NEWS: Here’s the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in all its glory

Before the advent of science, some cultures thought that an eclipse meant demons were eating the sun. Well, here comes another Eclipse. We warned you it would happen. Behold the all-new Eclipse Cross. DSM fanboys may want to skip this one.

It’s not a bad looking crossover, per se. There are some distinctive lines, a light bar that bisects the rear window, and a refreshing lack of floating roof, a trend that was cool for about two seconds. It looks sleeker than many other crossovers out there.

Mitsubishi didn’t say what kind of drivetrain it would have. It’s keeping that info under wraps until the official debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. For now, these photos are the only thing to judge it by. Though it’s not the kind of car we’d run to the dealership to buy, it’s perfectly inoffensive — except for that darn name.

Oh look, there’s the badge. It’s really official, on the back and everything. 171,476 words in the English language, and they had to pick this one. There’s not much more to say about it, we suppose.

Here’s some more pics from a parking garage in Japan:

Images courtesy of Mitsubishi.

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12 Responses to NEWS: Here’s the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross in all its glory

  1. Evan Poole says:

    Pass.. looks just like a Lexus NX

  2. M1abrams says:

    Hey, the floating roof is a great design solution. If done well, it creates the illusion that the vehicle less tall than it really is. It also creates the illusion of a more panoramic glass treatment. SUVs are generally tall vehicles so floating roof designs can really benefit them I think. Again, if done well.

    Mitsubishi, like so many others, has decided to not take too much risk with this design. Adding swoop shapes to an otherwise boxy, vertical vehicle. (I’d prefer a clean, Swiss logic approach with this type of vehicle but then again I’m not into SUVs anyway.)

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Yes, but like many great designs, it’s quickly proliferated across the industry by designers both good and bad (mostly bad), and suddenly it’s eye roll-inducing. Same happened with Altezza taillights.

      • Randy says:

        Agreed. With Nissan doing it for the Maxima and – I actually forgot which crossover! Rogue? – it was cool, and COULD be THEIR styling thing, but then EVERYBODY does something like that, and it just sorta goes “Eh.”

        Maybe Lisa (as good a name as any…) could lease one of those for the job… Not like it’s going to have a stick in any configuration, new-car smell and reliability, WARRANTY, and she doesn’t need to be a gymnast to get in or out in a skirt and heels. Probably be a hybrid-something, so there’s the green-cred…

  3. DallasD says:

    I’d be interested in the research which determined that the Eclipse name would attract Eclipse fans to a crossover. If it were strong enough on its own, then there should be no need for Cross. Does the Cross imply that the platform could be used for a real Eclipse in the future?

    • nlpnt says:

      Honestly, with a 5″ drop and a gray-cladding-ectomy it’d be a nice looking hatchback. Throw in a manual transmission and it’d be on my shortlist.

  4. JB21 says:

    I learned over the years, there are many ways to fuck shit up. This definitely is one of them. Not that I have a great attachment to the original Eclipses…

  5. Noel says:

    I am so glad it is a Mitsubishi eclipse and I do miss the old Mitsubishi eclipse and I hope they will bring it back aalso.

  6. Randy says:

    Not bad… I wouldn’t NOT buy it because of the name, though it isn’t making me want TO buy it, either… IF I were to go the SUV/CUV route, it’d have to be on its own merits. I guess we’ll see…

  7. ImUrOBGYN says:

    Dress it up like their Rally Raid car, teach your kid to read stage notes, jump through the water covered runoffs on the way to school.

  8. T. Perkins says:

    Besides that they committed an offense to the Gods and named it after the God of sport compacts + shoved a slow engine under the hood too!?!?!? Blasphemy 😡
    Had they built it with a wicked fast engine many would have warmed up to it because the SUV craze is still here and not about to leave anytime soon so why not build fast enough to gain a following? Dodge did it!

    In the business of creating new cars you have to be a leader not a frog that jumps every time another frog jumps.

    The Evo was a 4 door with a wicked engine the Cross should have been but I guess they were focused on grandma’s retirement check instead of that racing rep that still means big business in the streets.

    Lead or get out the way is the name of the game and if ya sit on the sid lines for too long ya WILL get run over.

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