Mystery Toy Car Contest Pics!


In February, we had a contest where we gave away six mystery JDM toy cars. You guys might remember that the lucky winners would receive lucky-dip toy cars which are currently very popular in Japan. Buy a car from the History of Skyline series and you never know if you’ll get an R34 or an S54 Prince Skyline GT-B. So in fact, as I mailed off the prizes, I had no idea what they were either!

The winners have been kind enough to send in pics of their prize cars, so it’s a mystery no more!

Chris Holt and James Zhao won the Skyline Histories cars:


Chris won a blue R34 GT-R and James won a green S54 Prince Skyline GT-B, neatly bookending the modern history of the Skyline family.


The winners of the Nissan Racing Car toys were Julian Stenhauser and Lovecolt.


Julian won a 300ZX pace car, which isn’t very historic and slightly disappointing….but I do believe that the 300ZX is the secret bonus car for the series!


…and Lovecolt won a nice S54 Skyline GT-B (yes another one!)


And as for the History of the Z Car winner:


Sp33dy won a……350Z!


Hmm…so it looks like NOBODY won the Hakosuka, which means that the next time I’m in Japan I’ll have to buy some more, and we’ll keep giving them away until someone DOES win the Hakosuka!

Thanks again to all who took the time to enter, and best of luck for the Fragrant Women draw in a couple of days’ time!

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3 Responses to Mystery Toy Car Contest Pics!

  1. Speedstar says:

    Coooool, love the Price (skyline), the 300zx looks like the car I used most of the way through Gran turismo 4,

    Whats the story with the Grand Jdm stickers, can I get one yet???

  2. Kev says:

    GrandJDM stickers?

    Well you haven’t missed out on anything since we haven’t done any 😀 Not a bad idea though…I’ll put it back on the to-do list.

  3. twistzed says:

    Yeah for real, dont make us poll on the stickers then not front up on them.

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