NEWS: Here are all the parts you can get from the Mazda Roadster Restore program

Ever since Mazda announced it would begin making reproduction parts for the first-generation Eunos Roadster, owners, enthusiasts and restorers of the beloved Miata have been excited about the list of parts that they might have access to. Well, Mazda Japan has published a full list of parts available from the program, and it’s pretty impressive.

The Roadster Restore program kicked off in 2017 and we’ve known about the most heavily publicized items since, such the original steering wheel and shift knob, fabric soft-top and even replica Bridgestone SF 325 tires. However, the recently published full list is 12 pages long and includes hundreds of parts.

It includes many things you might expect — gaskets, hoses, washers, brackets, housings, and those pesky plastic push-button fasteners that always seem to break. However, the list also includes impossible-to-substitute items like seat belts, reflector lenses, tonneau cover and a full dash pad (though currently right-hand-drive only). Some parts, like the OEM “Roadster” badge, exist in the aftermarket, but now you can have a real plastic one made by Mazda itself. You can even get new carpets and floor mats for that new car feel beneath your feet and smell in your nose.

Last month, Mazda announced that the reproduction parts would be made available in the US. We don’t know exactly which parts that might be yet, but we can only hope that items like the dash, badges and mats will be localized for the US market and left-hand-drive cars. The complete list (PDF) is on Mazda Japan’s website and below.

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18 Responses to NEWS: Here are all the parts you can get from the Mazda Roadster Restore program

  1. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Great news, for not only my partner’s NA but some of the parts are shared with my Autozam AZ-1.

  2. MikeRL411 says:

    Will they offer the “EUNOS” badging?

  3. Mark Newton-John says:

    Impressive. Now if Toyota could do the same, we wouldn’t be seeing insane prices like $1,200 for a used TE27 SR5 (Levin) long center console piece.

    • Cesario says:

      Or finding every spare A20/A30 Celica Dash panel has a gaping hole in the middle where an aftermarket radio once sat.

  4. Mark Newton-John says:

    So someone get those plastic bits that break, scan them and make metal 3D printed parts.

  5. Corey says:

    Hard tops next!
    Many of these parts help so much!!

  6. Alan says:

    Hi Toyota, do you think you could have Germany print up some new C-pillar trims for my AW11s? Thanks.

  7. I am a new owner of Miata NA. I”ll be ontereted tp see your list of parts.

  8. Steven Patruno says:

    After the steering wheel pad

  9. Steve Z says:

    So where are the seat foams and seat cover upholstery items on this list? This seems like a glaringly obvious miss considering oem maintenance items and badges are nice bits to have but an immaculate interior makes or breaks any quality restoration and just about every NA driver seat with any amount of miles on it has badly worn or totally busted seat bolsters.

  10. Phil wood says:

    Hi would it be possible to get the solid fuel lines that run the length of the chassis rails?

  11. Spirit Road says:

    So awesome!

  12. Peter Jonsson says:

    Registry me on your news list, please

  13. Larry Simmonds says:

    I bought my NA new in 1992. It is fun to fantasize about returning my Miata to original condition some day.

  14. Alfred Schablas says:

    Can i get a complete A/C set for my Mk1 and send to Austria?

  15. JT says:

    Hi all,

    This is great.

    Help please – can someone please tell me where I can source a CAT heat sensor for my Mazda Eunos Roadster MK1 1.6 NA import please? I’ve been searching for days.

    This is the one which connects to the sensor tube on the CAT. Not the oxygen or lamda sensors.

    The mechanic broke mine off fitting the new CAT also creating a leak and am having issues and need a replacement.

    I have owned my baby for 21 years and want her running correctly again. Hoping someone can advise. Without the sensor being connected on mine she plays up and I’ve lost my dash heat / engine light.

    Thank you very much, JT

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