NEWS: Honda reveals another retro kei car

Honda N-Box Slash 02

Look on the back of Honda‘s latest JDM-only kei jidosha and you’ll see “N/” — the letter N and a forward slash. Apparently the way to pronounce that is N-Box Slash. This is the fifth offering in Honda’s revived N-Series and the second retro-styled car in the series. The first was the Honda N-One, which drew inspiration from and existing car, the 1967 N360. The N-Box Slash is more closely related to the Nissan Pike cars, which take design cues from classic cars without referencing them outright. 

1972 Honda Z GL

Perhaps the one element that most closely resembles an older car is its C-pillar, which seems to be shaped vaguely like that of the Honda Z600. The rest of the retro is found in elements like chrome fuel filler cap, 510-esque C-pillar trim, and brightwork rather than simple black around the windows.

Honda N-Box Slash 10

Even the wheels are made to resemble an old steelie, painted in either white or black, with a beauty ring, dog dish hubcap, and a knockoff spinner bas relief in the center.

Inside, the buyer can choose multiple themes for the cabin. These are the actual names for the cabin motifs: California Diner (red and white two-tone with checkerboard stripe), Street Rod (all black), Bright Rod (all white), Hawaii Glide (turquoise and cream), and Tennessee Session (stitched leather and wood paneling).

Honda N-Box Slash 01

Specs weren’t revealed, but since it’s based on the same platform as the N-One (as well as the N-Box, N-Box+, and N-Wgn), it’s likely to be powered by the same kei-class mandated 660cc, 63hp turbocharged 3-cylinder as the others. A variety of bright colors, including two-tones, will be available. The Honda N-Box Slash goes on sale in Japan on December 22.

Image credit: Honda.

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6 Responses to NEWS: Honda reveals another retro kei car

  1. DesignerD says:


  2. MikeRL411 says:

    That “fold flat bed” seat reminds me of the mid 30s Nash [perhaps the Statesman?] sold as the ideal for those who wanted to travel around the USA without relying on a tent for overnight sleeping.

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Many Japanese cars have this feature. Nearly any “one-box” car does (Element, Cube, Bb), and in some cases these interiors are more luxurious and roomier than a Tokyo apartment.

  3. Randy says:

    I like it enough. No worse than anything else I’ve seen in the class, plus has not-black-like-EVERYBODY-else trim, and I’d like to see the other companies bring out those wheel/cap/ring combos in a more appropriate size.

  4. mike ahuja says:

    this is a cute car, i see a lot of girls wanting to get this car…either way i hope be it takes some of the mini cooper market share..and the smart car too…i got a dui driving some girls smart car :'(

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