NEWS: Honda to release retro Neo Classic kit for S660

We first saw the Honda S660 Neo Classic Kit at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, but it quickly got lost in the heaps of automotive absurdity the show is known for. Unlike most of the concoctions there, however, Honda will soon begin making this kit and actually selling it at dealerships in Japan. 

It took almost three years, but Honda is really creating this kit. It contains everything you need to convert your mid-engined kei roadster into a retro-styled runabout. Included are a hood, deck, and front and rear fascias and fenders, all made of FRP. It comes unpainted, but Honda will install and spray them for you for a princely sum of ¥1,296,000 (approximately $11,660).

The result is said to be inspired by the S600 and S800 sports cars from the early 1960s, but the front looks more like that of the Honda Z. The wheels do look like a modern interpretation of those found on the S-Series, but we’re not sure how well the rest of the design translates.

It’s pretty bonkers that Honda is even offering this at all. Imagine walking into your local Honda dealer and being able to order a body kit that replaces every panel on your Civic. It probably wouldn’t fly in the US, but in Japan there are probably at least a few buyers nutty enough to do this, even at its eye-watering price (for reference, a brand-new S660 starts at ¥1,980,720 (approximately $17,800)). And while it’s not truly reminiscent of the S600, it seems to comply with another sort of retro-ness — that of the vaguely throwback-ish cars like the Mitsuoka Viewt and Subaru Impreza Casa Blanca that were oh so popular in 1990s Japan.

Some images courtesy of Honda.

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6 Responses to NEWS: Honda to release retro Neo Classic kit for S660

  1. BlitzPig says:

    Oh how I wish Honda would bring us a car similar to the S660 here, but we’ll just get another SUV probably.

  2. Dallas D. says:

    How long until the HR-V fully replaces the Fit in North America?

  3. BlitzPig says:

    My local dealer would love to have the Fit go away. Not enough profit margin on them to make taking care of Fit sales worth their time. I know, I tried to get them to order one for me two years ago and they wouldn’t do it. The very first thing they tried to do was push me into an HR-V.

    I walked.

    Found a low miles 2013 Accord V6 Coupe with a manual gear box for about the same money as a new base Civic, and glad I did.

  4. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Probably zero market for it but would love to see the Urban EV Concept in production (without being watered down in design).

  5. Speedie says:

    Personally I like the retro kit better than the original styling. Ignoring the fact that it would never pass US safety standards, it would not sell here. Americans like their vehicles in large and extra large. I own a 2012 MINI and although my friends all like it, none of them would ever buy one. A strange fact about cars is that the manufacturing cost between a small car and a large SUV is not that huge but the profit margins sure are. A dealer will make a few thousand on a car like the Fit but will make over ten thousand on a Pilot. That means they would need to sell almost ten Fits to make the same profit as one Pilot sale. Economics rule.

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