

    I look forward to the show because I am a Honda man and I have an 92 Acura Legend and I hope to learn more about restoration and fixing my car. Go Legends!!!

  11. David wilson says:

    Yes its about time a car show comes out that represents the Japanese classics that so many Americans drive everyday in this country.

  12. Bruce Munroe says:

    While in Japan in 1970 I saw and bought my first Datsun Fairlady Z-L. Worked part time selling z cars and raced with the locals. To this day I still have an old Z.

  13. Kenneth. Scroggs says:

    Who is jdm

  14. C. Pickett says:

    Just watched E1. Disappointing. While I really like the classic Jap cars (it’s what I grew up with in NZ) all I saw them doing was bolt on bits from boxes.
    And who taught them to TIG weld???

    • Carlitodefriko says:

      I agree with Pickett. What a disappointing show. bolt-ons at best. I was not impress and I love my imports. Rx7! FB

  15. Hiro Hito says:

    Why did they chose the Japanese equivalent of the Nazi flag as background for their logo?
    Are they really that ignorant about Asian history? What a disgusting morons.
    What next, will their number plates carry the number 731, as in Unit 731?

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