VIDEO: My Classic Car visits Amaro Family Toyota Collection

My Classic Car Amaro Family

The Amaro Family of Puerto Rico has one of the finest collections of privately-owned classic Toyotas in the world. In the latest episode of My Classic Car, mustachioed host Dennis Gage takes a break from tailfins and flatheads to take a look at some J-tin. 

My Classic Car Toyota Puerto Rico

The Amaros own a chain of car dealerships in Puerto Rico and have been acquiring stock examples of classic Toyotas for over 20 years. The collection started with an E20 Corolla and over 100 cars later, there are still almost no doubles. What’s impressive is that many of the cars are original survivors, not restored.

My Classic Car Amaro Family Puerto Rico

The video isn’t perfect. There are some mistakes, like the statement that the Tiara wasn’t sold in the US (it was, briefly). And although the fact that Gage has difficulty seeing the cars through anything but an American lens and is continually surprised at how nice the cars are may grate on the nerves of people familiar with Aichi steel, the video is still worth watching if only for the footage of the jaw-dropping collection.

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13 Responses to VIDEO: My Classic Car visits Amaro Family Toyota Collection

  1. Joe says:

    You will be surprised to see how many original super clean J-Tin classics sit safely in garages all over that big tiny island

  2. Gary says:

    Love the comment about Gage and his view finder on the world…

    Its strange so many of the ‘establishment’ amongst the car guys world are starting to recognise the value of J-tin; but like all new pioneering fronts there will be gaffs and errors along the way.

    That all said we need to embrace these brothers and sisters how are starting to share our passion.

    reach out and touch somebody today – show them the J-tin way!!!

  3. Bart says:

    That Iron Pig is awesome. It’s cool to see that have so many minty Land Cruisers.

  4. xs10shl says:

    For those who haven’t watched it yet, the video plays better when you mute the sound.

    Gorgeous collection, and remarkable that they have been able to source such excellent examples, probably many from the pre-internet days.

    I’m calling BS on the “unrestored-ness” of some of the cars. To my eye, there’s plenty of fresh paint and clearcoat visible. And some of the “original” hardware appears to be Zinc plated, and not cad plated. No shame in calling it a gentle restoration, the car looks equally fabulous either way.

  5. Yuri says:

    I met Dennis Gage at a car show in Detroit, and knew he would often sign old sales brochures and stuff. He signed the ones of the guys in front of me, but when I asked for his autograph on an AE86 brochure, he refused.

    Now I’m glad I still have a mint condition AE86 brochure.

  6. Sedanlover says:

    This place is incredible. I wonder if this family is on Toyota’s “radar” so to speak… with over 100 cars, they would have to be right?

    It’s a shame about the overall coverage that this Dennis guy did. Has this place been covered by any REAL Toyota enthusiasts? I mean, there could have been better camera/photo angles (under the car, build plates, etc.)

    Ben, can we request that you head down and cover this place? I guess you would need a few days to do it any justice. Fly me over from Australia and I can direct it!

  7. Andrew says:

    I’m paraphrasing, but the general language used is “I never knew Japanese cars were so nice” Well, duh. The Japanese cars that dominate modern motoring didn’t come from nothing. It’s nice to see such a beautiful collection getting recognized.

  8. juppe says:

    Nice collection, but this Dennis guy doesn’t know a lot about mechanics with his “fake dual exhaust manifold” does he?

  9. zaz says:

    I was hoping to see a Corona GT other than the 1600GT, but alas, I own an orphan it seems.

  10. John Austin says:

    Can you give me your email address so I can contact you

  11. BRIAN TREVAN says:


  12. Tony says:

    Hi I have a 1976 Toyota Corolla SR5 lift back you might interested. Has original paint with 1,800 original miles unrestored. I’m moving to Colombia retired and it’s for sale. Please, call me. 817 565-0521 Tony car excellent condition drives really well.

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