NEWS: Coming to America, the Honda Civic Type R

Honda is finally bringing the Civic Type R stateside. The production version was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this morning, promising what Honda does best — blistering performance in a front-wheel-drive package. With the decades-long clamoring fanboys now answered, here’s all the parts you used slave away for at minimum wage to bolt onto your souped up DX that are now standard.

  • Turbo. And a reliable one at that, helping generate 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. That’s more than the original gentleman’s agreement NSX from a 2.0-liter four.
  • Short throw shifter. But now, it has six speeds and rev matching.
  • Aluminum shift knob
  • Leather shift boot
  • Light-weight flywheel
  • Brembos, 4-pots in front
  • Cross-drilled rotors, 13.8 inches by 350mm in front, 12 inches by 305 mm out back
  • Bolstered racing seat
  • Fog lights
  • Headlights, white but from LEDs instead of Pep Boys HIDs
  • Light-weight hood, aluminum rather than carbon fiber
  • Type R gauges
  • Aluminum pedal set
  • Limited-slip diff, helical
  • Rims, 20-inch
  • Vents, fender
  • Wing, gigantic

Is 1996 you drooling at the prospect yet?

Honda is so confident, it’s pricing the CTR in the mid-$30,000 range, where it will be positioned against a field of all-wheel-drive hot hatches like the Subaru WRX STI, Ford Focus RS, and VW Golf R. Honda says it will launch “this spring” and will make it’s North American debut at the New York International Auto Show. Stay tuned.

Images courtesy of Honda.

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16 Responses to NEWS: Coming to America, the Honda Civic Type R

  1. MHO says:

    I hope they make a less gawdy version. Sheesh.

  2. Nigel says:

    Best Motoring where are you !!

    • DallasD says:

      This! It looks awesome! Like Transformers from 80s Cybertron meets current Honda design. Four real doors, too.

  3. Iwakuni91 says:

    I still watch manga (cartoons for the uninitiated) but I don’t watch transformers.
    I still love Japanese cars, but I’m no longer loyal to Nissan.
    I still watch the SciFi channel, but now it’s Syfy (really?)
    But this? Ungh! I hate VAG, but man they hit the nail on the head with the GTI. This old head will be sticking with Si.

  4. SHC says:

    I’ll be anxious to see this in person. I imagine certain tuning houses are anxious as well to massage this beast to it’s full potential.

  5. Fifty5engineering says:

    This isn’t the Type R I wanted.

    I would have been happy if the new “R” was just a lightened, sunroof-less, LX chassis with improved SI running gear and interior.

    Although history seems to remember the Integra R as a hard core race car for the street, I always felt it was more of a GS-r turned up to 11. One of the best things about the old R was that it didn’t cost much more than other Integras and it was just as reliable.

  6. Randy says:

    Popped over to Honda’s page – the “future vehicles” section.

    I’d go si (2-door!), though the Type R drivetrain in that would be nice; REALLY nice.

    My only thing with the R is that EVERY car that pulls up next to you is going to want to race… I prefer what my parents and grandparents would have called “a nice car.” (Yeah, I know – sounding like “them,”) Point is, I’d rather have a sleeper than a cop magnet.

  7. Jacob says:

    Still not as cool as the EK Civic Type R or Integra Type R I race on Gran Turismo

  8. Mark Newton-John says:

    Hmmph. And the dealers will mark them up another $10,000. And only spoiled rich kids who can’t drive worth a damn will have their daddies buy them, so they can wrap them around the nearest tree. 😉

  9. Mark Newton-John says:

    I still wonder why Toyota leaves the Corolla as an appliance.
    Sure, Toyota has the 86, but I feel the spiritual competitor to the Civic is the Corolla.
    Come on, we need a ZRE172 in a TRD Pro or neo-Levin/SR-5/GT-S version.

  10. TSLegendary says:

    Now Nissan make a 240SX replacement already.

  11. Jon says:

    An OEM Ricer

  12. Jon says:

    Type R”icer”

  13. Brandon Kelley says:

    I get a lot of “Lan Evo” especially from the rear and vehicle stance. But too much of a SEMA vehicle and not enough substance for my taste.

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