Mr. K's 100th Birthday Party at the Datsun Heritage Museum

As we mentioned last week, the Datsun Heritage Museum observed Mr. K’s 100th birthday on September 19.  A Datsun-only car show was held in Katayama-san’s honor, and here are the photos.

Lest we be found guilty of portraying Zs and 510s only, here’s a Datsun 320 pickup upstaging a couple of nice Roadsters and two 510s way in the back.

A 620 pickup and Sunny sedan.

Here’s something rare – a Datsun NL320, which has the face of a 320 pickup, but the bed and cab have fused into one.

Possibly even rarer, a Datsun Bluebird P312, complete with hand crank engine and a well-worn patina. If the restoration is half as good as the owner’s other work, this will look gorgeous when it’s done.

Roadsters galore.

When was the last time you saw a Nissan motorsports division original resettable tachometer?

Cool license plate, *wink wink*.

Okay, you can have your badass 510s now.

With beautiful Wats.

Bombshell Betty?

One of the things we love about the Datsun Heritage Museum is that they do a great job of rotating the display vehicles regularly. There’s something new to see with each visit, like this turquoise B210 coupe.

Plus a 1976 B210 sedan of exactly the same color, donated last year by a museum patron. Just 13 years separate the B210 and the R32 Skyline. When else are you going to see these two side by side?

The museum is in the process of restoring this 1959 Datsun 1000 (aka Bluebird 210).

Before we go, have a slice of cake for Mr. K!

More photos in the gallery below.

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9 Responses to Mr. K's 100th Birthday Party at the Datsun Heritage Museum

  1. colink says:

    Superb pictures as always

  2. Rob says:

    love the race prepped roadster!

  3. Skylines & Z's says:

    Great cars.. thanks for posting these beautiful photos

  4. Lincoln Stax says:

    The B210 next to the R32 Skyline is a 4-door, but I’ll let that go since “Okay, you can have your badass 510s now” made me laugh out loud. I hope whoever is restoring that P312 Bluebird doesn’t overdo it. That sort of patina can’t be faked. I also loved the NL320 unibody truck. I’ve never seen one before. Didn’t even know they existed. Great photos, and I’m seething with jealousy, I mean thankful to you for posting them up.

  5. Chris Breyer says:

    Good Job Ben!

    Thanks for everything!

  6. Roger Williams says:

    Beautiful Datsuns, of course! But, let’s acknowledge the legend himself! Happy birthday MR.K!

  7. John Steele says:

    I sold the Red 1959 Datsun 1000 a few years ago to someone,I think he was from the Seattle Area too.I sold w/o title.I since have found the “affidavit in lieu title” (Wash.State) If this is something you need please let me know.John.

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