NEWS: Hayashi Racing is making A-Series valve covers

Hayashi Racing is now making some lovely cast aluminum rocker covers for the Nissan A-series. Available in black or red (the blue one above is a custom job for a Hayashi Formula J race car). We expect most of these to be sold in Japan, where modifying Sunnys and Sunny Trucks — not to mention the TS Cup vintage racers —are a big deal.

There is a threaded hole for the L-shaped pipe for blow by, and the Hayashi oil cap is not included. The item is priced at ¥120,000 or $1,100 USD, but that seems pretty reasonable compared to what vintage aftermarket rocker covers cost.

If there is enough interest, they may make a similar item for the L-series. If you are interested, let us know in the comments below.

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9 Responses to NEWS: Hayashi Racing is making A-Series valve covers

  1. damnit, i was asking hayashi several times if they could re-print or at least copy an old catalogue for mee so i can see what L-series parts they used to make. and now they think about recreating the whole valve-cover? great 🙂

    While i already own a Kakimoto valve cover (which was quite a bit more expensive then the Price mentioned above) i think there is definitely a market for something like this. especially now when the Z’s and Skylines gain in popularity and Price! Go for it hayashi!

  2. Oh and you should probably also mention the beautiful oil filler cap that was made available with the rocker cover separately too:


  3. Ant says:

    When I read the title I wondered why Hayashi was making valve covers for an old BMC engine. Didn’t realise Nissan had an A-series – and until I looked around online, I had even less idea the two were reasonably closely related! Wonder if those Hayashi covers actually fit a BMC A-series head too?…

  4. KiKiIchiBan says:

    L series would be nice.

  5. pete240z says:

    Where were you in 1981 when I was buzzing around in my Datsun 310GX?

  6. robin says:

    YES going to get one for my sunny truck

  7. Axel Foley says:

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  8. mister k says:

    the valve covers is too damn high!

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